WordPress is up a free plugin – WooCommerce – which is truly valuable for eCommerce businesses. WooCommerce development was initialized in 2011 and is now utilized by millions of e-commerce websites all over the world.

It is a very easy toolkit that allows you to sell everything you want online. WordPress drives more than 60% of content websites on the internet!

Recently, Automattic (the company who made WordPress) established the team behind WooCommerce Development.

Which means WooCommerce obtains the direct consideration from the WordPress team itself thus it makes sure you achieve the topnotch e-commerce platform to operate your store.

If you are considering building your online store, you must offer WooCommerce development a chance. It does not take enough time to install and performs work great.

Before we start discussing the numerous benefits that WooCommerce offers, it is worth knowing that WooCommerce at present controls 29% of the e-commerce websites all over the world. In the US alone, WooCommerce versions for 29% of the e-commerce sites. In Canada, WooCommerce’s market share ascends to 37%. Moreover, in India – 41% of the e-commerce websites are driven by WooCommerce!

Understanding WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress, e-commerce plugin that lets you control your online store. This means it is a database that manages with the WordPress application.

This open-source platform offers its customers with a feature which is easy to use, making it perfect for recently-established e-commerce firms.

If you are presently making use of WordPress, moving to WooCommerce will be a breeze.

As this is a WordPress plug-in, it’ll offer a similar setting and user interface, so you won’t need to learn an entire latest platform to open your new shop.

This WordPress plug-in WooCommerce was formed in 2011 and has found incredible recognition among a vast number of online organizations. Presently, there are above 350 funders to the WooCommerce code base.

These developers are a significant part of the Automattic group, as well as sovereign programmers in the greater WordPress group.

Various WordPress organizations and developers are working together with the Woo team to create plugin extensions, and store website templates for storefront performance works storefront installation and setup for clients, as well as offer custom-built code and theme tugs.

WooCommerce is well-thought-out one of the most common plugins an eCommerce website development company can use for WordPress websites.

With the advancement of time, WooCommerce development is becoming ever more distinguished among online merchants.

WooCommerce is an open source plugin which is mainly anticipated to reassure small companies looking to vend their products online.

With the support of the WooCommerce plugin at WooCommerce Website Design Company, you can convert a unique WordPress site into an astounding online store with abundant shopping climaxes.

Some extra extensions from the WordPress community provide you complete flexibility and adaptability to take your eCommerce website to a deep-seated innovative level.

Here, I bring 11 most impressive benefits of WooCommerce development:

1. Free of cost

One of the significant benefits of having a WooCommerce website design is that WooCommerce comes for free.

This toolkit will make retailing products online easy, and it will not charge you a thing. It is available to download for free and in a simple manner on your computer in a few minutes.

WooCommerce development can be done with a minimal investment if you are initiating an online store. Running a business can be expensive, so it is at all times good when something is free of cost.

It is just Web Hosting that you to pay for, which is also available at low costs from some very trusted companies.

2. Familiar

WordPress supports billions of websites these days, and you have perhaps had experience with it before.

As WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, it is a bit friendly for those who are familiar with WordPress.

It has got the old WordPress design in the settings page and utilizes tabs all over the very top.

This type of knowledge means that you will save enough time and misperception when building your online store.

If you have utilized a more complex system, you are bound to get irritated and hand over quickly.

3. Professional Looks

WooCommerce comes free to install, but that does not mean it does not seem professional.

The platform comprises comprehensive order tracking and customer engagement tools, which enable your consumers to delve into their past orders and get proper updates of their delivery statuses.

It also comes with various shipping options and tax settings.

When consumers see how structured your online store is and how easy it is to meet the expense of the products, they will be delighted with the kind of User-Experience they are getting.

4. It’s Very Secure

The best thing about WooCommerce and its POS is that it is often updated. Thus, you do not need to concern about any security issues.

From the time when it is updated frequently, it will always be well-matched with latest versions of WordPress and will not experience ample of bugs.

Automattic (makers of WooCommerce) functions with leading professionals in the web security industry to continually track codebase for susceptibilities, and drives updates and bug resolves quicker than ever.

With an excellent one-click update system, finding bug fixes and security updates on the WooCommerce platform is the fastest and an effortless way.

Likewise, being open-source, WooCommerce development gets the benefits from the worldwide WooCommerce experts regarding the latest features, faster developments, and a massive community.

5. Analytics Made Easy

If you would like to keep the path of your e-commerce website, it is vital to have an analytics tool.

However, analytics can prove to be quite complicated for the beginners in the eCommerce as they don’t know about the method behind.

WooCommerce development portrays analytics as an easy task as one of its inbuilt features supports it.

Things as sales by date, separate consumer figures and overall sales and average order sums are shown in immaculate tiny pie graphs.

You will be able to check how your e-commerce site is working day to day without putting any further exertion into it.

