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Why Should Businesses Look to Hire UI/UX Designer Services?

To help startups and large companies scale their business processes and increase their ROI, we at 21TwelveInteractive have put together IT teams. In addition to various software development profiles, we have experience hiring Android developers, game developers, UI/UX developers, full-stack developers, and machine learning engineers.

Hire UI/UX Designers based on accurate information, and our team of hiring professionals has developed an extensive screening process. Some of the most well-known websites, software, and mobile applications have been successfully launched through 21Twelve Interactive. Through the use of our AI-powered recruitment management platform, we identify the perfect match for your company.

Why Does Brand Hire UI/UX Designer from 21Twelve Interactive?

Practical knowledge of the most cutting-edge visual design and design technologies
Well-versed in user research and best practices for usability testing in digital product design
Knows and adheres to agile best practices for meeting deadlines and agile project management technologies
Develop an understanding of the design flow, design interaction points, transitions
Knows and adheres to the lifecycle and best practices for designing digital products
Comprehend the market and the project's niche in order to build a well-researched digital product

Hire expert UI/UX designers to make interacting with end users simple and efficient for you. Keeping your brand's identity requires excellent coordination. These days, it is essential that your website, social media accounts, brochures, store signs, and packaging all work together. Our UI/UX designers can put it together and help users learn about your business.

At 21Twelve Interactive, UI/UX designers have a wealth of experience creating or updating user portal websites, mobile applications, and software solutions. Because our UI/UX designers are adept at industrial, graphic, and gesture design, you may advance your product while setting your business apart from the competition.

Our creative UI/UX designers are aware of its significance and concentrate on carrying out the necessary research and design processes in order to offer excellent outcomes that promote corporate success. We provide cutting-edge graphics and logo designs with significant impacts.

Flexible Hiring Models

Engagement Model

When it comes to finding the right team, we've been there! It is why we've put up an easy-to-follow model that may help you get started.

Hourly Hiring
Duration Depends on work
Communication Email, Skype, G-meet/Zoom
Billing As per the worked hours
Hiring Period Min 30-40 Hours
Fixed Hiring
Duration Depending on requirements
Communication Email, Skype, G-meet/Zoom
Billing Milestone/Sprint base
Hiring Period Depending on requirements
Dedicate Hiring
Duration 160 Hours
Communication Email, Skype, G-meet/Zoom
Billing Per Month
Hiring Period Min 2-3 Month

What are the Benefits of Hiring Dedicated UI/UX Designer from 21Twelve Interactive?

Hire UI/UX Design Company that can help you makes the product more functional and user-friendly and improves end-user engagement. At 21Twelve Interactive, the UI/UX designers know the value of user experience engineering. We use their application design expertise to build custom UI UX design solutions to make your app and idea stand out.

We at 21Twelve Interactive ensure that the client obtains an intelligent design that may increase productivity and ROI by meeting and beyond the requirements of the perfect UI/UX solution.

Models of Flexible Engagement

We allow our clients to choose from various engagement and recruiting techniques rather than forcing them to work under stringent and confined rules.

Cost-effective Solution

We offer the ideal balance between reasonable costs and exceptional quality to provide the lowest prices in our market.

Prompt Delivery

We are able to complete 95% of the projects on schedule because of the use of innovative technology and agile processes by our team of designers and developers.

Performance Management

For the personnel to stay current with industry and technological best practices, we at 21Twelve Interactive have implemented performance management and learning programs.

Flexible in Time zones

We always make sure to accommodate both the needs of our clients and their talents. Therefore, for routine meetings and calls, we alter our time to match your time zone.

Hire Dedicated Developers to PassionatelyLead Your Business Vision to Reality

Easy and smooth hiring process

Hiring Process

When it comes to finding the right team, we've been there! It is why we've put up an easy-to-follow model that may help you get started.

Connect With US

Share your project requirements and goals by emailing us so we can contact you.

On Screening & Introduction

We’ll arrange a call/chat and connect you with industry experts that can match your requirements.

Choose Suitable Model

Select the suitable engagement model for your requirements from our hiring models.

Start Your Project

Once you confirm, we’ll start the work procedure & you can have a direct talk with the hired developer.

Client Success is Our Success

Our Clients Speak for Us!

At any point throughout the UI/UX Design process, you may reach out to us and ask us to help you out.

Our Offered UI/UX Development Services

To develop a solution with a significant business impact, our talented team of designers offers a variety of design services across digital product-user touch points.

Our services are:

  • UI/UX Design Consultants
  • UI/UX Strategists
  • Web UI/UX Designers
  • Mobile App UI/UX Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Motion Graphic Designers
  • 3D Model Designers
  • Visual Designers
Raise Your Question To Get The Best Answer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about hiring UI/UX designers that you could have, as well as questions that many of our partners have asked us.

Hire the best UI and UX designers from 21Twelve Interactive to execute business operations more effectively. Our talent curators spare you from work by handling the arduous hiring procedure and follow-up duties.

Here are a few of the primary UI/UX design services provided:
  • App Design
  • Site Design
  • Visual Design
  • Design for Motion Graphics
  • Design of Logos & Brand Identity

That will be handled for you by 21Twelve Interactive. They exclusively link you with seasoned experts who can provide solutions swiftly, thanks to their screening process.

They internally use PMS programs, and they are always willing to work with the tool that your team feels most comfortable with what they are using for project development.

Hire UI/UX designers starting at $ 20 to $25 per hour, and the rate may change based on the individual’s qualifications and work history.
Get Connected With Professional Developers

Contact US

You are free to communicate with our experts in any way that works for you.

Hire UI/UX Designers According to Your Requirements

You are free to employ our UI/UX Designers based on your requirements. We provide you with the flexibility to alter the size of the programming team to meet any needs you have.

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