A recent report shows more than 6.8 Billion Smartphone users worldwide as of 2023. It translates to about 86.41% of the total population in the world owning smartphones. There is a massive advancement in technology, which leads to an improvement in digitization.

Demand for android app development also has increased exponentially. Many new features and functions have been introduced in the modern day. Foldable devices have been increasingly introduced with amazing style and flexibility.  

Foldable Smartphones Across The World:

According to Statista, 75.6 million foldable Smartphone displays will be shipped in 2025. The growth in foldable Smartphone shipments also increased to more than 52%. These also reach about 22.7 million units, according to the Q3 2022 report.

The trend of foldable phones also improved abundantly in the past decades. Many people are also fond of using these devices for their daily activities. The app development would improve its stability with Smartphone usage.

More features and functions are added to the maximum, and multitasking features are greatly increased. In addition, the introduction of the Galaxy Z Fold from Samsung has led to this emerging new Foldable device in the market.

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What Are Foldable Devices?

Normally, foldable phones are mobile devices with the screen folded in half while providing similar functions to other devices. These also have bigger displays giving more flexibility in accessibility. It also involves the hinge system allowing the complete folding design to function easily. 

Normally, two styles of foldable phones are available such as devices opening up like a book to reveal a large interior display. There are also foldable devices that mimic retro clamshell design, such as Motorola’s Razr series reboot and Galaxy Z Flip.

How Foldable Are Smartphones Creating An Impact On App Development?

In the modern day, the Foldable Smartphone has been widely considered an exciting option for people. However, these also require high-end technology for building the apps on various platforms. Therefore, a leading mobile app development company has been working on bringing a completely smooth UI for this Foldable Smartphone.

Foldable technology has quite a notable impact in the modern day, and many companies are also exploring new technology. Lots of new features and functions have been introduced based on these devices. Below are some common changes from foldable devices impacting the app development process.

1. Design:

Various designs and sizes of Smartphones have been introduced. Users can easily choose from the big screen to the compact form factor. You can also easily get everything in foldable devices. It also provides you with the double screen option making your accessibility easier.

2. Extra Screen Estate:

The main goal of introducing foldable devices is to provide better user accessibility. A large screen allows the user to get an immersive experience easily. Introducing the foldable technology with the two screens will be a suitable option for accessing quickly.

3. New Content Types:

The additional screen allows the creators to release unique forms of content easily. You can also easily take advantage of the added screen size. These also involve a better way to build apps for the Foldable Smartphone, giving better accessibility on various screens.

4. Range Of Features:

In the modern day, smartphones are introduced with limited screen sizes. Sometimes, it does not allow you to fit in the required features of the app. The Foldable Smartphone has a bigger screen size and allows android app development easier with compatibility to the extent. It is also quite convenient to create multi-screen applications for users.

What Are The Technicalities In Foldable Phone Mobile App Development?

Developing an app for a foldable Smartphone requires various factors to be considered for developing the app based on your niche.

1. App Screen Continuity:

The App Screen Continuity is the biggest factor you must consider during development. App effortlessly adjusts automatically in the foldable Smartphone. These can easily switch according to the size of the screen. 

You can hire android developer who is well-versed in designing and launching apps for Foldable Smartphones. It is also important to deal with the app’s transition on the device when folding them.

2. Screen Form Factor In Foldable Smartphone:

Developing mobile apps for a foldable Smartphone is not an easier task. First, it is important to consider the main screens, such as Folded and Unfolded modes.

Folded display in the screen is involved as the primary display. Unfolded display screen in screen involves a regular display. User experience changes with the different states of the screen. These also involve screen size changing individually. Streaming apps such as videos, games, and others require individuals to use them in the unfolded state.

3. Multi-Window Feature:

Foldable Smartphone technology especially involves opening multiple windows on the screen. It is quite easier with these technologies. Operating a window was on the cards, and the other windows could be easily paused. It is also important to know the app development cost and the budget before the development phase.

The Foldable Smartphone app development costs vary as it requires more features. In addition, developers must consider the latest android versions for the android app development for foldable smartphones.

4. Screen Ratio:

The Screen Ratio is one of the important factors to consider for building foldable smartphone apps. The main reason is that Mobile devices with updated Android support a wide range of screen ratios. It is quite a convenient option to hire an android developer to test the app’s on-screen ratios. These especially range from 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:3, 16:10, 16:9, 21:1, 21:9, and more.

What Are The Stages Of Foldable Phone App Development?

Normally, building the app for the foldable Smartphone is quite a time-consuming process. Android developers will not skip any stage in the development process. Below are some of the best stages involved in the android app development.

1. Market Research And Competitor Analysis:

For making effective Apps for Foldable smartphones, it is important to conduct appropriate market research. These will be the suitable option for digging for any answers to questions. These include the target market, purpose of the app, USP, potential competitors and more.

2. Ideation:

Creativity is quite important in sorting out the answer to all the questions regarding app development. You would be getting a clear picture of the concepts of app development. You can also hire android developers to get more knowledge about developing apps based on your niche.

These are helpful for you to figure out whether the user can engage apps with the appropriate features. It is quite a convenient option for integrating the features with a seamless user experience.

3. App Monetization Module:

The App Monetization Module is one of the important stages you need to concentrate on. Developing the app for foldable smartphones requires appropriate revenue with a monetization module. Mobile apps especially spin revenue across the different options. 

Normally, these involve the following:

  • In-App Purchases
  • Advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • Partnerships

1. UI/UX Designing:

Normally, Mobile app developers need to be extra cautious while designing complete UI and UX for foldable Smartphone apps. However, it is quite an effective option for scaling features in developing apps. This help keep the app from any pitfalls. Developers need to maximize the use of enlarged screen space.

2. App Marketing:

Marketing is an important strategy for promoting the apps. It would be best if you did not ignore this stage, as it needs to get appropriate recognition from people worldwide. The promotion of the app must not be ignored. Launching strategy is quite important as that of the development phase. These are quite paramount for promoting the app during the launch.


New-gen foldable smartphones especially made a strong impact on mobile users. These have already fetched appreciation for the operating system, rear cameras, battery life and more. Developing the app for foldable phones is promoted through different channels. These include content marketing, paid marketing, as well as other methods. The right marketing strategy brings more recognition to the app.


Testing the functionality of individual Apps for Foldable smartphones eliminates the risks. These also ensure the success of your APIs. The methods to test your app for a foldable Smartphone are documentation testing, usability testing, functional testing, UI (User Interface) testing, performance testing, recovery testing, and security testing.

The App development process for foldable phones includes creating installable applications. The impacts of foldable phones on the app development process are multi-window applications, incorporate streaming videos, showcases on larger apps, allowing reading and replying to emails, and definite game-changer.

Yes, Foldable Smartphones are enabled with quick accessibility with massive features. Developing an app is no longer sufficient, and you can easily improve features. It is easier to develop and launch a market strategy for the Apps for Foldable Smartphones.