Did you know that in 2018 11.9% of retail sales happened online, on e-commerce stores? And that by 2021, this figure is supposed to increase to 17.5% more globally?

Therefore, we can safely say that the future of retail is in e-commerce and looking at the current trend of online stores popping up almost every day, you might consider your own eCommerce Development Company as well.

There are many options on the market right now to choose your online store builders.

Here are some Paid and Free Online Store Builders:

1. Wix

With Wix, you can design an e-commerce store tailored to your needs or you can utilize the existing professionally made templates. This drag and drop online store builder boasts amazing templates, limitless fonts and complete freedom to design what you want. It also provides custom SEO and mobile optimization plans to make your site list higher on Google. Among the few cons of Wix are that you can’t use it for larger sites and the free option doesn’t let you access all its functionalities.

Website: https://www.wix.com/

Price: $13-$39

2. Shopify

Shopify Development Services is an online and e-commerce marketplace providing a variety of responsive, customizable and sublime design themes.

It lets you choose freely how you want your site to feel and look by providing you with plenty of content, color and layout choices.

It also lets you sell products on multiple platforms: social media and online. It also provides payment gateways, marketing tools, and safe shipping and checkouts.

The major disadvantage of Shopify is that they don’t let you access all their features due to their plans which vary a lot in price.

Website: https://www.shopify.com/

Price: depends on the plan you choose, which can start from $9 and go up to $2000

3. GoDaddy

When you build your online store with GoDaddy, you can add 5000 products with 10 pictures attached to every product and handle your whole inventory with ease.

They offer built-in methods of shipping (free to real-time external couriers). It motivates customers to complete their orders, especially those who abandon their carts, through automatic email reminders. Fewer upsell checkouts and limited support are some of the cons of GoDaddy.

Website: https://godaddy.com/

Price: Business plans start from $19.99

4. Weebly

Weebly is a drag-n-drop online store builder that allows you to choose from various themes. It also provides abandoned cart recovery, develops brand awareness through social media ads, offers analytics and manages shipping, customer incentives, and inventory.

It also improves checkout, payment, product searches, and customer review display. They have video tutorials for all their features on their website. The biggest disadvantage of Weebly is that if something happens to your site, they don’t provide recovery support.

Website: https://www.weebly.com/

Price: Pro cost $12 and business cost $25

5. BigCommerce

No matter the size of your store, BigCommerce fits all kinds of e-commerce pages. It only takes one tool to maintain and manage your whole store despite its size.

When you begin, you can choose from the custom shop designs or you can make your own personal design. It has a flexible base of modular code, contextual logic and so on to let customers have a personalized experience.

BigCommerce also computes real-time shipping rates, promises fast shipping and provides notifications and tracking to improve customer experience.

Pricing is a huge disadvantage along with the unavailability of add-ons.

Website: https://www.bigcommerce.com/

Price: per the plan, you opt for ($29 to $249)

6. Volusion

This online store builder provides customized themes that are device-responsive and domains for the store.

Volusion offers tools for uploading images, adding subcategories, managing SEO, brand promotion, highlighting products and discounts on a slideshow and many more.

It handles safe checkout, quick shipping, creates vendor codes, customer history. tax configuration, sales tickets, product returns, drop shipping, customer reviews and many more. Analytics and website rendering are some of the major disadvantages of Volusion.

Website: https://www.volusion.com/

Price: based on plans ($26 to $269/month)

7. 1ShoppingCart

This online store builder is reliable and provides many extra features for your store. 1ShoppingCart also includes several marketing tools, SEO-based coupons and discounts, email marketing and more.

You can do your business both locally and globally with 1ShoppingCart. The disadvantages of 1ShoppingCart include an outdated design for the interface, higher monthly fees, and limited support.

Website: https://www.1shoppingcart.com/

Price: $34/month

8. 3dcart

This paid online store builder offers more than 200 inbuilt features such as shopping, blog, POS, website, newsletters and more.

With more than 60 free themes, tracking numbers, a hundred payment gateways (Stripe, Amazon Pay, Braintree, Visa Checkout, etc.), 3dcart is a total online store solution.

Accepting orders, fulfilling them, handling inventory and meeting customers’ demands are all possible from 3dcart’s single dashboard. However, the templates are outdated on 3dcart, the support is limited and upgrading can be problematic.

Website: https://www.3dcart.com/

Price: $19-$229

9. Elementor

Elementor is used for WordPress as a multipurpose page builder. If you start with a blank slate, Elementor will incorporate it with any theme you have or want to purchase.

In fact, several themes on WordPress already have Elementor incorporated with them. However, if you want it without WordPress, it is free to download. Elementor is powerful and its drag and drop setting fit all types of page styles like online stores.

For e-commerce pages specifically, Elementor provides widgets that link with WooCommerce. Exhibit products, cart page, prices, instant to-cart options and so on with Elementor.

You even get a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Elementor lacks some marketing features, the designs are the default and so on.

Website: https://elementor.com/

Price: free unless you want more features, then it’s $49 to $99/year

10. WPBakery

This builder was known as Visual Composer previously and was the builder mostly used for WordPress. Since it is mostly used for WordPress themes, you can do the same with your e-commerce page.

It is a drag and drop builder, and it is versatile for adapting to any kind of online store at a fast rate.

WPBakery contains front-end page builder, back-end page builder, more than 50 templates, add-ons, elements, color skin developer and a high-quality grid developer.

There are many features and they are all of high quality. It is compatible with many plugins and comes with free updates worth a lifetime, and also comes with its own community support and expert support. WPBakery stores the content as shortcodes is one of the biggest problems with it.

