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21Twelve Interactive is a dynamic, adaptable, and full-service digital marketing service provider that doesn’t rely on gimmicks to attract new clients. We rely on our SEO and digital marketing expertise to bring new clients to our website instead of outsourcing this task. We are a multi-award-winning online marketing company specializing in providing targeted advertising solutions. Our primary goal is to assist businesses in increasing customer retention and maximizing conversion opportunities. We don’t limit ourselves to a single industry regarding our digital marketing services. With 21Twelve Interactive’s expertise and resources, any size business in any sector may benefit from a custom-built website and a wide range of digital marketing services.

Digital marketing is a fast-moving field, and we’ve successfully navigated it for years in India and worldwide. We’ve worked with customers in various industries throughout history and consistently delivered positive results. “Digital Excellence” is the driving force behind our success. No matter what, we have a policy of going above and beyond to get outcomes! You can count on our digital marketing consultancy to handle all areas of digital marketing, from strategy to implementation to reporting.

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Process We Follow

The phrase “digital marketing process” can describe the number of phases we take to implement our digital strategy. Every step of the process is meticulously planned and executed.


As part of our digital marketing services, our experts will thoroughly inspect your present website and online presence to acquire a complete picture of your current strategy.


As a leading digital marketing service provider, we employ established analysis processes and high-quality technologies to develop tailored suggestions and solutions that will assist you in meeting or exceeding your company objectives.

Digital Plan

We will learn much about your industry by studying your top rivals and their marketing strategies. Analyzing these aspects can assist you in enhancing and optimizing your digital marketing plan.

Optimizing for a Positive Outcome

Your site, social media, and other marketing initiatives will benefit from our keyword research, allowing you to craft messages that resonate with your consumers and attract new ones.

Personalized Solutions

After conducting a digital marketing audit, our team will give you a personalized strategy for your business and its particular goals.

Progress Monitoring

Your perspective and road to success will shift as your business grows. 21Twelve Interactive will track and evaluate your business’s success based on KPIs and market dynamics.

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Effective Digital Marketing Services

We provide digital marketing services that help businesses succeed online. Our team of experts specialize in SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and more. Let us help you create a successful online presence and maximize your ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO is critical for your website to appear in online searches. Prospective buyers may never notice your digital marketing efforts if your SEO isn’t up to par. It is because search engines can determine which websites are shown when consumers are conducting web searches. Complex algorithms assess a wide range of factors to determine whether or not your website is relevant to the searcher’s needs.
  • Our digital marketing consultancy provides in-depth keyword research, on-page & off-page optimization, and Google Search Console tracking to ensure you get the best possible results. We use these methods to drive high-quality leads and visitors and enhance your conversions as part of our digital marketing services.
  • Our technical SEO professionals perform crawl error reports, verify your HTTPS status codes, improve your website performance, audit redirects, and eradicate duplicate content. Our online marketing company may also add organized data markup to your site and assist with site transfer, depending on your objectives.

Social Media Marketing

  • Considering that the average daily time spent on social media is three hours, it’s easy to see how social media marketing may help your business generate more leads and connect with your local community. You’re ready to take your business to the next level by utilizing social media. We create social media campaigns to assist your company in expanding and interacting with its target audience.
  • Our digital marketing services analyze your target audience’s surfing habits, compare them to your competitors, and develop a strategy to meet their needs. We create customized social media management and paid advertising plans based on your company’s unique needs.
  • When we work with you as a digital marketing consultancy, we would love to know your immediate and long-term goals – acquiring new customers, increasing engagement, or developing awareness. Since we know how to establish a social media presence, we can help you get more exposure on the many platforms you use.

Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click)

  • With a data-driven PPC campaign developed by our online marketing company, you’ll be able to get to your customers swiftly and precisely. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement is a short-term and long-term content marketing approach for positioning your brand at the top of SERPs. You won’t have to wait for your rankings to rise; you’ll have immediate visibility and access to new customers.
  • As Google Premier Partners, the PPC analysts at 21Twelve Interactive are fully qualified to handle your campaigns. A PPC team assisted by Google and Microsoft improves your campaigns, cuts your PPC costs, and raises your ROI from various digital marketing initiatives.
  • Our PPC Specialists are qualified in AdWords, so you can rest confident that your campaign is in the hands of experts. Our team tailors your ad copy, and your ROI is tracked for each keyword. We also optimize your bid techniques and device targeting approaches.

Content Writing Services

  • Several factors can influence the success of your content marketing plan. What’s the best option for you? What can you do to meet the demands of your clients? We’ll develop a strategy that works best for you with your input. Good website content is essential to your SEO because it attracts most of your visitors. With 21Twelve Interactive, you can rest assured that experts will write your content.
  • As a full-service digital marketing service provider, 21Twelve Interactive’s services include planning, development, production, distribution, and analysis. An expert online marketing company like us can help you develop relevant, distinctive and consistent content to help you grow your brand and establish your firm.
  • To guarantee that our writing is up to Google’s requirements, the content professionals of our digital marketing consultancy remain updated on the newest industry news and trends. We craft catchy headlines, use powerful keywords, and include eye-catching graphics into your content to make it more readable for your target audience.
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A perfect combination of ideation & innovation of digital products for all industry verticals. We help you streamline and improve customers’ engagement.

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You don’t have to worry about how you appear in front of your customers since 21Twelve Interactive takes care of it for you. We have a team of digital marketing experts who will ensure that all digital marketing services are done correctly.

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Our clients know us as the best Digital marketing agency because we provide the best answers to their questions.

Promoting business services, brands, or products using online marketing technologies is known as Digital marketing. Digital marketing strategies and approaches are custom-tailored to reach a specific online audience via various internet-connected devices. Optimizing for search engines like Google and Bing, gaining exposure and interaction on social media platforms, and email marketing communications are just a few of the many aspects of digital marketing services.

A digital marketer is a well-versed marketing expert in online strategy development and implementation. Connecting with an online audience is second nature to a digital marketer. An online marketing company can help you guarantee that your brand connects with your customers from the moment they first contact you to the moment they receive your product or service.

You must have an internet presence for every single brand. However, it will have no effect if you don’t effectively promote your digital presence. Businesses of all sizes may benefit from an active, sophisticated digital marketing plan and the assistance of a digital marketing consultancy.

Digital marketing saves money since it puts your message in front of your target audience quickly and easily. Meanwhile, conventional advertising has a broad reach that will cost you more compared to Digital marketing. On the other hand, Digital marketing service providers use a tailored method to reach customers and ensure that the right message is delivered to the right audience. You can track your marketing activities, and the expenditures associated with them and avoid wasting money. Traditional marketing tactics make this far more complex.

Seek out a digital marketing consultancy that takes the time to evaluate your existing and future marketing requirements. A reputable online marketing company won’t guarantee rapid results since digital techniques take time to bear fruit. However, it will have a team of professionals to identify your present strategy’s demands and shortcomings. Their commitment to providing honest, consistent information sets them apart from other service providers. Suppose any companies that promise a speedy remedy should be avoided. Ensure that the agency you choose has a track record of success, references from satisfied clients, and high marks across all of their services in the form of testimonials and case studies.
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