This blog is all about the best Magento hosting providers in 2020. But before we get started with the list, the non-technical people need to know the definition of hosting services.

Web hosting services are when a company rents out its services or technologies to host your website on the internet. We have defined it in layman terms for you to easily understand the concept. A Magento development company will be able to guide you better and choose the best hosting for Magento website.

Here, we will be explaining to you everything right from the basics. After all, a little information hurts no one right? We hope you will be able to choose the right Magento eCommerce hosting provider after reading this blog!

What is Magento?

Right now, Magento is among the most popular eCommerce platforms in the digital world. Its market share is about 29.1%.

Magento is based on open source technology. So, as an eCommerce store owner, you get the maximum level of flexibility. The general concept of open-source technology is complete control over the functionalities of a website. Magento’s flexibility and customization options make it the most popular eCommerce platform.

How to Select the Right One from a List of Best Magento Hosting Providers?

Here is a sure shot checklist to consider before you select Magento website hosting services for your project.

Know Your Requirements

☛ Traffic Website

The first factor is the number of requests your server receives. The time of receiving these requests doesn’t matter but the number of requests is a key factor in deciding the best Magento hosting provider for your website. The number of requests will provide a clear idea of the size and scope of Magento eCommerce hosting architecture required.

Once you are done with the analysis of traffic on your website, we suggest you carry out a load test. The load test will help you determine whether the Magento dedicated server can handle your page requests or not.

☛ Number and Type of Products

The number of pages and products on your website, including the type of products, will be considered to find an appropriate Magento host.

This data is important for the below mentioned reasons:

  • Updation of promotions
  • Indexes running
  • Organizing products on pages

Once you know the precise project requirements, choose from a list of best Magento hosting providers in the market.

☛ Latency Test

Latency is one of the important factors for all Ecommerce websites. Therefore, it is important to know the location of your target audience and find the geographically closest server location.

A close server location will decrease the time difference between user requests and responses of the server. Hence, it is recommended to go for a low latency rate for rendering better user experience and improved SEO performance.

Types of Hosting:

There are two types of hosting based on who maintains the server hosting:

☛ Managed Hosting

A managed hosting provider is responsible for:

  • Maintenance & configuration of optimized server for Magento
  • Taking care of server and Magento related issues
  • Improving the security of server for Magento specific loopholes
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Applying the Operating System updates

☛ Self Service Hosting

In self-service hosting, you will be responsible for running the server or a third-party team that you hire.

☛ Dedicated, Shared or Cloud Servers

As you are clear about your website requirements, you will be able to choose the right dedicated server type. The options are:

☛ Dedicated Servers

With dedicated servers, the entire capacity of that server is available for you. Such dedicated servers make sure that your website gives the best performance. Some advantages of dedicated servers are top speed, supports an increase in traffic, handles a huge catalog of products, etc. But the downside here is that you will have to pay more than other options.

☛ Shared Servers

A shared server means limited disk space and speed. It won’t enable you to customize server settings as per your project needs. As the name suggests, if people using the same server as you experience problems, then you may too. If you have budget constraints then go for shared servers.

☛ Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are almost like dedicated servers, just more scalable with virtualization overheads. Moreover, the cloud servers will provide you complete access to software updates.

☛ Support

It is highly recommended to only invest in those Magento hosting companies that provide constant technical support. It will be even better if you choose experienced Magento support services. They will be able to fix your website issues in no time as compared to general eCommerce web hosting companies in the market.

☛ Web Security

As you own an eCommerce website, security is extremely important. So, make sure that your hosting company provides the following:

  • SSL and SSH encryption
  • Daily as well as live backups
  • Robust firewalls
  • Server security plans that are specially created for the Magento platform

Top 10 Best Magento Hosting Providers in 2020:

1. SiteGround

It has been in existence since the year 2004 and is the top web hosting for eCommerce sites currently. The WordPress community has high regard for SiteGround.

SiteGround provides in-house speed and security that makes your eCommerce website fast and secure. What makes SiteGround one of the best Magento hosting providers? It’s the constant customer support!

The top features of SiteGround are one-click staging, GIT version control, and automatic upgrades, etc. It is one of the few top-rated websites hosting companies that provide location-based hosting services. Its data centers are located in Asia, the USA, and Europe.

Websites that are hosted on SiteGround will load in 650ms. This speed is better than most of the other hosting providers in the market.


  • Very fast servers
  • 24/7 customer support through email, live chat and phone
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • Three server locations


  • Although there is huge storage, it is still limited
  • Setup fee for people who choose monthly billing

2. MilesWeb

MilesWeb started its web hosting business in 2012, which makes them one of the popular cheap web hosting company in India. They offer affordable services to customers. Over 16k + clients around the globe.

It is recognised as the best Magento hosting providers for its fast loading speed. Even with the high traffic, it will load your eCommerce site in seconds. Get your  Ecommerce site with MilesWeb Magento host without any type of undisrupted service.

Their blazing speedy servers and excellent customer 24×7 support makes them best than other companies. They offer plenty of features which includes free SSL certificate and Free domain and also free Migration.

They offer unbeatable technology, affordable pricing, multiple data centers and much more.

MilesWeb comprises of the most crucial aspects of setting up a website that is technology, uptime and round the clock technical support.


  • 99.95 % Uptime
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Migration
  • Monthly billing option
  • Global Datacenter choice
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 24X7 Support


  • No coupons/offers on domain name
  • No free domain in Tyro

3. Bluehost

Bluehost was established in 1996 which makes it one of the oldest web hosts. It has become a common name among people due to some of its features like high-speed servers and amazing customer support. Irrespective of the size of your website, Bluehost has got your back.

