Do you love to wear Smartwatch? Find out which App is the Best Android Wear Apps!

Smartwatches are becoming a rage among youngsters. As they have evolved with time, the wearables do a lot more than just displaying notifications.

Smartwatches come with some of the apps in-built. But the third party Wear OS app is actually responsible for the increasing popularity of smartwatches. Now, as these devices do much more like tracking your fitness and helping you stay organized, it’s time you know some apps to make the most of your smartwatches.

Here we have compiled a list of best Android wear apps that are a must-have for your watch in 2020. If you hire an Android app developer, you can get your own app developed too!

15 Best Android Wear OS Apps for your Smartwatch in 2020:

Here goes the list of top Android wear apps!

1. Calm

The secret to a creative mind is sound sleep and meditation. The purpose of the calm app is to make everyone feel refreshed.

This smartwatch app provides meditation lessons to the users for a daily meditation routine. The Calm app is similar to the “breathe” app for Apple Watch users.

Calm is one of the best Android Wear apps 2020 if you have trouble sleeping or staying calm.

Interesting Features:

  • Users can experience a sense of meditation with the help of relevant sound & pictures
  • Best to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Helps to get sound sleep
  • Sleep stories & relaxing music gallery
  • Breathing exercises are incorporated
  • Track your daily progress
  • Ads-free meditation

2. Parking

Sometimes the simplest apps can be most helpful. Parking is an Android wear app that allows you to record where you parked the car.

Now, you won’t have to spend a huge chunk of time outside stores with huge parking spaces. All you have to do is start the app and press the “car” button to record the location of your vehicle.

The app will then show you a Google-maps style pinpoint of where your car is.

Controls in the app will enable you to zoom in and out of the map view and you can flick around the location using the touchscreen. If you like to keep things simple then Parking is one of the best Android Wear apps.

Interesting Features:

  • Quick & automatic determination of when and where you parked your vehicle
  • Options to help you remember the parking location
  • Single-click parking reminder with map integration
  • Parking history
  • User-defined parking zones
  • Automated parking detection with the help of car’s Bluetooth
  • Multiple navigations for car parking

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the trending Android Wear apps due to its popularity among Android users. It is the best note-taking app for Android wear that people prefer to use on their smartwatches. Another advantage of this version of the wear app is that you can access your notes from other devices also.

Interesting Features:

  • Access notes anywhere anytime
  • Easy to create, use and access notes and reminders in easy to read format
  • Convenient connection with Android & iOS
  • Adds a collaborator to your notes/lists to get things done
  • Add photos/drawings
  • Amazing dictation feature
  • Search option
  • An added advantage of colored notes
  • Voice commands with “OK Google” feature

4. Accuweather

Accuweather is already a popular app. There are high chances you would have come across it at least once.

The smartwatch app download comes in two halves. There is an analog-style watch face with three customizable slots. The second is the proper app.

In the app, you just need to mention the location for which you want the weather data. You can see hourly weather updates of your preferred location.

Accuweather is one of the go-to apps for smartwatches. It is a handy way to know the weather status without asking the Google assistant. Thus, Accuweather found a place in the list of best apps for Android wear.

Interesting Features:

  • Accurate weather forecasts in a minimalist manner
  • Option to launch a companion to your Android smartphone for more detailed forecast
  • Access to severe weather alerts/warnings
  • Provides today’s detailed temperature information
  • “RealFeel Temperature” feature
  • Authentic weather forecasts on the go
  • Live weather updates every minute
  • Weather alerts for 15 days in advance

5. Bring

On average how many times do you take out your phone to check the grocery shopping list? It can be inconvenient especially when you already have your hands full.

Bring just solved that problem for you. This smartwatch app is the best and creative way to make a shopping list.

You can prepare the list of items to be purchased right from your smartwatch! Just for its convenience factor, we had to include Bring in the list of best Android wear apps.

Interesting Features:

  • Create a shopping list right from your wearables
  • Allows the collection of loyalty card details
  • Option to share the shopping list with friends and family
  • Easy to understand icons
  • Add items in the list using the voice transcription functionality

6. Citymapper

The app has been around since 2015 on wearables. There are no major changes since then but it has become a necessity especially for the people who use the phone app.

For all of you who are new to the app, it is a journey planning app between major places in the city. You can find the best routes for your destination by foot, car, taxi or public transport.

The Wear OS version is useful as it provides you a minute-by-minute update on when is your vehicle arriving. Although it is not a standalone app, it is definitely one of the must-have smartwatch apps.

Interesting Features:

  • Detailed information about the arrival/departure of public transit options
  • Create routes for mixed transportation types
  • Renders Uber details to save time & money
  • Check nearby departures in real-time
  • Stey by step direction to your route

7. Sleep as Android

It is definitely one of the best Android wear apps as it has a lot of sleeping functions to offer to its users.

Just like the original app, it uses your phone to track your noise and movement. This Samsung wearable app will allow you to track your sleep patterns without keeping your smartphone on the bed.