Website: https://wpbakery.com/

Price: $45 to $245/year

11. Squarespace

This online store builder is not unknown to anyone who watches YouTube since you will find most content creators there raving about it.

And it is justified, Squarespace has fantastic features such as multiple item catalogs, item merchandising based on category, strong item placement, repeated subscriptions, abandoned cart recovery, customer incentives during checkout and secure and flexible payment gateways.

Though, Squarespace doesn’t include marketing tools, extensions and backed user functionality.

Website: https://www.squarespace.com/

Price: unlimited and free hosting, though merchants can avail the business plan for $40

12. Duda

Duda requires no coding, and you can still use this responsive store builder and start your store. In very little time, the page can go up for you to start selling and receive orders.

Duda has a drag-and-drop interface and robust analytics and stats to set templates, limitless storage, and support for multiple languages.

This store builder is so sophisticated and advanced that you can even change and maintain your page from your smartphone. Their pricing might be a dealbreaker for some.

Website: https://www.duda.co/

Price: 4 subscriptions plans of $19, $29, $99 and custom pricing

13. Magento

Magento Development Services provides page building tools, instant purchase, dynamic product lineups based on regulations, visual merchandising, content staging, content preview, customer personalization, and customer segmentation.

Magento bases its customer segmentation on gender, location, wishlist items and purchasing history among others. It lets you edit and preview any changes in content and also schedules time and place of the changes to go online.

It also safely stores customer information like payment and shipping for instant purchase on second visits. It sets automatic rules to identify items for cross-sells, up-sells and other relevant items.

Besides all these pros, Magento does have some cons, such as slow time-to-market, investment, and entanglement.

Website: https://magento.com/

Price: starts at $2000/year

14. Smoolis

Smoolis is a compact, powerful tool at your disposal. The whole web page is under your control with this online store builder, which makes management and maintenance of your business easy on you.

The primary features of Smoolis include the capability to design multilingual stores. Additionally, Smoolis lets you deal in various currencies and profit from limitless free themes available for every Smoolish user.

To ensure safety for your store, Smoolish also provides SSL certification. However, Smoolis doesn’t offer much in terms of third-party app integrations.

Website: https://www.smoolis.com/

Price: starts at $12

15. MotoCMS

With MotoCMS, your website is ready in four easy steps. This multi-purpose website developer can be employed for creating online stores without any effort.

These 4 steps include:

First, you need to choose a template from the thousands on offer. When you find what suits you best, you can stick with the set design or tweak it as you please.

Second, you need to modify the present layout and add custom content.

Third, you need to start on the SEO process and MotoCMS will incorporate Google Analytics to monitor your page’s performance for you.

Lastly, you go live. From here on, your page only needs promotion.

The only problems with MotoCMS include lack of custom designs, hosting and a blogging platform.

Website: https://www.motocms.com/

Price: $49-$229

16. Freewebstore

As the name suggests, this is a free online store that is now powering more than 600 e-commerce pages. Freewebstore is, well, free and the tools and features offered are practical and powerful.

In Freewebstore’s kit, you also get SSL, domain, expert support and cart for free. All you need to do is sign up and start designing. Some cons of Freewebstore include a lack of shipping options and no Google Shopping consolidations.

Website: https://freewebstore.com/

Price: Free

17. IM Creator

IM Creator is online software that you can use with membership. You can start free but if you want to access better features, you will need to update to their pro plan and become a member. This builder is generic for creating any kind of page, shop or blog.

The best news about IM Creator is that it does not need programming and the result is always both search engine and mobile friendly.

It also comes with several custom templates to bolster the process and start the business. But you cannot edit templates and has limited e-commerce features.

Website: https://www.imcreator.com/

Price: $5.95/month

18. Tilda

Right now, creating a store online has become a lot easier. Some come free and provide all the amenities. Tilda is one such amazing online store builder that has remarkable features and top-notch assets.

Tilda even integrates several templates specific to web store so you don’t even have to worry about design. There’s no coding involved.

Tilda has over 400 predesigned blocks and it is totally flexible, so you can add and change elements any time you want. The cons include limitations on the free version and broken links.

Website: https://tilda.cc/

Price: $10/month

19. Ucraft

You just start by selecting a template, and then you may start designing. You can refine your pages like a true professional. Ucraft is free of codes, so in a way, if you don’t have the necessary skills, you can still create your own website.

You just need to drag and drop things, and it makes you look like a professional when you do it. You can move around things, add new components, eliminate older components, put in new text and you are almost finished creating your site.

For your ease, Ucraft even has video tutorials on their page to help you along. Additionally, Ucraft also provides marketing media with its page-building tools.

Though, Ucraft is hard to use at times, is not compatible with complex sites and has lesser features than its competitors.

Website: https://www.ucraft.com/

Price: $10/year

20. SITE123

The name alone should indicate how easy to use this online store is. This is among the easiest and best website store builder out there. This software is filled with features and attractive web design elements that you can start on immediately.

When you create your e-commerce store with SITE123, your page will be reactive and compatible with multiple browsers and you can tweak it any time with top-notch performance specifics.

Also, on top of this, SITE123 also offers you ultimate Search Engine Optimization options for your store and lets you get listed high for keywords.

However, SITE123 does contain some technical and design limitations.

Website: https://www.site123.com/

Price: $10/year


As shopping becomes more online, the profits and customers are traveling there as well.

And the way online stores are boosting brand identity and awareness are unmatchable with offline stores. So, don’t wait any longer.

For the best experience, choose an e-commerce builder from this list that matches your demands and improve your business process.