Smartphones have attracted a lot of spammers. There are so many times when you are disturbed with unwanted calls. You always wish there should be accurate ways to know whether a call is worth your attention or not. If you don’t know how to block unwanted calls then call blocker apps will serve the purpose for you.

Although there are a lot of call blocker apps in the market, you can always hire an iPhone app developer or Android developer to create a one of a kind application. We are pretty sure the right marketing techniques can give your call blocker app the desired level of success.

Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Smartphones in 2020:

The list of top call blocker apps is as discussed below!

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is a popular choice among all the call blocker apps. It is used by millions of users across the world as it not only blocks the calls for you but also provides important information about them.

This call block app will show details such as names, residential location and professional community of the caller. The app works perfectly well in displaying details about the caller. Therefore, Truecaller is undoubtedly the best call blocker for Android 2020.

Feature List:

  • Free chat option to connect with your contacts
  • Automatically identifies every unknown SMS
  • Block by specific name & number series
  • Record important phone calls with the call recording feature
  • Flash messaging to share location & status update

Download for Android & iOS

2. Sync.ME

It can definitely be called the best call blocker for Android and iOS. You can update your contact photos, identify unknown calls and block spammers from across the world.

The Sync.ME widget allows you to quickly identify numbers without even opening the app. Sync.ME is also among the top free call blocker apps for Android & iOS.

Feature List:

  • Full report with complete contact ID on their contact list with names, numbers and social media profiles.
  • Caller ID to help identify unknown callers and block unwanted calls
  • Block spammers feature to create your own block list

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3. Call Control

Call Control is one of the great call blocker apps for people who get a lot of spam calls in a day. The app will show the caller’s identity details along with the option to block him/her.

It is an iOS and Android call blocker app that will also allow blocking SMS from a number. Apart from all this the app collects reports from users about spam numbers and warns them about it.

Feature List:

  • Backup for your contacts
  • Features for advanced phone calls & SMS text blockers
  • The option of community blacklist
  • Find information about last received calls without answering them
  • Option to schedule the DND mode

Download for Android & iOS

4. Hiya

Hiya app is free from any sorts of advertisements. Various other features of this best call blocker app include reverse phone number lookup, Caller ID security protection and more.

Hiya is one of those call blocker apps that will carry out a reverse phone search on an unknown number to know whether the caller is legitimate or not.

Feature List:

  • Blocklist spam and robocalls
  • Automated alerts to warn you about spam calls
  • Identify unknown callers in real-time
  • Identify unknown SMSs

Download for Android & iOS

5. YouMail

It is a robocall blocking call application that automatically stops spammers and telemarketers with the “out of service” message. You can block calls with ease.

YouMail also allows you to set custom greeting messages for different callers. YouMail is among the best call blocker apps for iPhone and Android as it will instantly respond to your contacts with an automated SMS asking for their updated contact information.

Feature List:

  • Automatically stop robocalls and telemarketers by playing a “Number Out of Service” greeting
  • Better visual voicemail service
  • Custom greetings for special callers
  • Free and seamless conference calls

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6. Mr.Number

Mr.Number is the smartest of all call blocker apps listed here. The app is free initially but if you look up for more than 20 numbers then it is chargeable.

It will automatically block spam calls without blacklisting them. Mr.Number will also scan your call logs to identify and block up to 20 spam calls. Thus, it is one of the smartest apps for blocking phone numbers.

Feature List:

  • Block calls from a person, area code or even a country
  • Intercepts call from private/unknown numbers and send them to voicemail
  • Reports spam calls to warn other users too
  • Automatic caller lookup for recent calls history

Download for Android & iOS

7. Call Blocker

Call Blocker is the best free call blocker app for Android without any ads. You will have access to all features of the application without paying any subscription fees. Just download it and get started.

It has all the basic functionalities of blocking calls and messages. While blocking a call you have the option to choose from silencing it, hanging up or airplane mode. Hence, Call Blocker is one of the top call blocker apps.

