BYT (Book Your Table) is a next-generation table reservation app that allows users to reserve tables, They can dine in on the app, Pre-orders in-app for a better experience, and users can get food delivery on the application.

Book Your Table

  • BYT is the next generation dining experience. It caters to guests and restaurants from A to Z.
  • Users register and save their payment information and create profiles.
  • Users find restaurants to dine in/takeaway (delivery planned for future) via location or various other filters (rating, type of cuisine, etc..).
  • Once the booking is confirmed, users can preorder within 15 minutes (TBD) of their reservation time, or if they are within a certain distance.
  • Each guest is able to add items to the table and it is tracked who added what.
  • After they eat, they can pay directly into the app. They can pay individually or one user can pay for everything. Leave a tip etc…
  • Users can leave a review after payment confirmation. Other users can upvote the reviews.
  • Users can see profiles of reviewers, their previous orders, popular locations etc..

Table Management: Challenge to get table availability with queuing time and functionality to drag and drop table for positioning with seating preference


Warehouse and storage management system: Challenge to get all the raw materials according to provided warehouse and restaurant


Kitchen display with chit ordering system: Maintaining chits for cooking status with order details and prioritizing them according to the instructions

For Customers
  1. 01Table with ability to view seating plans.
  2. 02If fully booked, wait list - See position in queue and estimated time (Fast Pass option, fee requirementor membership fee)
  3. 03Can notify restaurant if they will be late.
  4. 04Ability to send link via whatsapp (and all social media platforms) to other customers will invite/join the table.
  5. 05Ability to require type of dining (private, celebration, event) with space for special notes like prepare a cake at the end or type of music.
  6. 06Ability to invite friends to a booked table via share sheet link (email/whatsapp/etc...)
  7. 07Receive booking confirmation via email/ in app/ etc...
For Restaurants
  1. 01If customer has no specific seating preferences, restaurant has the ability to assign a seating.
  2. 02If a customer takes too long, the restaurant can assign the table to the next person in the queue. If a customer doesn’t show, for a time set by the restaurant, auto-cancel.
  3. 03Control panel for restaurants to set their auto-cancelation timers.
  4. 04Control panel for restaurants to place customers in ‘white-list’ or ‘black-list’.
  5. 05Control panel for restaurants to send reminders to late customers.
  6. 06Ability to arrange seating plan (table icons) and ability to set the number of guests for each table.
  7. 07Ability to see a guest name or if booking by phone, to set it manually.
  8. 08Ability to see table status (if user is late/seated).
  1. 09Ability to see user history (previous bookings, past no shows, average spend, etc...)
  2. 10Ability to view bookings by time, by shift, etc...
  3. 11Ability to see bookings for all restaurants in real time centrally.
  4. 12Ability to set times/dates when bookings will be available.
  5. 13Ability to see VIP guests (frequent bookers/high spenders).
  6. 14Ability to see how long customers have been at the table.
  7. 15Ability to see and spend time in real time.
  8. 16Ability to see if walk-in or a reservation.
  9. 17Ability to set custom shifts (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Brunch/etc..)
  • Dashboard contains a number of features which helps admin to easily get count of features with details.
  • With the help of many filters the admin gets results on the dashboard.
    • Ex. Daily Revenue
    • Timing Chart
    • Latest Customer
    • Popular Dishes
    • Etc…
Restaurant List
  • Admin is able to manage restaurants from the backend, they can add,update,edit and remove restaurants.
  • Admin can review reports from the admin panel and check analysis of earnings, Monthly Earning & Customer Reports pages are there in the Report section.
Subscription List
  • Admin is able to manage packages from the backend, they can add,update,edit and remove packages.
Customer Info
  • Admin can view customer info and reviews from the backend, admin can delete reviews.
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