Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

React Native is a JS-based app development framework that utilizes ReactJS to build interactive user interfaces for Android and iOS devices. It was built by Facebook and came to market in 2015. It assists developers in reusing codes across mobile and web platforms.

The key difference between these two frameworks is that while ReactJS is a JS library used to create UI interfaces, React Native is a full-fledged framework to build native mobile apps using React library.

React Native allows creating mobile apps using JavaScript. It retains the same design as React that assists developers in building rich UIs from declarative components.
Moreover, the app you create with React Native is a “hybrid app” or an HTML5 app” different from the app developed using Swift, Java, or Objective C. It also uses similar UI building blocks as normal Android and iOS apps. All of these factors make React Native a perfect platform for app development.