A-list Chat

  • AList Chat is about connecting celebrities, public figures, experts, specialists and other types of high profile individuals with interactive supporters.
  • AList Chat allows followers to connect directly not just by following posts but also by engaging live chat, group chat and messages.
  • AList Chat creates a real, direct and close connection between public figures, experts and celebrities and their fans or followers by allowing them to interact directly with the real person.
  • AList Chat allows followers to support causes through donations and membership and influencers to earn money through a profit making social network.

If we can consider challenges to be a technical part we’ve done high-level socket integration for chat functionality where each technical scenario with validation would be a more challenging part to be integrated.


We’ve implemented dynamic promo code functionality where users can get effective promo codes based on their position and stand style where they have different offers and enrollment, To be honest, while discussing it looks like easier stuff but while developing it’s the most challenging part.


All functionality would be made within the app it self and we thought it’s challenging to keep every functionality on the same platform.

  1. 01Authentication
    • AList Chat is allowing users to register themselves and based on registration they can login through id-passwords.
    • AList Chat is a platform where users can login or register through different social media platforms.
  2. 02User Profile
    • Users are able to manage their profiles and details on the AList Chat Application by just clicking on My profile section, Users are able to manage personal information on that.
  3. 03Accounts
    • Every influencer, public figure, celebrities has their own account and users can connect on that account so they can be a member of that group chat.
    • Every Account has the name of the influencer, public figure, celebrities so that users can join on that.
  4. 04Group Chat
    • Users are welcome on group chat of their favourite influencer, public figure, celebrities.
    • Users are allowed to type messages, add posts on group chat.
    • Users can make a flag on messages and also can delete messages.
  5. 05Influencer, Public Figure, Celebrities
    • Users are welcome on group chat of their favourite influencer, public figure, celebrities.
    • 2 options are A-List, Favourite.
    • Users can buy paid services from their favourite Influencer, Public figure, Celebrities as they can chat, they can make video chat etc...
  6. 06Donation Module
    • Users are allowed to donate and support their favourite Influencer, Public figure, Celebrities.
    • Users can donate a few tokens and support Influencer, Public figure, Celebrities.
  7. 07Paid Services
    • Users can grab paid services from their favourite Influencer, Public figure, Celebrities and the services are
      • - Pay to become a member.
      • - Paid video chat.
      • - Paid personal message.
    • There are different prices for the different services.
  8. 08Store Module
    • On app every paid service can be paid through only tokens so users need to purchase that tokens from the store.
    • Users can track used or remaining token balance on the store module.
    • Users can purchase tokens by giving dollars and there could be a fixed price of tokens.
  9. 09Payment Platforms
    • Users are allowed to pay for tokens through different payment modes like PayPal, Debit Cards, Credit Cards.
    • Users can check previous payment history on the payment module.
    • Users can apply promo codes to make profits.
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