If you are a business owner, you must know how important is it to have an online presence in a sense to go big.

Having a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page of your business is helpful but to a limited extent, as that may or may not convert into the prospective clients.

However, having a business website will surely help the business get the related viewers and get them converted into the leads if your services match their needs.

According to a report by Sweor, 75% of the visitors, judge company’s credibility based on its website design and 46% of the visitors made their decisions on the reliability of sites based on its visual appearance and aesthetics.

By looking at the numbers, we can say that it is quite vital to have a business website. Looking at its importance, we can say that a website is an online face of your business.

It is quite essential to have the website developed and designed in a way that it is satisfying all the required features as well as representing the business’ personality to the viewers.

A website can open doors to many prospective sales if it is designed keeping in mind a good User Experience and User Interface for the visitors.

Hence, it is beneficial if you take the proper guidance and assistance from the web design and development company. This sentence might sting your pocket thinking of the development costs can charge your bank account will be charged but trust me, you can get many efficient web development and design services offered to you at the competitive prices.

You might be thinking how can it become an effective hire of professional web development services. Well, here I have come up with an article to help you burst this disturbing thought bubble. Scroll down to check out the useful tips to get the more out of the website development services.

#1. Check if the website development company can customize the services specific to your needs:

There are several agencies providing web development services in India & USA, but it is quite a task to identify if they can assist you as you desire.

It is essential to check if the website development company can customize services with their skills matching your requirements.

You know that you provide a unique service and your business website should represent the same too. So, it quite important if the company offers the custom web development services.

Custom website development and designing can help you get the business website with a long-lasting impression on viewers’ minds as well as with scalability, flexibility, and solidified branding.

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#2. Understand their Web Design and Development Process:

While dealing with Web Development Outsourcing Companies, it becomes vital to take the complete insights on their work process. It shows how proficiently they can develop your business website.

It lets you examine their experience and the strategies they can apply to provide you the professional web development services you desire and your business deserves.

It lets you set the expectations relating to the key milestones, the number of revisions at each phase, implications, and timelines.

#3. Do they have the required Marketing Experience?

Your website can be a powerful online sales representative for your business if it is designed and developed effectively.

While other platforms don’t give the surety of the leads becoming the prospects, your business website helps you set the strategies to get the maximum incoming to your business from the market.

This can be possible if your web development service provider is skilled and experienced in the digital marketing tactics.

Your website must get the professional web development services that assure to make your site market competitive and a sale pulley.

They must be expert with the marketing tactics including the content marketing, digital marketing, SEO, social media, blogging, lead generation, and the inbound marketing strategies.

Your website development outsourcing company must be capable, and sale minded enough to make your website a marketing capital of your business.

#4. Trained hands-on SEO:

Talking about the marketing, how can we forget about SEO.

Today, the websites have become the online offices that people visit before talking to any of your business personnel.

It brings you the moral responsibility to your business that you make your website capable enough to be reached out before any other competition.

While developing your website beautifully, your website development partner must be skillful enough to take into consideration that the website’s coding, title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags impact on the site SEO.

Fortunately, we have some of the helping tools available in the market to boost up our site’s SEO such as Google AnalyticsGoogle TrendsSerpCheckerWebMeUpBacklink Checker, and Spyfu and those are available with paid and free versions.

#5. Collect relevant references if possible:

It is essential to dive deep into the skillset your website development company possesses. One of the steps is confirming with the previous clients who got the services like yours, completed by the developer.

Conversing with the references, you come to know about the functional skills, strengths, weaknesses, attitude, work ethics, quality of work, responsiveness, integrity, and dependability.

#6. Are they doing it themselves or outsourcing your project?

As a business owner, you should always be curious to know and aware of who the developer of the website is.

While dealing with a web development company, you should not stop yourself asking whether they completely develop and design the website in-house or do they outsource the task to complete any aspect.

It can be the outsourcing of any sort, say for designing, a part of coding, content writing, or marketing.

A team well contained in all the aspects is a perfect one to develop a successful site.

When a single team performs all the tasks, the collaboration results in effective communication and remarkable product quality.

