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Businesses seeking assistance with AngularJS mobile app development employing a robust framework turn to 21Twelve Interactive. Because our AngularJS developers and professionals are known for creating high-performance, innovative, prosperous, and resilient HTML5-based solutions that match their business and IT needs. 21Twelve Interactive is well-known in the AngularJS web development industry for delivering AngularJS development solutions to a diverse client base. We’ve been creating out-of-the-box AngularJS apps for over a decade. However, it feels like just a few months ago when we embarked on our journey. In the present day, we are a leading AngularJS development company.

We employ Angular JS development for your business in the most efficient way. The best aspect is that our AngularJS developers are not afraid to experiment with new ideas. They ensure that any suggestions you provide are appropriately addressed and finally result in an AngularJS app that meets your company goals. Our professionals use the MVC framework during AngularJS web development. As a result, you can ensure that your AngularJS web apps will be robust, scalable, and suitable for various industries. Our AngularJS developers employ cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to create awe-inspiring final products for your business.

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Agile Development Process

We offer the complete spectrum of AngularJS solutions under the agile development process. Get an AngularJS web development quote from us today!

Assessment of Requirements

We assess your requirements, business goals, and expectations to create a perfect AngularJS project.

Wireframing & Designing

We create a powerful project prototype and polish the design with our innovative and creative skills.

Coding & Development

We start the project’s development with standing coding practices and help you meet your business objectives.

Testing and QA

Being a renowned AngularJS development company, we ensure a bug-free and seamless app every time.


We use our experience for successful project deployment and make it live for the end-users.

Performance Monitoring

Our proficient AngularJS mobile app development team monitors the app’s performance and ensures smooth functioning.

Post-Deployment Support

We never leave you alone and offer uninterrupted support & maintenance service for the proper functionality of the app.

Empower Your Business with Our Services

Our AngularJS Development Services

Web App UI/UX Development

  • As a leading AngularJS development company, we are devoted to providing our global clients with the finest AngularJS web App UI/UX development solutions. It sets us apart from the rest of the competition since we are tech-savvy, creative, and committed. Clients worldwide always count on us as a one-stop-shop AngularJS development company for AngularJS web development.
  • Our AngularJS UI/UX developers have extensive knowledge of JavaScript technologies and use that expertise to make AngularJS web apps for startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and major corporations.
  • Being the most prominent AngularJS development company, we provide services and solutions for all types of web apps. We build the most user-friendly user interfaces and user experiences for your products.

Real-Time Chat Apps

  • With the help of our AngularJS developers, you can build sophisticated and comprehensive chatbot apps that will seamlessly integrate into your existing project. We are a team of skilled Angular developers; we have access to the full breadth of JS technologies and the ability to accomplish a wide range of AngularJS real-time chat app projects.
  • Being a renowned AngularJS web development company, we help you leverage the benefits of modern features and functionalities in real-time chat apps.
  • We have years of experience creating highly interactive and intuitive chat apps to grow your business in less time and effort. With a dedicated team, 21twelve Interactive enhances user engagement and the ROI of your online business.

AngularJS Migration

  • A website can’t be fruitful if it doesn’t offer a great user experience and smooth functionality to its users. Following an evaluation of your business requirements and specific demands, our AngularJS developers will sit down with you and discuss the advantages of designing an AngularJS enterprise application.
  • Our highly skilled team of AngularJS developers is capable of migrating your web application from other technologies to AngularJS and upgrading your existing solution to the most recent version of AngularJS.
  • Your website’s dynamic portions can be resurrected with our AngularJS migration service. As a renowned team of AngularJS developers, we perform all security checks and performance analyses to ensure it’s working.

Web Portal Development

  • As a professional AngularJS application development company, we specialize in developing fast-loading, interactive, and scalable web portals to match your organization’s unique demands and goals.
  • When you choose to work with our AngularJS developers, you can be certain that your business will benefit from their expertise in cutting-edge technology and industry best practices.
  • The powerful routing capabilities of AngularJS enable our AngularJS developers to construct single-page web apps that are fast to launch, flexible, and secure, providing a remarkable user experience. We have veteran developers to create business-centric web portals for our clients.

eCommerce AngularJS Mobile App Development

  • Our AngularJS developers employ the AngularJS framework to design E-commerce systems that are efficient, safe, impeccable, and capable of handling enormous traffic volumes. Our mission is to assist organizations in streamlining their processes by providing high-performance, scalable, and bespoke AngularJS mobile app development solutions developed utilizing the latest AngularJS technology.
  • Our AngularJS developers provide clients with API development services that are both high-performing and scalable, taking into account the unique business requirements of each client.
  • Our AngularJS developers enhance your business’s capabilities. Moreover, we make highly secure and market-ready products for different industry verticals. Leverage the benefits of our eCommerce app development proficiency to get successful and reliable digital products.

Custom IT Solutions for Varied Verticals


A perfect combination of ideation & innovation of digital products for all industry verticals. We help you streamline and improve customers’ engagement.

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Our Key Features

Being a renowned AngularJS development company, we offer several immense benefits to our clients and assist them in getting the highest ROI and growth.

Developed innovative mobiles apps
Transparent & Interactive client-centred strategy
Agile framework for design and development
Excellent project implementation track record
Quality assurance before deploying any apps
Expertise in various frameworks
Excellent development services at best prices
Rapid and cost-effective project delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions about AngularJS web development from our customers. Contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

The primary goal of AngularJS web development was to make front-end programming simple. AngularJS developers can create new modules and leverage dual data binding to support MVC architecture.

AngularJS is a popular Java framework for developing high-quality, fast-loading, feature-rich websites and apps. It is a flexible client-side programming language that simplifies and cost-effectively develops websites and apps. An experienced AngularJS developer of 21Twelve Interactive can create a custom-tailored website based on your company’s needs.

Numerous variables influence the amount of time concerned with AngularJS mobile app development. Depending on the intricacy of the project and the number of changes required, custom web design work might take anywhere from one to four weeks.

No. When you request a website design from 21Twelve Interactive AngularJS development company, we take the time to get to know you and your needs before determining a fee for the project. We make every effort to ensure that the quoted price is honored precisely as stated.

Absolutely! We strongly recommend it. A password and login are provided to you so you may log in and track the development of your website on our development server.
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