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A powerful online presence is your only option when an estimated 2.14 billion consumers turn to eCommerce retailers to make purchases. We’re well-versed in the creation of e-commerce software and websites. Our robust tech stack and brand creativity are well-suited for creating the shop of your dreams, which is why you can rely on us. Our bespoke eCommerce development company makes full-fledged online shops from the ground up. We use reliable business methods and cutting-edge technology to meet your high expectations for eCommerce businesses. Our web experts review your needs, identify any stumbling obstacles, and establish the project parameters to provide a clear picture of the eCommerce website development process.

As part of our services, we create UI/UX mockups and themes, set up products, integrate with 3rd parties, and set up marketing. We undertake a SWOT analysis to assist your company in outranking its competitors. 21Twelve Interactive ensures that every crucial issue is addressed to keep you ahead of the competition. To guarantee that your consumers have a great shopping experience no matter where they are, we provide device-independent online shops, coupons, and drop shipping websites that can use on any device. As an e-commerce development company, we’ve worked on various projects, from consumer or capital items to business, food delivery, public services, or media distribution, all of varying complexity and scope.

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Process We Follow

All e-commerce website construction is done with complete transparency in mind. With our simplified procedure, you can count on us to meet your web development demands.

Requirement Analysis

A professional e-commerce web development service analyzes your project objectives and creates a customized strategy to match your business demands.

Website Design

Your website will be user-friendly and engaging, thanks to a team of expert designers that know just how to make it so.

Website Development

We begin website creation according to your project specifications and design components at this point. Our advanced coding techniques make your website both usable and useful.


Quality analysts and testers on our professional team verify that the website’s code is bug-free and ready to be delivered.

Project Deployment

21Twelve Interactive has a deep understanding of how to get the product into the hands of its customers. We optimize the speed and functionality of your website.

Project Development

In the hands of 21Twelve Interactive, you can be sure that your product will be available to everyone who needs it. We optimize your website for speed and user experience.

Quick Support

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, If you have any questions or concerns. As a result, we will respond quickly to any issues or errors.

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Effective eCommerce Development Services

Magneto Development

  • When building successful online businesses, Magento has a wealth of sophisticated tools. Because of its open-source nature and a great degree of adaptability in terms of functionality, features, plans, and architecture, it’s a big hit. Help your company meet its unique demands by hiring a Magento developer who can help you convert a PSD to Magento, customize an existing Magento theme, add extensions, and integrate with third-party API providers.
  • We use a feedback-based strategy and standardized development methods like GIT and Development Environments as part of our development process. From shop design to online store setup, bespoke extensions, and third-party connections, you may hire Magento 2 expertise from us.
  • Magento experts at our company are adept at offering sturdy yet scalable solutions designed to improve revenue and enhance user experience while accelerating expansion. Please take advantage of our extensive expertise in building eCommerce websites for organizations of all sizes. We can help you find the best Magento developers for your e-commerce business.

WooCommerce Development

  • To create a full-fledged eCommerce business, WooCommerce is the best option since it is a scalable open-source platform developed for WordPress which can be easily customized. 21Twelve Interactive can help you with WooCommerce development. Hire our WooCommerce development service to create a distinctive and engaging shopping experience for your customers.
  • With 21Twelve Interactive, a top WooCommerce development company in the market, you can expect a flawless, responsive, and functioning eCommerce shop with a user-friendly design, engaging themes, and strong extensions. We use an iterative development method to ensure timely delivery and work in short, specified sprints.
  • Our skilled programmers adhere to W3C guidelines to ensure their work is bug-free. Our specialists will work with you to find the best possible solution for your company’s particular needs. When you work with 21Twelve Interactive, you can be sure that your Woocommerce development is in good hands. Our Woocommerce development services are result-oriented, high-quality, and dependable.

