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21Twelve Interactive is the ultimate Android game development company for developing highly functional and intuitive Android games. Well-experienced and professional Android game developers are ready to develop games of any genre. The innovative Android game ensures in use of the best development technologies. In the modern-day, Android games are required to develop for various screen sizes and OS. A professional team of experts ensures optimizing the games based on the requirements. It ensures smooth FPS as well as high performance on all devices. Experts assured with the complete art, design, and development with the beautiful animation services. These attractive games are specially built with significant features for modern players.

Professional Android game developers constantly educate and adapt to the latest Android development trends. They have a thorough knowledge of various engines such as Android, Unreal, Cocos-2dx, and many more. Creating a stunning and innovative game is the biggest dream for developers. Get full-scale design and development with amazing requirement gathering and brainstorming ideas. Expect are well versed in the game-balancing and monetization strategy suitable for the game’s success. Our game developers have strong technical proficiency and have worked on great projects for clients worldwide with a 100% customer satisfaction ratio.

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Agile Development Process

We follow an agile approach to create intuitive, modern, and user-centric Android game apps. Let’s check how we create high-end apps for our clients.

Requirement Gathering

At 21Twelve Interactive, our team of experts conducts detailed analyses on the features incorporated in the game with clients. Game developers consult with clients for software requirement specifications.

UI/UX Designing

An internal team of artists is ready to create the unique concept art by extensively providing rough sketches about characters and other elements in the game for UI/UX designing.


We will start the development process once the proper prototype design and game script submit. Under this phase, game designs are prepared with UI flow.

Game Development

Well-skilled developers are assured of implementing the complete Android game strategy with active development. Building the game with fine-tuning and feedback assures getting quick results.

Quality Testing

Android is a diversified platform, so all the games must work smoothly across all the screens. Our Testing and QA engineers at 21Twelve Interactive test our games to optimize them accordingly.

Game Deployment

Our internal team conducts user acceptance testing for launching the game on respective app stores. We provide essential marketing support with the game deployment.

Support & Maintenance

Our game development process is also equipped with proper support. Our regular support and maintenance assure us a better chance of gaining a higher ranking.

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Our Android Game Development Services

Custom Android Game Development

  • Android dominates the Smartphone world in the modern day. Android possesses more than 70% of Smartphones, Tablets, and other mobile devices. With more than 2 Billion monthly active users worldwide, Android has become one of the significant options for secure usage.
  • You can easily hire a developer to build your games on the Andriod platform. It is a suitable option for increasing the market reach in the nominal costs. We have an excellent record of success across android game app development by providing the complete solution.
  • Our experienced mobile app developers have completed more numbers of Android development projects as well as fulfilled the exact specification of the seekers. Our game developers are ready to provide you with a dynamic twist on the gaming application with a massive visual appearance to make it enticing to the niche audience. We deploy game balancing in a unique process, assuring of giving better stability.

Android Game UI/UX Designing

  • Professional Game Designers at 21Twelve Interactive assure that fulfilling your dream comes true. We are well versed in designing characters, puzzles, art, animation, and levels. With high-end computer programming languages, it is easier to write codes accordingly.
  • High-end 3D games are developed with minimal lagging along with performance issues. The main role of the UI/UX game designing team is to bring you the finest designs with the concept art to the maximum. The game design phase starts with the parallel project’s concept art. Enabling the game’s UI flow development and the mechanic development is done with Architectural design documents, class design documents, and database design documents.
  • Professional graphic designers also assure the specific tasks for accomplishing the division to the extent. UI/UX designing incorporates rough sketches to create the 2D images on the client’s requirements. Art designers prepare beautiful concept art documents with UI/UX modes.

Unity Android Game Development

  • Unity is a widely preferred 3D game development engine. Unity helps developers easily unleash the ultimate and stunning gaming experience. Our Unity 3D Android game app development solutions are accessed on major devices suitable for mobile devices, web browsers, and PC. 21Twelve Interactive is one of the leading Android Development companies offering spectacular results to the extent.
  • Our Game design services use advanced Android programming proficient in adding new features. It is also a suitable option for optimizing as well as improving the better user experience. We provide you with tailor-made products giving you a blend of functionality. We have a solid Android game development background in supporting Android devices.
  • Get the complete realistic, flawless gaming modes bringing you a highly interactive gaming experience. We use the advanced Unity 3D game development tool to ensure that you get a smooth gaming experience. It is convenient to hire an android game developer from 21Twelve Interactive who holds expertise in OpenGL, Direct3D, and OpenGL ES.

Android 2D And 3D Game Development

  • The team of experts is well recognized for 2D and 3D Android Game Development. These are completely impressive and the most interactive visualization gaming methods. They deliver you the best feature-rich gaming application to the extent. Our main aim is to provide a best-in-class gaming application with 2D and 3D game modes. They are quite enabled with the competitive edges over the competitors.
  • Well-experienced Android game developer assures you the 3D modeling solutions that are quite error-free and impeccable harmony. It is convenient to get matchless and unbeatable results with fantastic design, performance, and functionality. Android developments offer a completely contemporary and innovative solution without operational risks.
  • We are a well-recognized 3D game developer in the gaming industry, ready to provide you with the best results for diverse needs. We would develop the best 3D/2D android game with fewer coding and complexities. These cater best results with magnificent visualization.

Android Game Support & Maintenance

  • Our Android game developers provide an addictive gaming application for enhancing the best gamer’s experience. Our team is widely recognized for its dedicated support as well as maintenance. We assist you with extensively building the game with improving better customer relations. Our team helps companies to attract customers to an extent easily.
  • We help you build rich and engaging multiplayer games making the best memorable gaming for the people. Get 24×7 support for complete android gaming support and maintenance. We assist with improving the game updates and efficiencies by providing 100% maintenance and support.
  • We bring you better convenience for people looking for better gaming software. 21Twelve Interactive is well versed in creating the virtual environment to provide a seamless virtual experience. Our team assures us of providing stunning visuals to the maximum. We offer you great support on updates and other features.

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Our Android developer team assures you of designing and developing the best solution for your requirements. We have the best ability to produce interactive 3D visualizations and outstanding graphics capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are a reliable Android game development company dedicated to answering all your questions. Call us today and get the best answer to your query.

Our team has been building Android game apps for years, and we have access to the latest tools and frameworks. It helps to create an advanced solution without any hassle. The time required to build an Android game app often relies on different requirements such as technology, resources, framework, etc.

Our Android development team assures us of developing Android Games with the Android Studio suitable for a smooth experience. Some of the best software includes Unity 3D, Marmalade, cocos2dx, CryEngine, and more.

Our experienced team of Android developers is ready to build all the applications on the platform. We are well versed in Android, iOS, tablets, and PC.

Launching the game on the Android platform can earn revenue and profit with extensive in-app purchases. You can also add monetization with in-game advertisements.

Expert game designers and developers at 21Twelve Interactive strive to enhance a better gaming experience. These deliver brilliance and creative graphics to the user.
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