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The content market is largely unorganized in this online world. Several businesses want SEO-friendly, relevant, and traffic-driving content but cannot find professional content writers. We’re here to help you bridge the gap. Our goal at 21Twelve Interactive is to deliver high-quality content that will improve the online presence of all companies while also bringing in high-quality clients and generating cash through the internet. We offer our reputed clients an expansive range of the best content writing services.

Our responsibility is to deliver the best service for building a brand and recognition by creating targeted content. A group of young and creative writers is dedicated to giving the top content marketing services possible. Blog Posts, Website Content, Service Pages, Location-Specific Pages, Landing Pages, Social Media Content, Ad Copy, Case Studies, Press Releases, Email Marketing, Newsletters, and Translation services are just a few areas in which we specialize. Our mission at 21Twelve Interactive is to assist all businesses, start-ups, or established corporations. We help clients develop a significant and better presence across all digital channels with content. We want to reduce the number of money businesses spend on maintaining a professional online presence through content. We also strongly emphasize upholding high standards of work ethics, timeliness, professionalism, and creating a pleasant working environment.

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Process We Follow

We follow a reliable and effective process to create unique, compelling content tailored to meet your specific goals. Our experienced writers bring together creativity and technique, combining research and storytelling for maximum impact.


Researching and analyzing the clients’ industry & their competitors to know KPIs & project management to ensure the project success.

Objective & Scope

We communicate with our clients, know their needs, and suggest the best solution to get the desired results. In addition, our SEO experts help you know the overall scope of your tasks.

Planning & Scheduling

We analyze every detail of the project schedule, like the required number of resources, tasks, challenges, and associated milestones. We identify keywords optimize content and the website.

Submission to Search Engines

We submit the optimized pages to the search engines. Our experienced SEO experts implement the best strategies to rank your website on different search engines.

QA & Testing

We test everything before and after submitting the website to the search engines. Furthermore, our team always makes required enhancements per the search engine’s algorithm.

Help & Support

Being a professional SEO company, we offer consistent support to our clients and resolve all their issues in no time. We review the ranking continuously and work to improve it.

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Our Creative Content Writing Services

White Papers

  • White papers are long-form content publications professionally produced to offer knowledge while building trust among your target audience. These papers show what your organization offers to answer a specific issue. At 21Twelve Interactive, we provide our clients with excellent white paper writing services at a low cost.
  • We have access to a diverse spectrum of knowledge because we have a workforce scattered throughout the world. Our staff is prepared to begin the research necessary and SEO content writing service to put together your white paper as soon as possible. White papers may take on a variety of formats; our professional content writers of white papers are adaptable and well-organized.
  • Whitepapers help you develop your thought leadership & reputation in the market by demonstrating your expertise. As a result, the content of the whitepaper will be produced in a unique manner that will have an impact on decision-making in your industry.

Case Studies Writing

  • The Case study is indeed a persistent marketing tactic used by many companies. A decent case study can create a lasting impact on your consumer, increasing the likelihood of a long-term relationship and partnership between you. More than that, the company will increase the number of new clients seeking your services. To accomplish this, we develop case studies that are both visible and persuasive.
  • It is set against futuristic backgrounds; highlights your product’s ability to deal with potential obstacles. Through our work with businesses, organizations, and even entire corporations, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in effective case study writing, allowing us to present our clients with services that will astound even the most jaded of them.
  • Case study writing is something that we take extremely seriously, and we make use of all of our capabilities, expertise, and service capabilities to ensure that we provide amazing services to all of our clients on every occasion.

eBooks Writing

  • Whether you intend for the eBook to be a stand-alone product or a promotional tool to promote your company’s products and services, it must strike the right emotional chord with the reader. Our eBook writers possess the knowledge and the ability to produce high-quality content ebooks.
  • Hire our eBook content writer & make your eBook project succeed. Online content is the future medium of information, entertainment, and marketing. In addition to being a part of the future, electronic books are also a logical development of printed books.
  • Because of the ease with which ebooks can be shared or distributed, they are an excellent medium for various reasons, including marketing. We write content for eBooks that are of actual value to readers and, as a result, help grow your business. If you require further changes, we will offer you as many as you require.

