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If you’re aiming to create a powerful and efficient website, web-based application, or mobile app using the Model-View-Controller design, Laravel is the PHP framework for you. 21Twelve Interactive is a Laravel development company with extensive experience in Laravel, one of the most widely used PHP frameworks in the marketplace today. You can count on us to provide you with the best-personalized Laravel development services in the industry! Our top-notch unique Laravel development services can help you acquire tailored web solutions adapted to your business’s specific needs and specifications.

No matter how advanced your eCommerce website needs, our Laravel developers can help you get it up and running quickly and affordably. Our Laravel web development services are built on PHP, which allows us to create and manage user-friendly web applications from start to end. We have a world-class infrastructure, which provides us an advantage in building and executing large-scale Laravel projects. 21Twelve Interactive’s Laravel website development services allow extensive modification of frameworks suited for a specific business use case. We guarantee to deliver professional-looking and highly innovative web apps when you work with our Laravel web development services.

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Agile Development Process

Get in touch with our Laravel experts because we'll keep you in touch with the project's progress, adhere to a standard development process, and ensure complete client satisfaction.


The first step in our Laravel website development process is to identify the best plan for monetizing your unique ideas.

Development of a Prototype

Our Laravel developers produce highly functional prototypes with specific designs to enhance user experience and workflows.

Web App Wireframe

Wireframes (also known as blueprints) are visual representations of how an app will look and function before it is built.

Application Design

In our role as a leading Laravel development company, we work together with our clients to produce user-friendly apps that are both engaging and functional.

Application Development

Our Laravel web development team uses the best practices and standard code to create the app that matches your requirements.


Laravel applications that are tested thoroughly during the development process are more likely to be secure, functional, and reliable.


We distribute the application across all the relevant platforms. Get in touch with us to have our industry specialists launch your app more swiftly.

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Reliable Laravel Development Services

Laravel Migration

  • Do you want to use Laravel to build a high-performance, feature-rich and scalable web application? You will need a senior developer to lead a PHP team in transitioning a monolithic application to a microservice architecture based on a PHP foundation. Our Laravel web development experts can help you convert your current PHP/MySQL website to the Laravel-based platform.
  • Your existing application’s structure will be rebuilt in Laravel utilizing the tools and syntax provided by Laravel, including blade templating. With the help of our Laravel data migration solutions, we can help you transition from one Laravel framework to another.
  • With Laravel 5.6 now available, you can take advantage of new features and improved performance. We migrate databases, seed them, publish package assets, and generate boilerplate code using Artisan’s CLI. Using Laravel’s Bcrypt technique for database password encryption, developers don’t have to re-create the database for every update made.

Customized Laravel Development

  • In terms of PHP frameworks, Laravel ranks as one of the most widely used and the preferred choice of many renowned developers. Because it is an open-source framework based on the MVC style of architecture, Laravel website development is so popular nowadays. Laravel is an excellent platform for building web apps and websites quickly and efficiently. Innovative and Depending on the project’s requirements, the workforce size can be increased or decreased at short notice. You can expect the new Laravel-based custom website to have the same functionality, usability on mobile devices, and features as the old site. distinctive designs are a speciality of our very skilled team of Laravel developers.
  • Moreover, they attempt to incorporate elements that enhance the user’s experience. Our Laravel development services can help you create the perfect website for your company. Contact us today! Our offshore Laravel developers in India provide excellent web app development services that are secure, reliable, and flexible at a reasonable rate for your company’s requirements.
  • Depending on the project’s requirements, the workforce size can be increased or decreased at short notice. You can expect the new Laravel-based custom website to have the same functionality, usability on mobile devices, and features as the old site.

Laravel Extension Development

  • As a bespoke Laravel web development company, we create add-ons to assist customers in meeting their ever-changing business needs and goals. Laravel includes a diverse set of packages that make it easy to add new functionality to your app without affecting the foundation already in place. Using their subject experience, our trained developers assist customers in achieving their long-term objectives.
  • Our Laravel development company programmers are proficient at providing a wide range of extension development services, including eCommerce integration, CMS customization, and highly dynamic forums. With 21Twelve Interactive’s Laravel developers, you can be sure that your project will be bolstered with extensions that will meet your business needs.
  • Each of our application developers is an expert in their field. We adhere to international standards and coding techniques for Laravel framework development and are thus able to produce apps that meet worldwide benchmarks in this regard. As a leading Laravel web development company, we go the extra mile to provide our clients with complete PHP web solutions that are both secure and scalable.

Laravel APIs Development

  • Laravel web development is becoming increasingly popular as a result of its simple coding syntax, low learning curve, and developmental flexibility. We use Laravel’s built-in product development capabilities to build web apps quickly and provide you extra time to market your product.
  • It is possible to integrate any Laravel project or third-party app using Laravel’s well-organized APIs, making them more accessible, flexible, and compatible with each other. Our RESTful API integration services provide an affordable way for customers to customize their legacy systems and make them more user-friendly, dynamic, and competitive.
  • From customizing pre-defined templates to creating Laravel features that are simple to install, the programmers at 21Twelve Interactive Laravel development company excel at optimizing any Laravel service you worry about.

Laravel Support & Maintenance

  • Maintaining and updating a website’s security and upkeep is critical if it’s a key component of your company’s overall online presence. Our Laravel web development company professionals help guarantee that your Laravel website or application is hosted on a secure platform that is scalable to meet your business’s demands.
  • Our experienced team of Laravel developers has produced beautiful sites and applications for our clients utilizing Laravel technology, and for that, our clients have been really appreciative. We have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or little your project may be.
  • Many of our clients have come to rely on and appreciate our wide range of support and maintenance options. Through regular communication with our clients during the development cycle, we are able to gain their confidence even further.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any Laravel-related questions that need to be addressed? We're here to help you with everything you need. Let's have a look.

Laravel is a popular PHP framework available as open source. Laravel is a popular choice for web developers because of its flexible and effective architecture.

Outsourcing your Laravel web development to a place like India has a number of advantages:
              <li>Cost-effective development and operation</li>
              <li>Flexible work hours to accommodate your time zone</li>
              <li>Access to highly skilled developers</li>
              <li>The development process is sped up</li>
              <li>Quality services are guaranteed</li>
              <li>A better grasp of the various platforms</li>

When it comes to building contemporary websites and apps, Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that makes the process easier and faster.

Undoubtedly, software testing is a vital aspect of the software development process. Before the formal launch of a website, it is subjected to a series of testing. The code and performance are tested by our professionals. To put it simply, we promise to create the best cross-platform, cross-device web applications.

Many factors influence Laravel website development, including the development platform, website categorization, website architecture, developer location, and the number of functionality your application requires. To obtain a quote on the cost of website development, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us
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