Do you know how the Magento Commerce Cloud hosting platform will benefit your Magento Website?

Upon deciding a good design for the website and getting a domain name for the same, the next step is to get the hosting of the domain done to start with the website soon.

Today, different business owners choose different options for such hosting solutions, among which one of the most convenient and most highly in-demand hosting options is through the cloud-based hosting services and hiring options such as a Magento Development Company can be a great step towards the success of the business for sure.

Cloud-based hosting service is considered today to be one of the most reliable options due to its cost-effectiveness and low maintenance.

If you are looking forward to making use of such a cloud-based hosting option, one of the most efficient and talked over options is Magento Commerce Cloud.

Magento introduced its own cloud solutions in the year 2016 and since then it has been a great hit due to the various benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud.

On the basis of the success story gained by the service provider, it has come up with the latest updated versions too in order to offer the best options to the clients and users.

☛ The Five Layered Magento:

Magento Cloud has been getting successful by each passing time due to its amazing features and performance. But what makes up the base of the cloud service absolutely a concrete one is the layer of five functions. What are these functional layers on which the Magento Commerce Cloud works?

Here are the layers to be named:

  • Content Delivery Network, Web Application Firewall, and IO,
  • Performance tools such as Blackfire,
  • Magento Commerce options for BI and B2B,
  • Service Platform such as Git,
  • Cloud Infrastructure powered by Amazon Web Services.

Features of Magento Cloud Commerce Cloud:

Today, what everyone wishes to have is a convenient service that can be used in a faster way and without much of tangles. Magento Commerce Cloud offers such features that the clients and users do not have to compromise with the convenience part.

Magento Cloud is known for its nature of rapid development, continuous deployment, customizable option, scalable nature, and enhanced security.

Here are some of the latest eminent features that Magento Cloud Commerce Cloud has to offer for its users.

☛ Ece-Tool Package

The latest version of the cloud service has got an Ece-tool package. This tool or feature claims to offer even more scalable and mature tools for the clients. This will help Magento in notifying about upgrades even better and with proper quality. Users upgrading their cloud service to the latest version can enjoy a lot than before.

☛ Seamless Work Flow

Initially, the cloud service was not that smooth as the developers used three different gits. But with the latest version, the functions are introduced through Magento Cloud CLI. This has enabled the self-managing service in case of staging or production, phase support, cache warning, deploying PHY version and many others.

☛ Increased Speed

The latest update has also offered increased speed and has offered the clients the option to increase the speed. This can be done by disabling static content deployment.

☛ Simplified Process

Adding projects was a bit of a tiring job a few times back. With the upgraded version today, the cloud service will store the configuration for the deploy process. This will enable the developers to configure any deployment process phases.

☛ A Boost in the Performance

Magento Commerce Cloud already works on Amazon Web that is a strong platform. But with the upgraded version, the users will be able to operate on one single node Magento Cloud global master itself. This feature has no doubt offers a boost in the performance of the cloud service.

☛ Easing Cloud Deployments

Initially, days of Magento Cloud were slightly tough especially when the developers had to identify local development on their own. But now the template of Magento cloud has become mug lighter in weight and also much cleaner than before.

Are you just amazed by having a glance at the features of Magento Commerce Cloud? Well, there is, even more, to know about the benefits that it offers to the clients.

Benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud:

Magento cloud service has been offering a wide range of benefits for its customers and clients that have made it a possible option for many as of now.

There are so many benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud that can be actually talked about.

☛ Better Performance

Magento cloud is already known for its great performance due to the fact that it works on Amazon Web Services. Now, the latest upgrade has made it better because the server has got shifted from the C3 family to the M4 family. This has boosted up the performance and has offered a much better Magento Cloud architecture to the users.

☛ Better Production Deployment Speed

The maintenance time of the website depends a lot on the contents of the site such as the images, the javascript, and others. Magento has done two major changes in its service to enhance the production deployment speed. The idea to configure technologies was the best that worked in bettering the deployment speed. Also, the contents are set to be run on the request of the page.