Shopify Development

  • With our Shopify ecommerce development company, you can increase your sales and income. Shopify is the world’s top eCommerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our Shopify eCommerce development company offers completely integrated solutions by combining world-class platform and subject experience with selected technical advice.
  • We provide a wide range of Shopify development services that help you match your brand’s vision to your customers’ expectations. A leading Shopify web development firm, we specialize in the creation of specific e-commerce sites as well as dependable mobile apps. Our Shopify eCommerce development services include everything from bespoke Shopify theme creation to third-party integrations, functionality, and security methods that comply.
  • Known for producing functionally efficient and cost-effective Shopify sites, we are a professional Shopify development business. Our customized solutions enable you to design your online shop, add new features, manage sales channels and inventory, measure your business’s development and performance smoothly, etc.

OpenCart Development

  • PHP, jQuery, and Bootstrap as a CSS framework make OpenCart development well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s simple to change the design. OpenCart’s MVC structure is simple to comprehend and grow. Millions of websites throughout the globe utilize OpenCart as their shopping cart platform.
  • Your customers may buy from a wide variety of items and categories, and you’ll be able to improve your productivity and collect valuable data thanks to OpenCart. When customizing OpenCart for your business, no one knows OpenCart better than 21Twelve Interactive. We serve many clients, from massive corporations to small businesses.
  • Our specialty is web design, development, and integration services based on OpenCart. Our customers are always kept in the loop about the status of their projects, and their input is taken into account throughout the design process to guarantee complete client satisfaction.

BigCommerce Development

  • Do you have a specific need for your online store? You may then make use of our BigCommerce design services. Known for being feature-rich, adaptable, and cost-effective, BigCommerce is a leading platform for turnkey eCommerce sites. With BigCommerce, you can quickly and affordably create and expand your online store.
  • We’ve helped a few companies develop from nothing to something quickly by using eCommerce development services. For BigCommerce integration solutions, you can also employ our professionals. We are well-known for creating BigCommerce solutions for any company that is comprehensive, high-performing, and works across all platforms.
  • To turn your concept and organization into a lean, mean, and outstanding sales machine, our highly qualified BigCommerce professionals can assist you. All parts of BigCommerce, from catalog building and ERP integration to backend operations and connectivity with other omnichannel platforms, are handled by us.
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Technologies We Work On

We are very selective about the development frameworks, databases, and platforms we utilize for product development. Our key solutions are consulting, design, development, domain-specific solutions, and support.

Custom IT Solutions for Varied Verticals


A perfect combination of ideation & innovation of digital products for all industry verticals. We help you streamline and improve customers’ engagement.

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As a leading e-commerce development company, we’d like to share a few of the most notable aspects of our work with you.

Assembled solutions
Intuitive UI/UX and fast deployment
Reliable eCommerce websites development
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Proven, fast, and trusted methods of delivery
24*7 Support and maintenance
Professional and skilled developers
Trusted web development approach
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

eCommerce site development services may raise several concerns in your mind. Check out the most relevant and helpful solutions to your questions.

Online retail businesses can increase their visibility and profits via eCommerce development. Various process components are involved, such as improving supplies, working with a shipping firm, and expanding the network. In the case of custom eCommerce development, efficient marketing and client communication is most important. If any of the factors mentioned earlier are addressed, an eCommerce website can adequately deliver services.

Front-end and back-end technologies are critical in the creation of an eCommerce website. The front-end is responsible for web development, while the back-end is responsible for the organization’s digital infrastructure and administration. It is also essential to consider the operating system (OS) on which the whole system may run, such as macOS or Microsoft Windows. eCommerce sites also need databases and storage in addition to these components.

An eCommerce website’s total cost will vary from one agency to another. Several variables influence the cost of an online retail project, such as your company’s demands and requirements. As a result of these and other elements, there is a direct correlation between eCommerce web development costs and various aspects of e-commerce web development. Contact our eCommerce website development specialists to learn more about our bespoke solutions.

There are no restrictions on the size of the file. If you have an online business, you may add as many items and catalogs as you want while expanding your consumer base at your convenience.

Yes, we can help you run your business more effectively with a bespoke eCommerce development solution from our organization. 21Twelve Interactive is a trusted name in the eCommerce sector, and its customers are reaping the benefits. In addition to our bespoke eCommerce web development services, our professionals provide the finest industry consulting.
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