Feature List:

  • Block calls with a single click
  • Directly whitelist or blacklist the callers
  • User-friendly
  • Quick access to app settings

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8. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer? is the best caller ID app that works like Truecaller and Hiya. It will block calls along with categorizing them into groups for better filtering.

The database of this application is growing daily by approximately 30,000 new reviews. This app can rightly be considered one of the unique iOS and Android call blocker.

Feature List:

  • Organizing blocked calls
  • 30,000 new reviews every day
  • Extremely User-friendly

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9. Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is not only for blocking calls but also includes some handy features. You can apply a schedule on your calls blocklist on the basis of numbers.

For instance, you can allow a number to ring only during some hours of the day. You can also filter numbers by the prefix.

The Calls Blacklist app has a single touch toggle button to activate/deactivate call blocking. Due to these unique features, the app has found a place among the top call blocker apps for Android.

Feature List:

  • Schedule block timings
  • Easy to enable/disable blocking
  • Block private/unknown numbers

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10. CallApp

CallApp’s primary function is as a lookup app that will provide you information about any caller. You can then decide whether to answer the call or not.

CallApp contains a crawler that will collect and analyze data from other users to provide you with some information when there is an incoming call.

Feature List:

  • Caller ID of past spam calls
  • Automated recording of phone calls
  • Features like call reminders
  • In-built store for upgrades

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11. Norton Mobile Security

This isn’t only a call blocker app but a security package with call blocking as one of its many features. Norton mobile security has been included in the list of best call blocker apps as it is a perfect choice for people who want all the aspects of security. Although the app is available for both Android & iOS, you will require a subscription to use it.

Feature List:

  • Automated blocking of spam and fraud calls
  • Many more options apart from blocking

Download for Android & iOS

12. Backlist Plus

Blacklist Plus is one of the popular call blocker apps due to its simple UI. You can add numbers in the blacklist and if someone from that list calls, the call will be blocked.

You also have the option to directly block unwanted calls from the app. It is one of the best call blockers for Android as it gives you four different options for blocking.

Feature List:

  • Simple UI
  • Four blocking options
  • Option to directly block all the numbers in the blacklist

Download here

13. Safest Call Blocker

If you don’t want a complicated app to use, then Safest Call Blocker is an ideal choice. Use its blacklist feature to form a list of blocked numbers.

It will automatically block the maximum of the spam numbers. You also have the option to block a series of numbers using the wildcard entries. Therefore, the Safest Call Blocker is one of the best free call blocker apps for Android.

Feature List:

  • Easy to use
  • Blacklist feature for creating a list of blocked numbers
  • Option to block a series of numbers

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14. Call Blocker Free

This app has all the functionalities like other call blocker apps. It will block all the unwanted calls from your smartphones. You can get rid of any unwanted communication by creating a blacklist.

Moreover, you also get an option to create a whitelist for your friends and family. The app will enable you to check for any incoming calls from the blocked numbers.

Feature List:

  • Option to create a blacklist
  • Option to create a whitelist
  • Check for incoming calls from blocked contacts

Download Here

15. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Apart from being an antivirus mobile app, Avast also offers call and SMS blocking services. You can get some additional features in its premium version. However, the free version has a call and message blocking service which is good enough for a user.

For blocking a number just put it in the block list option. Avast call blocking app is an ideal choice for users who already use the Avast mobile security and antivirus app.

Feature List:

  • Junk cleaner feature to immediately clean unnecessary data
  • Antivirus engine for automated virus scan
  • App insights option to know the time spent on each application
  • Wi-Fi security option for secure browsing

Download for Android & iOS


All of the above-mentioned call blocker apps are unique and useful in their own right.

If you are looking for some of the best call blocking apps for both Android and iOS then this list will do the needful for you. All of these apps have been created keeping in mind the requirements of various types of users.

If you are planning to get your own similar application and want to hire Android app developer or iOS developer, then make sure that your requirements are precise. Only then the team of developers will be able to provide you with the desired outcome.

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