• Basically the concept of EcoLive is derived from online ecommerce shopping sites where users can purchase products, add on carts and make payment then get delivery of that product.
  • EcoLive is a platform where buyer, seller and delivery users can interact on the same system and do work during their working styles.
  • Buyer can purchase the product, they get a cart to add the product then make payment for the product then select delivery type as well.
  • Sellers can sell the products as well. They can manage products from the backend and also check the delivery boy’s status on map trance routes etc..
  • Delivery boys can register themselves too, then they can earn money through delivery as the delivery options are given.
User Module
  • - Users are able to login or register themselves to an app as a Buyer / Seller / Deliver, And they can register with Personal, Professional, Contact Details.
Store Module
  • - Store module has a list of products which is organized by respective category.
  • - Store modules contain a number of items & products which are uploaded by the sellers.
  • - In the index only those stores and users are visible and it contains live users' availability.
Map Module
  • - Map module used to find out the delivery boy's location and identify the delivery vehicle type on a map with respective signs, Buyer can check the route of the delivery boy by checking on maps.
Cart Module
  • - Users can add product to cart from store and make payment after that select delivery to respective location, there could be 2 types of delivery and the price for both should be different which is as per decision.
  • - Shop Live Price
  • - Shop Online price
Payment Module
  • - Payment will be initially transferred to EcoLive (Temporary Wallet) Account then once delivery will be made it will be transferred to the seller's account and delivery charge transferred to the delivery boy's account. As per logic, users can transfer the amount directly to the bank of other app users.
Chat Module & Call Module
  • - Here would be local shops’ free advertisements (products) parading. Basically like Amazon or Alibaba with the mobility exception.
  • - People, such as shermen who shop together, should be able to group up and create their own store (like in Shopify) where they will sell and deliver as a single store. This means they should be able to have their own group store control system.
  • 01On Eco-Live buyers, sellers, and delivery boy can do their job on the same platform.
  • 02In-app chat functionality allows users to coordinate with different roles people.
  • 03Different delivery options which are tough to organize for users like pedestrian, etectric vehicle, normal vehicle. These all are delivery options with different indicators we provide to identify the delivery boys.
  • 04Map integration for live trekking of delivery boy’s location and show accurate to users with the route.
  • 05Multiple roles management which we have provided in the app.
Microsoft .Net
Microsoft Azure
React Native
Visual Studio
Android Studio
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