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21Twelve Interactive has established strong, robust testing mechanisms leveraging the ultimate technology and techniques. Our team is ready to gear up all your specific business goals. No matter what domain you have, we are ready to provide you with the perfect solution suitable for your business. We have years of quality management experience in providing software quality control and assurance. Our in-house quality management standards help you achieve your goal with testing and reliable solutions. We are the leading global software development company offering full-range IT services. With years in software testing services, we have built deep expertise in the manual and automated testing of a complex enterprise.

At 21Twelve Interactive, our proactive testing experts are ready to validate every aspect of your software based on numerous aspects such as integrational, compatibility, functionality, performance, and usability. We have been providing full Quality Assurance & Testing services to help you carry out digital transformation. When you are looking for the best quality software solutions, then 21Twelve Interactive is the perfect option. We provide comprehensive manual testing, including the functional testing of UI levels and API, compatibility, and compliance testing. We offer extended test automation integrated with advanced tools and fault-free software evolution.

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Our Quality Assurance Process

Our quality assurance and testing process ensure complete monitoring of errors and issues. We ensure the quality of the software and its smooth performance.

Requirement Analysis

We provide accurate Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) creation, Test type identification, and Project documentation review with an Automation feasibility report.

Test Planning

Our Test Planning creation assures accurate estimation document creation, Test plan document creation, and Test tool selection. We provide Automated and manual testing implementation.

Test Case Development

We find and fix threats and vulnerabilities in your software to eliminate all possible security risks in our Test Case Development phase.

Environment Setup

We analyze the quality as well as the consistency of your code. We would recommend what should be changed or improved with the appropriate environment setup.

Test Execution

Validation testing and execution take place at the end of the development process. It especially ensures that the end product meets all requirements and performs the necessary functions.

Test Closure

Get the accurate Test Closure report generation, Test result analysis, and Test metrics preparation. You can keep its performance at a high level during the test closure.

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Our Quality Assurance Services

Automation Testing Services

  • When you are looking for the best quality Automation Testing Services, our team at 21Twelve Interactive is ready to provide you with complete services most efficiently and affordably. We have taken center stage in the testing process across industries. Our team at 21Twelve Interactive has well-experienced test engineers ready to provide you with a comprehensive set of testing that includes test cases, test automation scripts, test execution reports, and many more.
  • Our passionate team always stays on top using the latest automation trends and the complete expertise in implementing powerful tools. We are well-versed in using high-end technology and tools, including Selenium, Winrunner, Cucumber, QTP, Test Complete, Test Partner, and many more.
  • Our Test Automation services include complete test automation planning, test environment setup, tools selection, test data preparation, test script development, and many others. It is inevitable for organizations to move on to a sturdy automation testing framework, so we are ready to guide you all through the journey to excellence.

Manual Testing Services

  • We at 21Twelve Interactive bring you the unique blend of testing tools, processes, and technology expertise. Our team has complete domain knowledge for ensuring our service is delivered without any defect within the accelerated time frame. We have been offering end-to-end manual testing services for functional testing needs.
  • These ensure to save you more time in the test process. Our in-house accelerators have years of experience across industry-leading functional testing tools. Our Manual testing services help short-term projects with changing requirements. All the requirements are covered using accurate testing. Being one of the pioneering Manual Testing Service providers, we ensure to integrate the automation procedure.
  • Our team would provide you with complete auxiliary services based on converted requirements into monetizable solutions. Our automation testing services include security application testing, database testing, usability testing, compliance testing, cloud-based test automation, performance automation, and much more.

Mobile App Testing Services

  • 21Twelve Interactive is a widely renowned software testing and QA services provider providing world-class Mobile App Testing services. We would be providing the high-end Mobile application testing solution with functional, performance, security testing types, compatibility, usability, and various features.
  • We have been providing a complete range of mobile app testing services based on proficiency and mobile specifics with standards. Our main aim is to provide you with Apps with high quality and user adoption features. Our high-performing testing engineers are experienced with mobile testing specifics. We would validate all aspects of the mobile app within optimal testing.
  • Whether you are looking for Native mobile app testing, we would provide you with a complete solution for delivering a rich experience. Our specialists test native iOS and Android mobile apps especially relying on their years of experience. At 21Twelve Interactive, our certified test engineers and specialists are experienced in successful testing projects.

Functional Testing Services

  • Effective functional testing is most important for assuring complete user satisfaction. Functional testing would be a suitable option for easily validating the user requirements and functions. Normally, a good functional testing service would ensure the software is designed perfectly for dealing with the application’s functionality and the user’s relationship.
  • 21Twelve Interactive has years of experience in Quality Assurance & Testing with industry-best practices. We would ensure possible coverage of the software’s functional specs. These are especially combined with industry-standard tools and pre-built test accelerators. Our team is ready to deliver effective functional testing capabilities available in the digital attributes.
  • Functional Testing Services is the best option for easily detecting and preventing defects early in the product life cycle. The testing process would be a suitable option for minimizing the re-work along with the improved quality and reduced overall testing. Potential quality problems would be a suitable option to reduce time and resolution.

Performance & Security Testing

  • Performance Engineering involves the Quality Engineering process, especially aligning the type of software development methodologies. Our Performance & Security Testing solution assures the complete end-to-end quality management process. The process would ensure the exact functions of the software development lifecycle.
  • Our performance engineers encompass a range of activities focusing on improving the system or application to the greatest extent. Performance engineering and testing are most important for ensuring several factors like most organizations desire to have a high-performing application for reaching the time-to-market. Application performance is evaluated at the testing stage in the olden days.
  • We are well versed in providing innovative performance engineering methodology using the best agile process and the shift-left approach. These are suitable options for improving the performance at the software testing stage. Performance & Security Testing is a suitable option for easily evaluating the system and performance level in heavy load conditions.

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Being a renowned quality assurance and testing service company, we assure to offer zero-error solutions to our clients. Let’s check why our clients hire our testing services:

Dedicated & experienced quality analysts
An explicit and modern approach
Ability to meet tight deadlines
Highest technical proficiency
Transparency is upheld at all times
Committed to delivering zero-error solutions
Using the modern testing tools
Cost-effective testing solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are a renowned quality assurance and testing company committed to answering all your queries. Just ask your questions from our expert quality assurance experts and get the best solutions.

Quality Assurance testing companies such as 21Twelve Interactive would help businesses create a positive reputation by meeting the client’s expectations and demands. Quality Assurance & Testing is provided with the best quality and consistency features. It provides a better way to stay competitive in the current market.

21Twelve Interactive offers the bug-free final product with the international standard Quality Assurance & Testing Services. Our team has been providing the best Quality Assurance and software testing services at all stages of product development.
  • Conducts thorough analysis of systems
  • Builds innovative solutions to implement them
  • Creates test plan at the planning stage

Software Quality Assurance is the activities involved with monitoring, evaluating, and validating the process. These are suitable options for creating the best user-friendly software. We would deliver an excellent product for customers that automatically minimizes errors using advanced technology and tools.

Quality Assurance & Testing services at 21Twelve Interactive are a part of our service portfolio. Our team has provided wonderful services for years, and our skilled team can use the latest tech tools. It helps us to deliver quality services to customers. Our team of experts conducts various levels of software testing, such as Unit testing, System testing, API testing, and more.

21Twelve Interactive quality assurance personnel are providing the best 24-hour customer service. Our Well trained and skilled staff is ready to support you any time for any software testing engagement. We are ready to answer your query.
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