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Hybrid app development is the most preferred way to develop cost-effective and practical cross-platform mobile applications. 21twelve Interactive is a leading hybrid app development agency that offers timely and result-driven app development strategies for all types of businesses. We have been in the industry for years and know what works best for your business. Hybrid app development holds the feature for both native apps and HTML5. Our expert developers are well-versed with the tried and tested hybrid app development methods. We are capable of helping you bridge the gap between native and web applications.

Our hybrid app development service covers both iOS and Android app development features. We build hybrid apps with a blend of CSS, HTML5, and Javascript. Also, we offer a high scope for customization to get an app tailored to your business requirements. Our proficient approaches are backed by a team of experienced and tech-savvy professionals. With us, you can get flawless and quick app development. On top of it, we ensure an unmatchable user experience. Come to us to integrate the latest features and technologies for your commercial business.

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Agile Development Process

We are a renowned hybrid app development company that follows a proven approach to creating modern apps.


We start the project development process by gathering your requirements, finding business goals, competitive analysis, etc., and finding your project’s scope and feasibility.

App Design

Our team deeply analyzes your target audience and creates a visually appealing, user-friendly, interactive, highly engaging, and customer-centric hybrid app.

App Development

We combine technologies and frameworks to ensure that the app we develop works seamlessly and smoothly across different platforms and systems.

App Testing

We are a professional hybrid app development company conducting code reviews and running test cases to make the app error-free, functional, and finest quality.

App Launch

We launch your app on different mobile app platforms in this way; we help you make your app visible, flexible, and profitable.

App Maintenance

Along with professional hybrid app development services, we also offer app’s maintenance and reduce downtime. We make your app sustainable and updated.

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Our Hybrid App Development Services

Custom Hybrid App Development

  • A hybrid app can help your business grow significantly, and it becomes 10x more effective if supported by customized approaches. 21Twelve Interactive is one of the trusted hybrid app development services. With a team of experienced web and app developers, we efficiently cater to various industry verticals.
  • At 21Twelve Interactive, we use the latest technologies, vast databases, the most effective version converter tools, and the best project management approach. With Hybrid mobile app development, you get outstanding features for your commercial website. Our methods cover both iOS and Android hybrid app development. As a trusted and reliable hybrid app development service, we boast an impeccable team of experienced professionals.
  • We provide you with the best app development and hybrid app support and maintenance to ensure that your website works flawlessly as long as you’re connected with us. Our support staff is 24/7/365 available to keep an eye on your website.

Hybrid App UI/UX Designing

  • If you look around, you’ll find that almost all leading mobile applications are lucidly built using UI/UX designs. If you also own a business and are looking for a hybrid website, connect with 21Twelve Interactive. Here we offer the best hybrid app UI/UX design services.
  • As one of the top hybrid app development services, we have many hybrid application development strategies for our clients. With professional help, you’ll be able to secure the top Google rankings for your website. A team of experienced professionals backs our services; hence you can be assured of performance and results.
  • We use all the vulnerable components to make your website user-friendly and engaging. While designing an app for your business, we always aim for long-term benefits. What are you waiting for? Improve your mobile app today with our hybrid UI/UX designing services. Call us.

Hybrid App Testing

  • With the increasing demand for mobility, hybrid app development has become the need of the hour. However, it is essential to test your hybrid app before launching it to the audience. There are various hybrid app development services available out there, but 21twelve Interactive is the only one that offers you cost-effective solutions in a quick time.
  • Our performance test engineers are capable enough to test both iOS and Android applications for commercial businesses from different verticals. We do it all for you, from compliance tests, mobile security testing, to performance testing and compatibility testing.
  • We ensure that you have the best-performing website in your niche with this variety of services. When you opt for professional hybrid app testing, our experts ensure that your application overcomes all the possible challenges. Lastly, we always go the extra mile to keep your website top of the search engine rating.

Hybrid App Upgradation

  • Upgrading and maintaining your hybrid app is essential to ensure that your business is equipped with the latest technologies. 21Twelve Interactive is the best platform to help you with trusted app up-gradation approaches. We, at 21Twelve Interactive, are committed to taking away all your hybrid app development, maintenance, and upgrading worries.
  • Once you hire us, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that your app is supported with the best methods in the market. Our holistic approaches are backed by in-depth research to support your business in the right direction. Despite being the best in the market, we charge you a minimal cost.
  • Our experts efficiently deliver work under tight deadlines without ever compromising the quality. Whether you have developed your website with us or some other agency, we follow similar standards while upgrading and maintaining your website.

Hybrid App Support & Maintenance

  • No matter how advanced your hybrid app is, it is useless if you’re not providing it with the proper support and maintenance. As a leading hybrid mobile app development company, 21Twelve Interactive nurtures your website as its own.
  • Our support and maintenance services are cost-effective. Also, we offer a variety of support packages for all types of business. No matter what size your business is or whether you’re a news-age start or an established company, we have the best solutions for all. By utilizing big data and mobile technology, we improve mobile app operational efficiency, endpoint availability, and user experience.
  • Our support team monitors your hybrid app very closely throughout all web development and post-development stages. We not only look after the maintenance but also provide expert consultancy to improvise the present framework of your app.

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We have successfully delivered the most demanding and profitable apps to our clients with a strong team of hybrid app developers. Check the key benefits of hiring our hybrid app development services:

Team of highly experienced app developers
Rapid project development & quick deliver
Using top tools to create hybrid mobile apps
Agile development process
Highly suitable hiring models
Budget-friendly pricing models
Modern hybrid apps for all business sizes
Reliable channel for transparent communication
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need answers for your hybrid app development-related queries? Get the best solution for your questions.

A hybrid app is a web app, basically developed with JavaScript and HTML5 that is then combined within a thin native container that offers native-like functional features to its users.

An app designed with a single code base and can run on multiple platforms is termed a hybrid app. Therefore, we can say that hybrid apps reduce the cost of development and time to market.
It eliminates the need to interface directly with all the device drivers by utilizing plugins and APIs. Moreover, developers don’t need to know multiple IDEs. Hire us to get the best-in-class hybrid app development services!

Xamarin, Monaca, Titanium, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, React Native, and Ionic are some of the top hybrid app development platforms.

Several globally used and widely popular Hybrid applications such as Instagram, Khan Academy, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Uber, and Evernote. Professional hybrid app development services providers can help you get result-oriented mobile apps to fulfill your business needs.

The cost to create a hybrid mobile app relies on the technology required to create it, its complexity, the time needed, and the number of developers. Get free quotes for hybrid app development!
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