Video & Animation Script

  • A scriptwriter creates commercials, webinars, videos, television shows, and film scripts. Having a thorough understanding of the ins & outs of screenwriting, our writers can craft natural-sounding, captivating scripts on virtually any subject matter.
  • Whether you have a concept for a movie but lack the experience to turn it into a script, require a plot for gameplay you’re developing, need a refined narration for a webinar the company is hosting, or require a script for your organization’s first TV commercial, there is a writer at 21Twelve Interactive who can best help.
  • We are well-versed in the various copy formats and can combine the most relevant option for the client. Apart from that, we make certain that the substance of the ad copy is relevant to the readers by conducting the appropriate research before generating these materials. We simplify the text to make it easier to understand and integrate the brand’s personality into the materials.

Website Content & Blog Writing

  • We are your go-to resource for all types of web material. Our professional content writers are highly skilled and trained to develop entirely personalized copies for the online audience, whether for a blog, website, or article marketing campaign. Most users of a website glance over the information rather than reading it from beginning to end.
  • Because of this, our web content writers are well aware of the need to maintain the structure & format of articles, blogs, and websites so that readers find it easy to read them. We are committed to exceeding your expectations. The task of writing good blog content is to understand both the expectations of the client and the expectations of the customer’s audience before starting.
  • Our blog writers are experienced in writing about various topics and themes and know SEO content writing services. This adaptability enables us to meet the blog writing requirements of a wide range of clients. Furthermore, our content writing agency ensures that the blog articles are written at a level of comprehension appropriate for the typical reader, allowing them to absorb the information thoroughly.

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A perfect combination of ideation & innovation of digital products for all industry verticals. We help you streamline and improve customers’ engagement.

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We always prioritize the happiness of our clients with our best content writing services. Here are some key points which prove why you should hire us.

In-house highly-skilled writers
Offers round-the-clock support
Thorough understanding of writings concept
Always write meaningful articles
Promise quality and affordable content
Offers proof-reading and editing
Write fresh & original content
Every project is given a quality rating
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still confused about how content writing can help your online business? Then continue reading to get answers to your queries below:

21Twelve Interactive has established itself as a content writing agency with one of the highest client retention rates in the market in a relatively short period. It speaks much about the high level of service we provide. We have a team of professional and experienced content writers working for us to deliver you well-researched, well-formatted, and high-value material. We provide content readers see as interactive, relevant, easily understandable, and aligned with your highest expectations.

We have writers that are experts in various topics and subjects, as well as in-depth knowledge of the terminology of numerous sectors, which enables us to cater to a wide range of industry segments and customers. We offer services to industries like healthcare, real estate, IT, education, eCommerce, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require effective content-writing services for your company.

Yes, we offer SEO content writing services and create unique, plagiarism-free content for all our ratings. Clean and concise copy, along with the appropriate combination of professionalism & marketing pitch, results in effective advertisement copy. Our company recognizes the importance of new content in attracting search engine algorithms & clients, which is why we provide fresh content to all our clients.

The charges of our best content writing services vary from one project to another. On the other hand, the costs are set per the project’s complexity and the amount of time and effort our writers have invested.

We are known for our quality content writing work that can fit your budget and meet deadlines. We will provide you with the assistance of a writer and editor well-versed in your website’s subject matter. Our content writing agency uses applicable case study styles to draw attention to specific features and specifications that assist your client in achieving success. Based on real-world situations, these showcase proven capabilities & solutions that may tailor to unique application requirements. Afterward, the writer will write a draft for you to review to see if the write-up adheres to your demands in terms of style, tone, structure, and overall direction of the piece. When you are satisfied with the project, the same writer will be given the assignment. It is how we are unique and why you should choose us.
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