Prospuh is a trading application that asked users to trade In-app and purchase any scripts, Users can transfer money to wallets and banks.

Prospuh can provide a better user experience with different unique functionality in-app, Users can track the app, Live prices, check holdings & investments, and search scripts by different themes.


  • ProshPuh is providing trading opportunities to customers of app who can invest or trade with different types of segments.
  • Users can register and login to the app through their biometrics also.
  • Before Signup turns on push notification option is there to get updated.
  • Proshpuh dashboard will provide numbers of shares with their current valuation rate, Users can add to watchlist and separe watch list with numbers of shares.
  • By default there could be stocks listed as “Most Bought Today” , “Analyst Pick of the week”.
  • Users can purchase or sell stocks and manage portfolios and check holdings and positions.
  • Per stock users can add alerts and check transactions by single handed.
  • Before purchase users can review the details.
  • Users can add or withdraw money through net banking, cards etc…
  • After Purchased stocks users can check into order which is pending / executed or closed.
  1. 01Sign In / Login
    • Check-in (Sign in Page) - includes touch id and biometrics also Offer Registration and Sign-in options.
    • On this page, upon loading the app you will be prompted to either login or Open an Account. With the login action.
    • Once you’ve already signed in once or have the option after the first time to log in using touch id/ Biometrics.
  2. 02Account Tab
    • A User Page (Account Tab)- to manage personal data. Information should be editable and updatable.
    • An accounts page in settings that allows people to update and edit files and information on their account if need be.Also, where they can see their statements and what account or payments they have linked to their account.
  3. 03Payment & Transactions
    • The feature useful for executing the orders and involves overall management flow of funds and monitoring.
    • Payments themselves should be incorporated to have different payment solutions such as wire transfer debit cards etc and whatever we decide.
    • Transactions Should also be available so people can see deposits and withdrawals if necessary or maybe an area in the accounts page where they can request a statement but their transaction history should be available somewhere.
  4. 04Portfolio
    • List of updatable portfolios of the stock market- User should be able to track and monitor in real-time while filtering the output as well as viewing their positions.
    • An area where someone can see their portfolio if possible in a pie to show the different stocks that make it up or ETF’s that they hold in that portfolio.
    • A performance chart that models how well their portfolio is doing or analyzes the results of their transactions/positions in their overall portfolio.
  5. 05Quote Monitoring
    • Users should be able to see all the quote updates in real-time mode.
    • Basically, just live-streamed market data which can be found or we may get from or somewhere else potentially. Being able to go through all market symbols and ETFs and see the live market data for all symbols on the platform basically.
  6. 06Other Features
    • Search_ Users should be able to search through and find whatever products or information easily.
    • Themes and Classes_ A system where each product and class is set up by themes and sectors so products may be stocks → health care, technology, automobile etc and ETF tab with the main ETFs in per se US market also being able to filter between different countries and their markets.
    • Sorting and Filtering System_ help users better navigate the platform and output data in a user friendly.
    • Push notifications_ Push notifications are the best way to keep in touch with users should be easy to navigate and control in the Admin panel.
    • Price Alerts_ a little bell that will allow a person to be notified on certain price levels or movement of a specific stock-bond ETF etc.
  • 01 Prospuh is a trading app and for trading on the international market, we need third-party API integration that allows users to trade within the app.
  • 02 Some third-party APIs are not providing multiple user support so we have created customer APIs for them.
  • 03 Third-party APIs are not proving to trade with credit cards & debit cards, So we have done the below 4 steps to make payment.
    • User use Debit/credit card to receive payment on admin account
    • The admin account is attached by alpaca so the amount will credit to the admin’s alpaca account
    • Admin account to distribute amount as per user (one or many) (Using journal API of alpaca)
    • The user will receive the amount on the alpaca account and he/she can do the order as per the credit fund
Android Studio
Swift 5
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