While outsourcing a task to another service provider may result in increasing project cost and consuming more time than the decided one.

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#7. Confirm if they can provide product warranty:

While getting the work completed by a different person, you need to be very cautious with all the aspects and need surety whether the website will function as expected or not.

Once the development is completed, it is on the developer’s part to provide you the guarantee of the well-functioning of the website, and if any issues occur after the site going live, it should be resolved by the same service provider.

It comes on the company’s reliability part when they ensure to resolve any issues for a specific time span without any additional charges.

Otherwise, it adds up to the ‘debits’ just fixing the site issues without getting any assets out it.

#8. Ask if they can provide their previous work results or case studies:

As discussed in the earlier point, it is quite essential to check the history of the company in order to understand their expertise.

It is fundamental for you to check how the team works and can it be relied on for the business challenges through their website design and custom coding.

When going through the case studies of the company’s previous work, you get a clear idea of their coding efficiency and technical skills.

You can get to an understanding whether they can help you design a result-originating website and are capable enough to tackle the problems.

#9. Do your vibes match?

To establish any relationship, it is quite essential that there should be similarities between the two that go along.

This philosophy is fundamental while entering into a business relationship.

To work together and to work efficiently, it is essential that the mind-sets should walk on the similar path to the goal.

While collaborating with an outsourcing company, you need to assure whether you two people think alike.

You can find whether the compatibility matches, by a thorough analysis of the company website.

Further, this can be established better when you two discuss and talk further.

Better compatibility can help you two to get along with the idea very efficiently.

#10. The size of the company:

It will help if you are aware of how much is the staff size of the company you are are going to deal with.

It matters in many aspects, such as understanding their areas of expertise, ability to handle the scope of work, and many more.

You need to confirm whether there is a single point of contact to take the complete responsibility of your project and accomplishment of all the tasks in it.

These aspects matter because when you deal with a large company, you can just get lost wandering in the communication loops they have corresponded to different departments.

Further, when you deal with small enterprise, the company sometimes is short of individual resources and may lack the efficiency to develop your project to that high peak.

Furthermore, a Website Development Outsourcing Company is efficient and contented with all the resources necessary to get the best website developed. They ideally possess all the required tools and technologies required to ensure the project is getting completed timely and the development is on track.

More important is the quality of the product provided than the quantity of the hands producing it.

☛ Some more useful bonus tips:

  • Check if the company is ready to sign the NDA. It is significant for the web development company to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as your project idea is not supposed to be spread out in the market before you make it execute.
  • Check if the company is transparent enough with regard to your project tasks. You need to keep complete track of the happenings on your project to know if everything is coming under the timeline. In order to maintain this, the web development company needs to be transparent with their work and should be keeping the client on the same page as they are with the project.
  • Check if they are responsive to your calls. An outsourced partner should be answering the calls whenever required to resolve any of the client queries. It shows how responsible they are when it comes to the project delivery.
  • Check out their consultation Skills. Many times, you have the requirement but not being savvy with the technology makes you one-handed in the way of the website development. The web development should help you choose the right one required for your project with their consultation skills.


Well, the gist of the article says that while looking out for an extra hand, you need to be focusing on the company’s work quality. It can be fine if you are in Singapore and you have to deal with a web development company in India or get the website development services from the USA; all that matters is the performance of the company in your business project.

While for web development in today’s times, experience is the key player; it is necessary that you be looking out for a team who is quite a lot experienced in the website development along with the awareness of the latest tools and technologies. Here, 21Twelve Interactive, one of the Top Web Development Companies in India provides professional web development in India and USA. We are well equipped with the latest tools and technologies accompanying our team of expert techies having trained hands with a collective of 20+ years of experience.

We strive hard to provide you with the best possible web development services along with the remarkable impact of your website on the net. We believe in having repeated customers and hence, we code out to develop a healthy relationship with every client we partner with.

So if you are looking out for a Web development company and still has not finished you search, consider having a conversation with our team. We have some of the coolest geeks working with us who are always approachable and very happy to chat with regarding the work and your likings.