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21Twelve Interactive is the leader in bringing you web-based applications based on Blockchain, AR, and VR. We use the specialized platform to provide you with better identification of several aspects quickly. The Decentralized Platforms allow for tracing the distribution and identifying the inefficiency and losses. We are well versed in developing complete Gaming, Trading, and Socializing. We are the leading metaverse development company assuring you to complete UI/UX design, frontend, and backend development. It also involves oracle implementation, smart contracts, and many more. These also provide the user with the premium interface for giving the ultimate Metaverse experience.

Our team has years of experience building a user-friendly application based on the Metaverse that features blockchain-specific attributes. These involve complete transparency, user sovereignty, automation, and privacy. 21Twelve Interactive provides scalable 3D space design as well as development with innovation. It significantly expands the use cases across new concepts. We are well versed in handling complete 3D visualization, Interoperability components, and 3D modeling. Everything is aligned with the new-age economics of virtual socialization and helps to launch the social media Metaverse quickly. It provides better connectivity naturally as well as vivid virtual experiences.

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Enhance Your Project with Risk Free Development Process

Agile Development Process

We understand the requirement for novelty in the Metaverse marketing approach. 21Twelve Interactive brings you the innovative process of pitching a platform as a solution.

Requirement Gathering

Our team follows the first and foremost priority of gathering all requirements, information, and resources for the project. We would understand the feasibility of your project idea.

UI/UX Designing

We are a well-experienced team that creates charming and catching designs using UI/UX design. Our team provides the best tools for designing a user-friendly experience.


You will get a prototype for all development processes with the complete design.


21Twelve Interactive hosts the Metaverse project with a higher bandwidth decentralized network on computers. It facilitates decentralized data transmission.

Quality Testing

21Twelve Interactive values quality assured with the complete result without any compromise. We provide you with 100% bug-free applications on regular quality testing.


After completion of the development stage, all the apps will be ready to launch on Play Store or App Store.

Support & Maintenance

Our team ensures complete support and maintenance for Metaverse to achieve higher usability and reliability.

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Our Metaverse Development Services

Metaverse NFT & Marketplace Development

  • 21Twelve Interactive offers you the best in-built Metaverse NFT marketplace development. These would maximize the futuristic business model by entering an innovative world. Our metaverse development services involve acquiring the best Metaverse NFT marketplace and standalone presence across the virtual world business.
  • Building 3D modeling and immersive apps would be a suitable option for getting the long-term experience for the user; our team of experts is well versed in providing you with a metaverse project off the ground. It leads to the rocketing towards success. Our service provides you with the NFT marketplace specially designed for the Metaverse.
  • We bring you the next-level 3D environments for experiencing virtual social engagement using Metaverse development. We are also equipped to create the ultimate Metaverse spanning multiple platforms and fulfilling various purposes. These also involve the virtual environment, including the range of interactions and functionality, creating the greatest value for the business. Our expertise in NFT ensures fast delivery along with top-notch features.

Metaverse Game Development

  • As a dedicated Metaverse development company, 21Twelve Interactive has developed dozens of games enabled with VR/AR. We have a dedicated studio for game development. Our game development artists and experts are ready to push your metaverse game project to the highest success rate. These would create a completely one-of-a-kind experience for gamers to the greatest extent.
  • Our team assures us of bringing you the complete solution for your NFT Marketplace Development. Our metaverse developers have worked on many NFT marketplace projects and delivered the best results for clients across the globe. We have also worked on blockchain networks like Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and more.
  • Metaverse is normally the extensive online world where people can easily interact through digital avatars. When you are looking for the best game development through this platform, we are ready to help you achieve your dream. With future growth in mind, we develop metaverse-based games and projects.

Metaverse Ecommerce Development

  • Based on a recent report, the Metaverse has been gaining more than $1 Trillion in annual revenue opportunities. The potential of the Metaverse is attributed to the growth of the people interested in metaverse development. Industry leaders have been venturing into the Metaverse to offer ingenious aspects. Many Corporate giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Nike, and many other companies are harnessing the power of Metaverse.
  • eCommerce has been growing with the implementation of metaverse projects. Our team helps you to easily launch the future-ready NFT marketplace giving the customers a seamless buying facility in the eCommerce sites. We have to store experience in NFT and Crypto.
  • 21Twelve Interactive is the top Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development team that offers you premium metaverse development services. These would especially ensure delivering complete top-notch features. Using the Metaverse NFT & Marketplace Development is a convenient option for making the best investment and yielding more. It also extensively leads to capitalizing on Metaverse opportunities.

Metaverse Social Media Development

  • Metaverse has been gaining more popularity in multi-billion social media gatherings, 3D virtual reality platforms, and many others. Our team shares Augmented and Virtual Reality in the online space. 21Twelve Interactive is a metaverse development company ready to help you launch a futuristic metaverse platform. We also provide you with end-to-end support in technical as well as development requirements.
  • Our team has been designing and developing the Metaverse components like 3D virtual worlds. Modern-day, Decentralized platforms, Metaverse NFT markets, and Metaverse Applications have relied on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Metaverse is the vast virtual world interacting as the digital avatars for doing everything virtually.
  • These are helpful for easily buying products and services, participating in events, driving to work, and many more. We provide you with complete social media development based on the Metaverse. These are convenient options for bringing you the specialized attributes to excellence.

Metaverse Application Development

  • 21Twelve Interactive develops innovative, user-friendly apps using blockchain-specific qualities like transparency, automation, privacy, and user sovereignty. These also give you better sovereignty by giving you better access to the premium interface. Our team is well versed in Metaverse projects scalable with convenient 3D space design and development services.
  • These also extend with the use cases of many new concepts. Our metaverse consulting team is ready to provide you with unique 3D modeling, 3D visualization, and many more. We have been offering integration services to assure you of increasing the features and functions.
  • Metaverse also allows you to easily provide you with the right user experience that comprises the integration services. Our team is well versed in assisting you with technical and development aspects of building the Metaverse marketplace, such as Decentraland. Our team also provides you with end-to-end development services with analysis, conceptualization, full-stack development, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At 21Twelve Interactive, we are known to offer the most relevant answers to our client’s queries. Let us help you in getting metaverse-related solutions.

Metaverse is implied as a 3D virtual reality world in which people can easily interact with each other using avatars. Metaverse is not the product of any Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or other company.

Metaverse assures in unlocking new marketing opportunities for the business. It brings you a completely innovative way of interacting and socializing with digital avatars.

Traits of Metaverse involve notable highlights for beginners. These are virtual worlds assured of gaining better solutions. Interactivity, interoperability, massive economics, and corporeality are the best traits of the Metaverse.

Virtual Reality provides an immersive experience of gaining access to the 3D world using a headset. These give you a better way of seeing and working in the digital world. VR headsets allow you to dive into a 360-degree virtual world extensively.

Normally, the Metaverse does not exist in reality, but concepts are real. These are not available in the public version of the Metaverse. Finding parts of the Metaverse coded with different technology solutions is easier.
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