☛ Increased Storage

The change from the C3 servers to M4 servers not only offers better performance but also an increase in the memory storage of the cloud service. It can be also said that the idea of increasing the memory space has a direct impact on improving performance than before.

☛ Enhanced Security

Magento has implemented a Web Application Firewall that is an added protection for the cloud. This will protect the website from various risks. This particular feature is a premium one for cloud hosting services. But Magento offers it for the users absolutely free of cost.

☛ Improvement in Page Speed

Magento has included Fastly that is amazing in optimizing images. Clients who have an online store will rely a lot on images that are displayed on the website to attract viewers and consumers. Fastly is known to optimize such images so that the page speed can be improved.

Hiring a Developer can make things so easier. How?

  • Magento developer can do wonders by designing the e-commerce launch store to launch it live in the markets for a better public response.
  • Magento developers guide will surely assist your website designing keeping it in knowledge to reach to selective audiences as per the business needs.
  • Hire Magento developer to make things go easier.

For any further problem, one may refer to the Magento guide, they are easily available to sort out all pricking problems and work smoothly.

☛ Magento Cloud Pricing:

Magento is a well-known software written in PHP for an e-commerce platform. It’s a worldwide popular software that offers a wide range of features and the Magento commerce cloud pricing goes to 25,000,00$.

With this software, it enables and provides an advanced set of functionality that fits better merchants with bigger turnovers. the best of it is, it offers monthly payment so that one may distribute the annual cost of it by the course of the year.

The Magento enterprise cloud is a well-maintained and automated platform that hosts the Magento commerce software. The Magento 2 enterprise license might cost you $22,000.00 and more per annum.

Although Magento has both free and paid versions available for you. Before you jump into any false expectations, one must know until the roots that the enterprise edition needs to be paid while the community edition is all free.

The Magento enterprise edition is the paid version of Magento. It is generally used by the online stores who need customization and advanced features for a bigger aspect. The pricing includes features updates, advanced security updates, special features, and exclusive product amplification.

Whereas, the Magento community edition is the best platform for small business investments. If you are planning to learn more and experiment with how an online store is built, Magento does all for you.

Magento boasts up active developers and merchants worldwide.

☛ All about Commerce Cloud:

Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading, B2C and B2B commerce solution stop.

Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based, multi-tenant commerce platform that adds power to brands to excel in intelligence and enhance buying experience across all channels in fields like a social, website and other stores.

A commerce cloud helps a developer to reach the customers in every aspect, grow his business faster. Working with commerce cloud should not get boring, presenting another add-on that is the cloud’s theme.

Customize the themes for better working experience in the cloud. There is a set of styling configurations grouped.

With Magento cloud benefits there comes Magento cloud requirements.

If the cloud application doesn’t match their requirements then you may not get the full benefit. The following points will enlighten you to detect between real and fake cloud applications.

So, watch out:

  • Providing the true multi-tenancy – multi-tenancy has the power to eliminate the problems created by the other traditional software licensing and upgrading its model. Therefore it is very important to know whether the provider uses a multi-tenant architecture or not.
  • Updates managed by the vendor, delivery regularity – to enjoy the full benefit of SaaS, the provider must take care of the fact that he should manage all updates at zero additional charges. Also, confirm that customers can update the latest features in the newsfeeds on their timelines.
  • Business-driven configurability – it must include a catalog of choices in the business process that must be designed to meet the needs of a developer or any organization.
  • A premium class data center and security- this requirement must not be overlooked as a cloud provider should be able to offer high security and data privacy at zero additional cost. It must encompass full back up with disaster recovery.
  • Power to the developer – while data is located off-premises, the cloud applicant must be accessible to their data.


eCommerce is the activity of buying things online or through internet visa versa it includes selling products online or over the internet. Financial transactions are also considered as e-commerce.

There is a lot of many eCommerce development companies in the market. They develop a strategy to run the business by the means of the internet that involves the transfer of information and the transaction of money.

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