Orcas Sealed

  • Orcas Sealed is a contract providing applications for relevant services to the clients which includes Prices, Plans, Time Durations etc…
  • On My Listing tab numbers of paid products services are listed to subscribe.
  • Payments are done in milestone mode based on contracts.
  • In app chat option is there for suggestions and discussions, Users are able to select from numbers of options to initiate chat.
  • Users are able to pick service areas from a map so they get services listing from that selected area.
My Contract Tab
  • - Users can able to select specific or all islands.
  • - Also highlight give/take position and show contract title.
  • - Ability to clone a contract to a different island (allow personalize to somebody)
Contract Add/Edit
  • - Users are able to add/edit contracts from their end and take agreement and select specific template for adding contracts.
  • - “Link Contract” to link the current contract with other existing contracts.
  • - Ability to clone a contract to a different island (allow personalize to somebody)
Contract Detail Page (Taker)
  • - This page shows the detail on the contract, the taker can not change any of the conditions. Make it look like a real contract as much as we can.
  • - Show service availability calendar.
  • - At the bottom of the page has an “Accept” button to accept the contract.
Contract Detail Page (Giver)
  • - The giver can edit the contract and can also add the new conversation or picture or contract sections to the contract.
  • - Giver can tap QRCode to show QRcode of the current contract.
  • - Giver can use Chat room to add things to the contract.
Chat Room
Add- on feature on Request amendment for the following
  • - Change Contract Dateline (leasing term)
  • - Change Location, meeting time, date.
  • - Request “Purchase” & “Extending Time” (for hourly basis)
  • - Request status of work.
  • - Users are able to view a list of public islands and are able to add new islands.
  • - There could be a tab and hold option to manage islands.
  • - Users are able to share islands to friends by sharing options available on the tab.
Ratting And Review
  • - Users can Show rating summary on the top and the role (as giver or as taker)
  • - Users can see list of individual reviews and rating.
Other Features
  • - Push Notification
  • - Payment Gateway
  • - Support Page
  • - My Profile Page
  • - Friend List / Friend Adding Page
  • Different contracts with their life cycle would be challenges to implement on this project.
  • Dynamic functionality to manage contracts in the chat room.
  • Here we have integrated a milestone-wise payment scenario.
  • Map integration where they can get service area to services accordingly.
  • Roles-wise functionality like contract taker & contract creator.
Microsoft .Net
Microsoft Azure
React Native
Visual Studio
Android Studio
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