Bluehost’s plans can take care of the requirements of small and large scale enterprises. It is the hosting services provider to 2M+ websites in the world. It belongs to the list of best Magento hosting providers due to its fast loading speed. Despite the high traffic, it will load your eCommerce site in less than 2 seconds.


  • It has hosting plans that can serve multiple budget categories
  • No hidden charges
  • It hosts more than 2 million websites with 99.97% uptime
  • You get one free domain after sign up


  • Comparatively high domain renewal price
  • The upsell process is quite aggressive during sign up

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is well known for its customer support and optime. Just like Bluehost, the smallest of your requirements to the largest eCommerce websites can be taken care of by InMotion. InMotion hosting has managed to make it to the list of best hosting for Ecommerce in 2020 due to its wide variety of services.

InMotion hosting offers technical support through live chat, phone, and ticketing systems.


  • 90 days no questions asked money-back guarantee
  • You can switch from WebHost to InMotion free
  • Option to choose your data center location
  • Offers fast and reliable SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate


  • Although the phone verification step is perfect to prevent frauds, it becomes difficult for customers outside the USA.
  • No option of a monthly billing system but there are one year and two-year plans.
  • Competitive pricing structure but not the cheapest

5. Hostgator

It is a host to more than 8 million websites. Hostgator is one of those hosting service providers that makes sure its features are optimum for a shopping cart. With Hostgator, you have an automatic installer, which makes the installation process easy.

Some of its features such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS make it an ideal choice for beginners and well-established shopping carts. Hostgator’s hosting plans come with a 45-day money-back guarantee. As per the reviews, 99.9% uptime promised by Hostgator is true.

Thus, due to all these reasons, Hostgator is one of the best Magento hosting providers.


  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth for Magento
  • Free Magento transfer
  • Optimized for a shopping cart
  • User-friendly modern cPanel


  • Not one of the cheapest Ecommerce hosting in the market

6. Web Hosting Hub

It is the best web hosting for small business eCommerce websites. Web Hosting Hub plans to give the smallest businesses the privilege of choosing hosting services as per their needs.

Web Hosting Hub is reliable and can support a few hundred visitors per day. Its solid set of features makes it a one-stop host for all the webmaster needs. Web Hosting Hub allows free website transfers and assures zero downtime. Based on its pricing structure and basic features, Web Hosting Hub is one of the best Magento hosting providers for beginners.


  • Best prices for beginners and small scale enterprises
  • Unlimited features for its customers
  • Great support services


  • Not a good option for large businesses due to limited scalability

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy provides you with fast, secure and user-friendly hosting at amazing prices. We all know GoDaddy is the biggest domain name registrar. After entering the web hosting market, they became an instant hit there too.

They started providing the hosting services in the year 1998. Being the largest domain registrars, we are sure it will soon become one of the largest web hosting companies 2020.


  • Optimized for eCommerce sites like Magento websites
  • Cost-efficient pricing
  • 24/7 support
  • Monthly billing option


  • The upsell addon offers may prove to be too aggressive for people
  • Comparatively higher controversial ads

8. Nexcess

It is well known in the industry for high performing servers and unmatched technical support. The nexcess platform is PCI compliant which means that your site will be safe from loopholes and threats.

Although Nexcess provides you with low-cost options, it is mainly known for premium solutions that exclusively cater to medium-scale enterprises. These premium solutions include features such as dedicated servers for maximum uptime, security, and performance.


  • Magento official partner
  • PCI compliant for every hosting plan
  • Stable and fast hosting
  • Very high uptime


  • Not very affordable
  • Limited bandwidth and other resources
  • No live chat support

9. MageMojo

One of the biggest factors that separate MageMojo from others is that it exclusively hosts Magento websites. It means that all the aspects like server, CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth are all optimized for your Magento eCommerce store.

A clear service level agreement is icing on the cake with these impressive set of features.

All these reasons make it apt for the list of best Magento hosting providers.


  • Every plan comes with a dedicated server and solid-state drives
  • Best dedicated servers
  • Exceptional customer support


No significant disadvantages

10. Sonassi

What makes Sonassi different from other hosting providers? Sonassi started with eCommerce development services in Magento. So, the staff has real experience in Magento development.

It is now owned by lomart and uses cloud infrastructure. You have an option to customize your Magento server based on the resources you need. If you’re unclear about the configurations, just input the store size and traffic. Sonassi will suggest the appropriate configuration.


  • Magento optimized OS
  • Powerful solutions
  • Experts in Magento


  • Costly
  • A setup fee is applicable with monthly payments

11. Cloudways

It is a managed cloud hosting solution which means you can choose from the best options like AWS, Digital Ocean and more. Apart from all this, you have the option to choose from over 30 locations in the world to host your eCommerce store so it is the closest to your target audience.

Cloudways uses an optimization formula called Thunderstack to provide quick loading time. Cloudways best in class managed security means you don’t have to empty your pockets for expensive and heavy security solutions.


  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Great server stack
  • Fair pricing
  • Free trial


  • Support services may be slow
  • No email hosting


We hope that our list of some of the best Magento hosting providers did manage to give you some clarity on the topic. Of course, when you hire Magento developer they can guide you better in choosing the best hosting provider for your project.

Each of the above-mentioned hosting providers has their unique qualities and are suitable for different kinds of projects. Depending on the size of your website and the number and type of the products listed on it, the type of hosting provider may change. Thus, we recommend always go for expert guidance if you don’t have a technical background.

Connect with our experts on [email protected] and get expert advice in choosing the best hosting services for your dream eCommerce store!