Do you know which are the Best iPhone Apps or iPad Apps? Let’s find it out!

Irrespective of all the criticism that sometimes iPhones receive from the commoners, we know that they hold a special place in our hearts. iOS software is the reason people are attracted to iPhones and iPads. But what good is the software without any fun apps in it!

The iOS app store has both free and paid apps to fulfill your various needs. We did some research for you and prepared a list of must-have iPhone apps 2020.

We have divided these trending apps into various categories for your ease. If you want your app to rank in the list of best iPhone apps then choose your iPad app development company only after careful thought.

12 Best iPhone Apps for your iPhone and iPad:

Here goes the list of best iPhone apps ever!

Productivity Apps:

1. Drafts 5

The Drafts app by Agile Tortoise is now in its 5th version. Open the app and you quickly get a blank page ready with the keyboard. All the new notes are kept in an Inbox for you to sort them later at your convenience.

You also use many useful quick actions to convert your notes into documents, emails, tweets or social media notes. The inbox that we mentioned earlier will also allow you to mark these notes as archive or important.

Now, about the text editor. The editor is highly customizable with options to change everything right from spacing to margin.

The premium version of this app will also add themes and icons and other productivity features while presenting a blank note on the screen. Drafts 5 can be called one of the most useful apps if you like working on the go.

Price: Free

Download Here

2. Flow by Moleskine

Moleskine has grown from physical journals and notebooks. The company decided to enter the iPhone apps market with the Flow app.

It is a splendid note-taking and drawing that lives up to the name of Moleskine. We have included Flow in the list of best iPhone apps as it won the Apple Design Award and iPad App of the Year 2019.

You can customize everything from the writing tools and paper. Also, take notes or draw on a canvas with infinite-width. You get a seamless drawing experience with Flow.

The app has a free 7-days trial period and subscriptions cost $1.99/month. Undoubtedly, Flow is among the best iPhone apps 2020.

Price: Free

Download Here

Utility Apps:

1. Converter Plus

Converter Plus is an all-in-one calculation app. In a day, we require a calculator for so many reasons. We always turn to the standard calculators around us or the default calculator on the iPhone.

But the Converter Plus app will do all types of calculations in a single place for you.

Be it currency conversions or loan figures, it has got you covered! If you are not too good with the numbers, then Converter Plus is one of the must-have iPhone apps.

Price: Free

Download Here

2. SwiftKey

iPhone users with iOS 8 and later versions can install custom keyboards. SwiftKey is definitely one of the best iPhone apps if you want to have a custom keyboard.

You can just drag your fingers across it instead of tapping on every key individually. The app is intuitive and understands your writing habits and vocabulary over time using AI.

You can save up to 30 text snippets in its clipboard to use later. Moreover, you can search for emojis and GIFs or add a photo to the current document from the phone’s camera.

Somehow if you get bored of looking at the same keyboard then there are a variety of themes to choose from. Didn’t like any of the theme options? Well, create a theme with your own picture!

We are guessing now you know why Swiftkey is one of the best iPhone apps in 2020 for free.

Price: Free

Download Here

Health & Fitness Apps:

1. Lose It

We all need help on the path of losing weight. While some rely on gym trainers other rely on technology for help. Lose it the iOS app is really handy if you are planning to lose weight. You can enter your meal and exercise details.

Also, when you log in to your personal details such as height, weight and goal weight, the app will calculate the number of calories you can consume in a day to reach your target.

The barcode scanner will help you to capture the nutrition data. Furthermore, Lose It can sync your exercise information with other apps.

If you are a fitness freak or are struggling with weight loss then Lose It is one of the must-have apps for you.

Price: Free

Download Here

2. Headspace

Being fit is not limited to physical health. Your mental well being is equally important. Headspace is an iPhone app that will help you with your mental health.

This app comes with guided meditations that are meant to help you calm down and clear your mind. Even if you are not someone who is too much into meditation, the app has got a separate sleep aid section.

This section is meant to keep in your mind in the right frame so that you get a good sleep. You get limited guided meditations in the free version of the app. But if you want a huge library then you will have to purchase a paid version.

Headspace, is, therefore, among the best iPhone apps.

Price: Free

Download Here

Entertainment Apps:

1. Netflix

Although Netflix is one of the paid apps for the iPhone, it still tops the list of popular apps. Netflix has become a cultural phenomenon among millennials.

The phrase “Netflix and Chill” has become immensely popular. The Netflix original series is followed by the people more than anything available on the regular cable TV.

Netflix also has a collection of popular movies and series that are available on the television. The combination of original and regular content makes Netflix one of the cool apps.

You can download most of the content on Netflix to watch later at your convenience. What’s more? Netflix is also ranking among the most downloaded apps now.

We don’t think you need any more justification to include Netflix in the list of best apps 2020.

Price: $7.99

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2. Spotify

Just like Netflix, Spotify is one of the top iPhone apps that has managed to capture the attention of millennials. You have access to music from across the world on Spotify.

The app will even create a playlist on the basis of your listening history. You can listen to songs or podcasts and even download them for offline listening.

The free version of Spotify comes with ads whereas the premium one is ads-free. Therefore, Spotify rightfully belongs in the list of best iPhone apps.

Price: Free

Download Here

Travel & Weather Apps:

1. Hopper

If you like traveling a lot then Hopper is the best iPhone app out there. The app will allow you to search the airfares and hotel rates.

But what is the one feature that makes Hopper one of the best iPhone apps? Well, it is the app’s ability to predict possible discounts in the future.

Just enter your to and from destinations and Hopper will display a color-coded calendar that tells you the best time to travel.

Moreover, when you enter your preferred date of travel, Hopper will tell you if the rates are good or not and when the rates might increase/decrease.

Hence, Hopper is rated among the best free apps if you want to travel in a budget-friendly way.

Price: Free

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2. Skiplagged

Skiplagged has a different method of helping you plan a budget-friendly trip. It will identify the “hidden city flights” where you can get off at a layover instead of the final destination.

Enter your origin and target destination. The app will show you prices of the direct flight as well as “hidden city” flights if they are cheaper and if your desired city is a layover.

The only disadvantage is that you can carry just the carry-on luggage. The reason is very obvious.

You get checked-in baggage only at the final destination. The “hidden city flights” feature makes Skiplagged one of the amazing free apps for the iPhone.

Price: Free

Download Here

Social Media Apps:

1. Instagram

Everybody knows about Instagram. Without any discussion, we can tell you with confidence that Instagram is one of the best iPhone apps. Instagram has beaten Flickr to become the top photo-sharing platform on the internet.

The social discovery aspect and excellent image manipulation tools are responsible for the huge popularity of Instagram. The Instagram app totally keeps up with the latest trends.

It supports Handoff to switch between your iPhone and Apple Watch. So, Instagram found a place in the list of best apps for the iPhone.

Price: Free

Download Here

2. Twitter

Just like Instagram, Twitter doesn’t need an introduction either. Twitter Inc. did not release an official Twitter app for a long time.

But when finally the app was released, it worked perfectly well and loaded quickly. If you have always been in two minds about joining the crowd, Twitter’s iOS app makes it easy for you to get started.

Due to its increasing popularity, we included Twitter in the best iOS apps list.

Price: Free

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We have tried to prepare the list of best iPhone apps after taking into consideration a lot of factors. Of course, you can have a different opinion on this list of best apps. We are totally open to hearing your opinion on the list.

Before you start discussing with us this list, let’s talk about something more important. We are assuming that you are also planning to get your own app developed and want it to rank in the top ones. The first thing to do is to hire a mobile app development company and discuss with them in-detail about your dream idea.

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