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We have a dedicated team of gaming developers who enjoy designing engaging and challenging games. We create exhilarating games for a variety of platforms, making use of technological breakthroughs. Our developers have extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge in creating highly functional and feature-rich games. We strive to provide the most satisfactory gaming experience possible for our users by incorporating novel ideas and skill sets they enjoy and spending hours playing without becoming bored. As a result, we have gained the trust of businesses as gaming companies.

As one of India’s most well-known game production companies, we have extensive experience building games for various mobile platforms, including iOS & Android smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. We use a variety of game platforms, including Unity, Cocos2D, PlayCanvas, Cocos-JS, Pixi.JS, and others, to develop applications for Unity, iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. Our team knows everything about the games because they are compulsive gamers, which means they are among the brightest minds in our firm. We create bespoke games for various genres and can even include advanced features such as in-app purchases, adverts, and push-up notifications.

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Process We Follow

Every stage of a game's creation, from conception to completion, is divided into seven steps in the mobile game development studio.

Concept and Storyline

In the initial step, the concept and storyline for a particular game are made. The client can also share their views related to the game’s concept.

Preparing Project Plan

We brainstorm with the team keeping the client’s requirements in mind to prepare the project plan to execute it successfully.

Concept Art

We prepare a creative & innovative game design that decides on characters, game interface, control schemes, color, tonality, etc.

Design & development

We design and develop character models, including audio, and render the same. It also decides whether the game will be using 2D or 3D assets.

Testing & QA

Manual testers & auto-tests are checked to know if the game is running correctly. The bugs are also fixed under this step.


Here, the deployment helps manage software versions deployed to all domains, develop a comprehensive listing for the game, and use ASO.

Launch & Maintenance

It’s time to launch the game, and it doesn’t end here. It also includes adding fresh content to your game to build your player base and maintain the gaming app.

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Unity Game Development

  • The Unity3D game engine fosters the creation of any game project, from conception through completion and distribution. In addition to being the most widely used gaming engine globally, it is also the ideal choice for both beginning and experienced game producers.
  • Developers at 21Twelve Interactive may develop games for the big gaming platform by utilizing the capabilities and toolkits provided by the platform. Unity allows for development on more than 25 leading platforms, with one-click deployment throughout them all simultaneously. You have the option of developing for many platforms simultaneously or porting in the future.
  • Using a single codebase, we’ll be able to release on several platforms simultaneously, with only minor modifications to the console features required. Among the many developer-friendly features of Unity3D are advanced programming, accessible APIs, the advanced physics system, collaboration software, network connectivity, rendering pipelines, a visual editor, and ArtEngine.

iOS Game Development

  • Depending on the requirements, we, as a mobile game apps development company, generate various art assets ranging from cartoon to realistic and then optimize them to function smoothly on various iOS-based devices. Our expert iOS game developers have a thorough understanding of the platform, an in-depth knowledge of technologies such as Unity3D, Cocos-2dx, Unreal, and others, and years of hands-on experience developing iOS games for various platforms.
  • Our designers are familiar with the aesthetics of the iOS platform and can construct user-friendly interfaces. The fact that iOS devices are recognized for their fluid renderers and UI transitions leads us to design our application with this in mind. With the help of these and other capabilities, both novice and professional developers may easily create an online game of various kinds in a short amount of time.
  • We provide comprehensive post-launch support and maintenance services, including performance optimization, game balance, bug and error correction, and other services designed to increase user retention and engagement.

Android Game Development

  • Our team is full of some of the market’s most talented Android gaming developers. They are constantly training themselves and adapting their skills to the current trends in mobile game production. We create visually appealing games for Android devices using engines such as Unity, Cocos-2dx, Unreal, and other SDKs that we comprehensively understand.
  • Android games are built to function correctly across various screen sizes and operating systems. We optimize all games to provide a smooth frame rate and good performance across various device types and configurations. We have created visually appealing games that have received critical praise due to our art, design, development, & animation services.
  • The success of your Android game is dependent on the functionality, gameplay, & design of the game. Because we are a leading Android game development business, our rigorous development process and exact execution mean that we consistently deliver high-quality games.

HTML5 Game Development

  • One of the most obvious advantages of using HTML5 for gaming app development would be that the games will operate on any modern device, regardless of the operating system. Because HTML5 games are browser-based, developers can concentrate on the gameplay & how their game will respond to different screen sizes & input modalities.
  • While you may need to customize the code for each platform, this is only sometimes the case. The development of a game with HTML5 is rapid and efficient. You won’t have to wait for the game to finish compiling, updating, & debugging in real-time, & once the game is finished, you’ll be able to release an update immediately.
  • Games created in HTML5 may be viewed in the browser, broadening their audience. Users can also quickly share a link to the game with their friends. There is no need to download, install, or configure any game packages. That is all that is required to get started.

AR/VR and MR Game Development

  • If 3-dimensional tracking, smart glasses compatibility, or geolocation are necessary for your project, we will work with the appropriate SDKs for the task. Our mobile game app development & augmented reality video game developers are experienced in developing AR mobile games using popular tools such as ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, ARToolkit, and Wikitude, among others.
  • ARKit is Apple’s augmented reality foundation for iOS game app development and games. It can recognize the surrounding environment, such as planes and other things. Objects can be set in the environment, manipulated, and kept track of while the iPhone moves through the area. ARCore enables the developers to create augmented reality (AR) applications that overlay users’ vision with animated 3-dimensional material.
  • ARToolKit, on the other hand, is free and open-source software that provides full access to AR library functionality. The main advantage is that it comes with a test app with annotations demonstrating the capabilities and its support for virtual reality app devices.
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Technologies We Work On

We are very selective about the development frameworks, databases, and platforms we utilize for product development. Our key solutions are consulting, design, development, domain-specific solutions, and support.

Unreal Engine
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A perfect combination of ideation & innovation of digital products for all industry verticals. We help you streamline and improve customers’ engagement.

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As a leading mobile game app development company, we create engaging games for various platforms. Our key features include:

Creates challenging and exciting games
Innovative ideas and skillset
Customized games option available
Creates exemplary gaming apps
Use industry-leading software
Excellent user-interface design
Creates world-class reality games
Hassle-free game development
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to serve you with the best game development services. Our team is dedicated to answering all your queries.

Different smart gadgets run on multiple operating systems or platforms, with the most common being smartphone operating systems (Apple iOS, Android, Windows), desktop operating systems (PC (Windows), Mac & Linux, and online gaming platforms (Browser and Facebook games).

The vast field of mobile game development company creation necessitates a thorough understanding of the most popular game engines. We use the following popular tools & game engines:
  • Corona
  • OpenAL
  • Unity 3D
  • Steam programming, etc

Several factors influence the average cost of building a mobile game app, the most important of which are the features & complexity of the game. Similar to this, the location & hourly rates of this development team impact the overall cost of the game app.

When choosing a game developer, we recommend that you construct a checklist that defines project guidelines & scope to assist you in making a more informed decision. Additionally, because game creation is complicated, assembling a group of expert and professional game developers is vital to the app’s successful completion and commercialization. When selecting a mobile gaming development team, you should consider the company’s portfolio, market expertise, technological skills, and other factors.

We employ the most up-to-date techniques and technology to create high-end games that operate fluidly across various platforms. Our Mobile Game Development company is a well-known mobile game development agency that provides customized mobile game development company services at a low cost. We have extensive experience in various game development fields, including Unity game development, smartphone game development, and Unreal game development. Our project manager & development team are experts in developing games for mobile devices, personal computers, and gaming consoles.
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