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There are hundreds of websites using OpenCart, a comprehensive shopping cart platform. Because it is built with PHP and jQuery and uses Bootstrap as its CSS framework, OpenCart development is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s simple to change the design. OpenCart’s MVC structure is simple to comprehend and grow. Every kind of OpenCart solution, such as SME, big, and corporate business services, is addressed by 21Twelve Interactive’s OpenCart services. Customers may rely on our OpenCart solutions to meet their needs. Using our extensive knowledge of OpenCart, we can provide highly scalable solutions.

21Twelve Interactive is a reliable eCommerce development company specializing in creating OpenCart websites that are both lucrative, result-oriented, and functional. All our eCommerce websites are designed with your needs in mind. The simplicity of working with the knowledgeable, experienced, and remote staff is what you’ll get from us. Our team of OpenCart experts understands your company’s needs and gives your e-commerce website a new look. It’s true that once you join our distinguished customers, we promise to exceed all of your expectations with our OpenCart development services.

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Agile Development Process

When meeting a tight delivery schedule, our methodology and iterative development approach guarantee that projects are completed in manageable chunks of time.


When it comes to OpenCart development, no one does it better than us. We meticulously collect and assess your needs before laying out a clear course for product creation.


Designing and creating user-friendly interfaces for conceptual concepts and needs. Making interactive/UX is what we’re all about.


We develop the project according to the core components and designs in this stage. Using industry-standard code frameworks, we bring your website’s functionality and interactivity to life.

Quality Assurance

Testing is an important part of quality assurance. Providing an error-free experience to our customers is a top priority for us.


For the product to be accessible and used in real-time, enhancing it and launching it in its designated location is essential.

After Services

If you have any questions about the product’s functioning, we’re here to help. We were always there for you, and your app was always running.

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Best OpenCart Development Services

Custom Opencart Development

  • 21Twelve Interactive is an OpenCart development company that is well-versed in offering a wide range of OpenCart services to companies of all sizes, from tiny startups to multinational conglomerates. It is possible to customize OpenCart solutions based on the package picked and the customers’ needs.
  • 21Twelve Interactive makes it easier to handle every OpenCart service, including custom template creation, product additions and deletions, shipping integration, payment gateway integration, installation, and OpenCart code. We provide OpenCart development services that meet our client’s needs while also considering the most recent developments in the industry and technological advancements.
  • Our OpenCart developers excel at meeting deadlines and providing high-quality outcomes because they are committed to providing customized OpenCart solutions. 21Twelve Interactive provides OpenCart modification services for online retailers, such as template installation and development, custom module creation, and OpenCart checkout.

Opencart Migration

  • Opencart is a feature-rich, easy-to-use shopping cart software package available under the GNU General Public License. 21twelve Interactive’s Magento to OpenCart’s migration specialists help you get the most out of your existing system while ensuring that your data is safe and secure.
  • Opencart’s user-friendly design and built-in e-commerce shop capabilities make it a popular choice. OpenCart migration firm 21Twelve Interactive has a long history of providing high-quality e-commerce solutions to customers. We are constantly devoted to providing the finest WooCommerce to OpenCart migration services available on the market today.
  • Opencart custom design and development has been our specialty for many years, and we have a highly skilled and experienced team. You may rely on us for scalable and economical Opencart development solutions since we are a prominent Opencart development company. We’ve been transferring data between OpenCart and BigCommerce for years, so we know what it takes to get the job done right.

OpenCart Module Development

  • Only logically related PHP scripts are used to create modules, merged into OC for specialized purposes. A controller (logic portion), an optional model (often used for DB queries), a view (template) and a language file are also included.
  • Allows our developer to introduce and integrate several modules to your eCommerce site due to OpenCart’s vastness and simple design. Consequently, the consumer can make more money. Because no two companies are identical, developing a solution tailored to each is essential.
  • We’ve worked with various businesses and know what it takes to provide high-quality services on time and within budget. Even though we don’t believe in advertising our products or services, many customers do since we explain their benefits. Our work tells the world where we stand, and it’s clear from the start.

Themes Development & Customization

  • Your OpenCart website needs a theme that is just right. It is because today’s clients prefer to shop at attractive internet businesses. Known as one of the most popular eCommerce systems, OpenCart is an excellent choice. It is an excellent alternative if you’re looking to get your online business off the ground.
  • OpenCart comes with a pre-configured template by default when it is installed for the first time. The theme may use to construct OpenCart templates of one’s own. It is vital to create efficient themes for the shop. 21Twelve Interactive strives to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers, and as a result, we provide services that do just that.
  • We are aware of your financial constraints; therefore, we put out our best effort to keep your company running smoothly. The construction of a custom OpenCart template is something that we can assist with. We’ll design an appealing, completely customizable, fast-loading, and responsive theme for your website based on your specific needs.

Opencart Support & Maintenance

  • 21Twelve Interactive has been building opencart websites for a long time; thus, we have earned a reputation as a competent OpenCart Support/Maintenance service provider. Designing websites with beautiful user interfaces and bespoke layouts utilizing templates, themes, and modules is part of our OpenCart support service. In addition, our programmers strive to provide shopping cart maintenance at a reasonable cost.
  • OpenCart troubleshooting, custom PHP tweaks, and open cart-based shop customization are all areas 21Twelve Interactive specializes in. We provide a support and maintenance package to help e-commerce enterprises meet their sales goals. This kind of e-commerce website allows your online company to flourish.
  • We are aware of your financial constraints; therefore, we put out our best effort to keep your company running smoothly. The construction of a custom OpenCart template is something that we can assist with. We’ll design an appealing, completely customizable, fast-loading, and responsive theme for your website based on your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your OpenCart questions are being answered in the best possible way. You can count on us to provide you with the finest solutions.

Opencart is a popular choice for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large corporations. Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), it may be downloaded for free.

Developed in PHP and MySql, Opencart is a shopping cart management system for the internet. Modules/Plugins are structured collections of files/code used to increase an existing system’s functionality.

To extend the functionality of your OpenCart webshop beyond what’s already included, 21Twelve Interactive can build bespoke plugins for you. From a booking calendar to a hyper-local POS to a full-featured online marketplace, we create unique plugins that you can integrate into your website using a variety of plugins.
It’s easy to find OpenCart plugins in our marketplace. In addition to customizing already existing plugins, we create whole new plugins from scratch to meet your specific needs.

Yes, 21Twelve Interactive creates OpenCart mobile applications that are both beautiful and functional, thanks to their expertise in design, technology, and business principles. Your company relies on apps more than ever before.
To meet your needs, we may modify or design a new one for you. You can count on us to create a mobile solution that exceeds your expectations in every aspect of the process. We transform your website into an application that is easy to use, allowing you to click and move about.

Yes, we can help you transfer your eCommerce website from any other platform to the OpenCart platform:
  • WooCommerce to OpenCart
  • Magento to OpenCart
  • Shopify to OpenCart
  • BigCommerce to OpenCart
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