Gone are the days and times when the pure quality of your product or service would regulate the success of your business.

These days, as we find ourselves amongst a digital revolution, an online presence is vital to link with customers and change prospects.

As per a Walker study, by the year 2020, User Experience and User Interface will overtake price and product as the major brand differentiator.

With most businesses moving to the online world to broaden their customer base and boost revenue, competition in this space is at its peak.

Add the diminishing consideration duration of customers to this equivalence, and the challenge of continuing engagement becomes fully deceptive.

To overcome these blockades, you have to develop an impactful UI design as well as you put up a question “what is UI design?” Then go to this link with User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design with the User Experience design, UI/UX designer skills that:

  • Increases organic search results
  • Enhances website traffic
  • Involves visitors better
  • Drives home your message faster
  • Augments conversion rates
  • Build a strong impression

However, the solutions may look the easiest but the secret behind effective communications depends on your ability to resolve technical problems professionally in the design.

Overcome UI and UX Design Challenges – the Easy Way

When each touch point becomes an experience, it is quite expected that the customer will return without any further inducement.

On the other hand, though the best UI/UX designs have inadequacies, you have to be on your toes to sort them out quickly.

Getting too heavy, too quickly:

☛ The Problem

Big fixed headers are being sold like hot cakes these days. Also, the reasons are very obvious — they offer a clear artistic appeal and allow faster navigation.

However, User Interface design company often pays attention with all their determination on the appearance and overlooks functional drawbacks such as poor readability and worse mobile experience.

☛ The Solution

Fortunately, there is a way to have the cake and eat it as well. Firstly, you can program the bar to end as you scroll down.

By doing this, you create a firm first impression without compromising on your essential message.

Also, you can create the bar to be translucent — allowing visitors to go through or read on while being puffed away by your inventive capabilities.

Hijacking the Experience:

☛ The Problem

Scroll hijacking looks to be another big trend amongst UX designers for User Interface design service. But what exactly is it?

Just put, scroll hijacking is a JavaScript-controlled tool that enables developers to work on how the scroll bar on a website functions.

While this task is for certain websites with graphic-loaded content, it is indispensable that you don’t adopt this function only on the basis of its rising popularity.

High bounce rates are a possible risk that websites face when they accept scroll hijacking.

This is mainly because users are generally not used to the changing scroll behavior and might easily find the experience unfamiliar and troublesome.

☛ The Solution

If you’re convinced about using the scroll hijacking function in your website, testing the example on a handful of users is a necessity.

This might assist in exposing several faults and problems, and give you a clear route on how to further develop the website.

One company that has fixed the use of scroll hijacking is Tumblr.com.

By splitting content into clearly separated sections, Tumblr exhibits one of the top UI/UX designs, augmenting the overall user experience with this Java-controlled tool.

Falling Short in a Sea of Space:

☛ The Problem

Carousels are one of the most frequently used themes all through the web. Even though they demand substantial real estate, carousels play a vital role in determining the great success of the website.

However, if not crafted prudently, these can prove to be a great warning to both visitors and your business.

Users can be left jumbled and you can be left unfulfilled —taking you next away from your business objectives.

☛ The Solution

To enhance user experience and drive satisfactory consumer behavior, carousels need to involve users. Which is why we fetch you a three-way divided approach to enhance the impact.

☛ Powerful content to drive home your central message

Banners offer a great opportunity for you to show your key message and persuade visitors to move one step closer to a preferred action.

Optimal number of banners for better engagement

It is vital to make sure you don’t have too many or too few banners in your carousel. Professionals generally recommend 3-5 banners to optimize user experience without dropping their attention.

☛ Bold arrows to show the way forward

Next feature that is often ignored is the navigation arrow. Add big and visible arrows those enable easy navigation to keep the users pleased — and likewise significantly — on your website!

☛ Focus On End Consumers

A problem statement must never be about monetization or the technology involved in building the product. Despite, it must focus on your end user.

The objective of defining a problem in design thinking is to solve a problem for people.

☛ Not Too Broad

An exact problem statement has intrinsic restrictions in it to create problems solving an easier task.

For example, “Improve the UI of the app,” is a broader statement. If you work with that problem statement to the solution phase, you are going to turn out in a long iterative loop that is going to charge a lot of time and money.

☛ Not Too Narrow, Either

If we were to review our original meaning to, “Employ adaptive font size to create the app more inclusive,” that would be an excessively narrow problem statement.

The problem with such an accurate problem statement is – you lose out on all the possible innovative solutions. In our case, while adaptive font size can absolutely make the UI better for older users, there can be other things that can increase the experience.

For example, a smaller number of choices on one screen can assist older users to navigate the app better.

To make sure a smooth customer engagement trip, you need to get rid of several web design challenges.

Having a website that completely influences the UI/UX design goes a long way in assisting resolve these problems without compromising on temporary results.

While nearly every UI design company emphasizes its efforts on visual impact, we now know well.


With these imperative tips in mind, get ready to refurbish your website and amplify the business results, sustainably and carefully with the top User Interface design service.