Interesting Features

  • Lucid dreaming mode feature
  • Helps you realize you’re asleep without waking you up completely
  • Track disturbances and minor movements in your sleep
  • Precise sleep cycle tracker along with smart wake up sensors
  • Flawless working on Pebble, different Wear OS, Galaxy Gear, Garmin and Mi Band
  • Sleep score as per sleep quality
  • Snoring detection and sleep talk recording
  • Prevention from Jet lag zone

8. If by IFTTT

Developers won’t always know what you need in your apps. They won’t know the individual preferences of the users. You can create your own with IF by IFTTT.

This “If This Then That” programming lingo will allow you to connect two unrelated apps for creating an action. You can use Facebook for Android wear with the help of IF by IFTTT.

Therefore, this definitely has to go in the list of best galaxy watch apps.

9. Spotify

Spotify is already a user favorite across the world. After all who doesn’t enjoy listening to uninterrupted music.

Now, you can have a similar experience without having to hold the phone in your hands. Listen to your favorite tracks on this Galaxy wearable app and also control all its activities from your wrist.

You can change the songs, skim through the libraries and control the volume with this one of the best Android wear apps.

Interesting Features:

  • Spotify for Android wearable allows you to search your favorite albums, songs, and artists
  • Enjoy a world of new music, videos and podcasts right from your smartwatch
  • Create a playlist of your choice
  • Share music with friends
  • Tracks for all moods and activities
  • Ads-free listening and downloading experience
  • Shuffle mode

10. Duolingo

Duolingo is the best thing right now in the industry of language learning. It is a very convenient app with its mini-lessons and flashcards to teach a language.

You might be thinking that holding your wrist for learning language tricks may be tiresome. But before you know it you will be finished with your lesson.

There is no doubt Duolingo is among the best smartwatch apps.

Interesting Features:

  • Learn multiple languages
  • Fun learning with listening, speaking, reading and writing features
  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary
  • Know your progress by putting questions related to your previous lesson
  • Start with basic verbs, phrases, and sentences and improve it by knowing what new words can be included

11. Google Pay

Everyone has heard of Google Pay unless you are a cave person. We believe Google Pay is of the most useful Android watch applications.

All you need to do is put your watch to the terminal and pay for whatever you need to. If your Fossil Android wear watch has NFC, you can quickly and easily set up and start using Google Pay.

Interesting Features:

  • Send/receive money via Audio
  • Pay utility bills
  • Rewards
  • Encryption and multiple layers of security
  • No additional cost

12. Facer Watch Faces

If you don’t like the Android wear watch faces that come by default in your Wear OS then this app is for you.

The app comes with more than 15,000 options. You can choose from original designs, movies and TV shows inspired faces and a lot more.

You might be wondering what makes it the best Android wear watch faces app? Well, the fact that you can design your own watch face and even share it makes it the best free Android wear watch faces app.

Interesting Features:

  • 100,000 watch faces
  • Top brands faces
  • Original designs
  • Make your own watch face
  • Huge custom font collections
  • Multiple Time and Date layouts
  • Interactive & animated design capabilities

13. Uber

We all know how the Uber app works. Booking a cab just became more convenient with Uber for Wear OS.

It is a stand-alone app that allows you to book a ride, check driver’s progress in real-time and get ETA of your journey from your smartwatch. All of these activities can be done with your smartwatch now.

So, without a doubt, Uber is one of the best Android wear apps.

Interesting Features:

  • Real-time tracking of driver
  • Allow others to follow your ride in real-time
  • Multiple payment options
  • Preferred driver
  • Split the fare
  • Add multiple drop-off points
  • Sync meetings using Calendar shortcuts

14. Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder

People with a strict pill schedule would definitely need a reminder now and then to take their medicines. Medisafe is a savior for such people.

Yes, we agree that initially, the app will require some effort from your end. For instance, you will have to input the details of every medicine that you are supposed to take.

But we promise all of it will be worth it when you will get a reminder of the precise medicine dosage that you need to take. Hence. Medisafe is among the best Android wear apps.

Interesting Features:

  • User-friendly medication reminder
  • Track other health measurements like blood pressure and weight
  • Choose your medication reminder sound
  • Refill reminders to restock your medicines
  • Medication discount card and coupons

15. Stocard

You can digitize your loyalty cards with this Wear OS app. Moreover, you can access all of these cards from a single application.

Just let the cashier scan your watch to collect the rewards from your card or access your gym. Due to the easy accessibility feature, Stocard is one of the best Android wear apps.

Interesting Features:

  • Digitize your loyalty cards
  • Collect rewards point in Stocard
  • Discover exclusive offers
  • Add any of your cards in Stocard with a QR code to Wallet


That is all for today on the best Android wear apps. We have tried to include only the most relevant apps on the list. As always the list is not exclusive and you can always find a lot of other useful apps in the market. See this interesting guide for skeleton watches as well if you’re looking for smartwatch wear apps.

Well, on the contrary, if you are looking for an Android app development company to develop a similar application then this is the optimum time. It is still a booming market so you can always take advantage of the rising interest of people in Wear OS.

Are you still unclear on the whole Wear OS concept? Or you already have a brilliant idea but are not sure whether it can be implemented? Talk to us about your requirements on [email protected]!

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