Also, nowadays you can adapt updated analytics solutions such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics Heatmaps, Sumome Content Analytics quite easily with WooCommerce.

An eCommerce development company can help you with the analytics in a most comfortable way to understand as they deal with it on a regular basis and know how and which part of it can be beneficial for your business to follow.

6. Offers A Great Flexibility

Another fantastic thing about WooCommerce is that it provides excellent flexibility. For example, products can be considered and provided sale prices at any time of the day.

WooCommerce stores can retail practical, physical and even downloadable products.

Also, WooCommerce POS solutions offer the most excellent ability to receive several types of payments, which makes buying items more flexible for your consumers.

If you want, you can move the elements across the page which you cannot do in different hosted stores like Shopify or Squarespace.

Not only this, you can make use of custom-made templates and designs for specific product pages and diverse categories using WooCommerce.

We hear many top eCommerce development companies using WooCommerce most of the time because of the flexibility it offers to the developers.

7. It Has Many Customization Options

One of the top features of WooCommerce is all the customization alternatives.

This means that your online store does not have to look as if everyone else’s.

Currently, WooCommerce offers a collection of 39 themes to choose the one that you like for your store.

Once you have selected the theme you wish for, you can initiate investigating with the colors and styles.

If you get exhausted from a specific WooCommerce theme, you can always transform it.

If that is not satisfying enough, you can call out a WooCommerce customization service to customize a theme for your business as per your wish and requirement.

8. Helpful in Content Marketing

It is the buzz term of online marketing right away. With the best content, you can focus on low hanging long-tail keywords, thus making your website rank advanced on Google Search engine results pages.

You can also instruct your target consumers about your niche and assist in resolving their problems using the compelling content.

When it comes to providing content to your potential consumers, WordPress is undoubtedly a leader. Integration of WordPress and WooCommerce gives you with the top of both worlds.

Moreover, a WooCommerce agency is all aware of how to get the most of the benefits out of the available platforms and help with the WooCommerce development suitable as per your business type.

9. Opportunity and Support for development

WooCommerce development assures you numerous opportunities for development and growth.

You can adapt the templates in many ways with which the plugin approaches to consist of innovative extensions.

WooCommerce has a considerable number of APIs available that users and developers can use to create extensions to expand size and abilities.

WordPress has a huge unit, which is also liked by the WooCommerce plugin.

A vast group supports particularly for open source software such as WooCommerce make sure that bugs and other glitches are quickly cleared out.

The WordPress unit has lots of users and millions of active members on hand to provide you with guidance.

Likewise, WordPress has excellent customer support, and they are always prepared to offer practical support whenever you come across any difficulties.

Same way, if you are puzzled up looking for the WooCommerce development services, you can get the support if you hire a WooCommerce developer from the team itself.

10. SEO

As you understand, WooCommerce development comes up with many generous benefits.

One such benefit comes around SEO. As WooCommerce development comes up with clean code, it helps the businesses enhance SEO rankings.

WooCommerce has got many features that need just a single click to activate, and they boost your SEO high and high.

One is Enhanced eCommerce tracking; it helps you understand the shopping and check-out behavior of the customer and enhance the Product lists and Sales performance of the store.

You can find how Organic traffic comes in the business and enhance your store to bringing it in.

You can also use Yoast SEO choosing the focused keywords on every page of your web store.

Some of the WooCommerce websites in India and many other nations set a perfect example for this.

 11. Fastest Growing eCommerce Platform

In the past 3 to 4 years WooCommerce development brought a technique that no one might ever envisage.

Even though Magento is on first in this eCommerce platform competition, but the way WooCommerce is growing, shortly this might be at the top of eCommerce platform list.

According to WordPress.org, there are presently 1 million+ active installations of WooCommerce, which means WooCommerce development now enables more than 30% of all online stores and these figures are growing every day.

☛ Should You Adopt WooCommerce Development for Your Online Store?

WooCommerce is more likely to attract you if you feel that any of the features mentioned above and benefits will suit your online store.

There is no trouble in this platform if you want to set up your business online or wish to take your online store to a new level; this is the correct eCommerce platform for you.

If you find it challenging to begin, then you can get in touch with professional WooCommerce developers.


Now it is better to hire the best eCommerce development company that is well-experienced in building WordPress and WooCommerce websites that get remarked by customers and search engines.

They can renovate your old Magento site into an accessible WooCommerce website that is both easy for you to update and cost-effective for your business.

If you are thinking about building your online store, you might contemplate providing WooCommerce a chance. Knowing how to use this plug-in is easy and confirmed to take online businesses to the next level.

If embark that proves to be a formidable task, you can get in touch with WooCommerce developers that will help the work done successfully for you.

As a state-of-the-art web design company, they work with many web revolution techniques to assist the customers in attaining best online turnover results. They know the excellent points of the most used web tech and e-commerce trends.