Why Should Businesses Look to Hire DevSecOps App Developers?

At 21Twelve Interactive, we secure the life of your business applications by putting full security measures in place at every stage, from ideation to deployment. Our DevSecOps method enables you to examine your overall business plan or evaluate, test, and build a deployment pipeline without sacrificing quality or time to market.

Utilize our DevSecOps service to incorporate security as a crucial element of the DevOps Process. Through monitoring, evaluation, and analysis, our DevSecOps services ensure that any vulnerability are identified early in the development process and immediately fixed.


Why Do Clients Prefer to Hire a DevSecOps Developer from 21Twelve Interactive?

Discovery of early security weaknesses and vulnerabilities
Discovery of early security weaknesses and vulnerabilities
Increased team engagement as well as increased flexibility and agility
Increased team engagement as well as increased flexibility and agility
More significant ROI through the provision of high-quality products and reliable security infrastructure
More significant ROI through the provision of high-quality products and reliable security infrastructure
Project deployment that is automated and has a faster time to market
Project deployment that is automated and has a faster time to market
Possibility of using quality assurance testing and automated builds
Possibility of using quality assurance testing and automated builds
Continuous supply and incremental product delivery for the CI-CD pipeline
Continuous supply and incremental product delivery for the CI/CD pipeline

Our DevSecOps specialists at 21Twelve Interactive provide a wide range of services to help DevOps teams integrate security from organizational structure evaluations to technology deployment. We at 21Twelve Interactive examine each distinct DevOps technique and security application to help you establish reliable development and deployment methods.

At 21Twelve Interactive, you may unleash the potential to concentrate on your leading company by giving your clients beneficial results when you have a DevSecOps consultant. Our DevSecOps solution may be precisely configured and comes with all the necessary knowledge.

DevSecOps is a philosophy in software development that holds everyone accountable for the security of apps. We at 21Twelve Interactive aim to produce safer software more quickly and effectively by integrating developers with IT operations and concentrating everyone on making better security decisions.

Flexible Hiring Models

Engagement Model

When it comes to finding the right team, we've been there! It is why we've put up an easy-to-follow model that may help you get started.

Hourly Hiring
Duration Depends on work
Communication Email, Skype, G-meet/Zoom
Billing As per the worked hours
Hiring Period Min 30-40 Hours
Fixed Hiring
Duration Depending on requirements
Communication Email, Skype, G-meet/Zoom
Billing Milestone/Sprint base
Hiring Period Depending on requirements
Dedicate Hiring
Duration 160 Hours
Communication Email, Skype, G-meet/Zoom
Billing Per Month
Hiring Period Min 2-3 Month

What are the benefits of hiring dedicated DevSecOps developers from 21Twelve Interactive?

The successful execution of the software development process is the responsibility of a DevOps engineer. To ensure that code is often released and applications are deployed without a hitch, we at 21Twelve Interactive collaborate with the development and operations teams. Hire DevSecOps Experts will manage and administration of cloud-based technologies that fall within the purview of a cloud engineer.

In order to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, we collaborate with developers to create apps that are tailored for the cloud.

Skilled Professionals
Skilled Professionals

We are specialists in data privacy, data analytics, penetration testing, and software development.

Faster Production
Faster Production

Instead of constantly going back and fixing issues, our engineers use DevSecOps to integrate security into the workflow and advance the project.

Tailored Assistance
Tailored Assistance

Beyond assessments, we offer assistance. We assist you in choosing and implementing DevSecOps strategies that make sense, given the procedures and skill sets already in place on your team.

Detailed Records
Detailed Records

To guarantee enduring processes and accepted procedures, we at 21Twelve Interactive meticulously record everything and compile it into a central record library with a history of modifications.

Prioritizing Security
Prioritizing Security

We at 21Twelve Interactive maintain DevOps productivity and efficiency while adhering to contemporary security concepts and practices, including scaling, automating, and decentralizing.

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Easy and smooth hiring process

Hiring Process

When it comes to finding the right team, we've been there! It is why we've put up an easy-to-follow model that may help you get started.

Connect With US

Share your project requirements and goals by emailing us so we can contact you.

On Screening & Introduction

We’ll arrange a call/chat and connect you with industry experts that can match your requirements.

Choose Suitable Model

Select the suitable engagement model for your requirements from our hiring models.

Start Your Project

Once you confirm, we’ll start the work procedure & you can have a direct talk with the hired developer.

Client success is our success

Our clients speak for us!

At any point throughout the DevSecOps development process, you may reach out to us and ask us to help you out.


Our Offered DevSecOps Development Services

The DevSecOps tools that our DevSecOps consulting services are experienced with using are listed below. You have come to the right place if you are a developer or a company with a development team seeking an operations staff with experience.


Our services:

  • DevSecOps Consulting
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • DevSecOps Configuration Management
  • DevSecOps Infrastructure as Code
  • DevSecOps Cloud Security Assessment
  • DevSecOps Logging and Monitoring
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Maintenance and Support
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From your questions and those of some of our partners, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions about hiring a DevSecOps developer.

Automate the ongoing monitoring, profiling, and discovery processes for the code in the portfolio.
  • Personalized Code Security
  • Secure Open Source Software
  • Prevention at runtime
  • Checking for compliance
  • Cultural influences

Review the ensuing best practices for boosting the efficiency of DevSecOps services after confirming that you have the aforementioned essential elements.
  • Verify the dependencies in your code.
  • Attempt to avoid taking more than you can chew.
  • Specific instruments are more beneficial than others.
  • Even though threat modeling is challenging, try it.
  • Teach secure coding to your developers.

DevSecOps completes Agile, but it does not replace it. For organizations to get the most out of their business, they must coexist. Agile encourages regular feedback and teamwork. However, it does not include software delivery via testing, quality assurance, and production, unlike DevSecOps. DevSecOps completes the picture by offering tools and processes to support agile modifications.

DevSecOps is used by people who want to:
  • A cutting-edge replacement for conventional security involvement
  • Transparent working processes and collaboration during the development
  • Early incorporation of security into the product
  • Less expensive and quicker delivery
  • Faster recuperation makes a threat more obvious.

DevSecOps freelance developers often charge between $60 and $100 per hour when hired through 21Twelve Interactive. Visit our freelance developer rate explorer for more information on contract costs. Permanent software developers have various circumstances because you can negotiate their annual wage expectations and will know them upfront. Devsecops developers’ salaries might vary significantly based on their years of experience, relevant technical abilities, education, place of residence, and other criteria.
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