In today’s world, digital submission of documents overwhelmed the actual paper submission. Whether you are a student or a worker in the industry, you require pdf-making software to submit your documents. Students need to make a pdf of their answer sheet, and for workers, they submit their office work after making documents. We need perfect document scanning apps consisting of all the essential features we need.

The best scanner app can do important tasks like taking snapshots, efficient text recognition techniques, editing pdf according to the size we desire after scanning, adding some extra sticker or signature, etc. In all sense, after introducing these excellent document scanning apps, the paperwork seems to diminish to a large extent. So for 2022, you need to prioritize five essential smartphone apps to get better results.

1. Adobe Scan :: Android & iOS

Adobe scan app is one of the modernized document scanner software. It is the most widely used software that is so specified and dedicated in terms of design and requirement fulfilling capability of its software. It can be used to make designs, help in marketing solutions, and, most importantly, document scanning. It has a feature that allows users to create pdf after scanning images according to their resolution.

It has an excellent feature of editing text, cutting any part, changing orientation, background colour, etc. It gives a feature by which you can access any scanned document on your device. And its pdf scanner property is the most important feature it provides. Read more on best digital security apps in 2022.

Adobe scan app is mostly free for those users who have prior account activation in the Adobe Document Cloud account. If you don’t have such an account, you can buy a premium account to get their premium services by paying about $5.83 per month. 

You can download Adobe scan on your phone easily; if you are an android user, you can download it from the play store, and for its users, you can download it by App store, ios software downloading the platform. If you want to know how to scan on iPhone using these apps, go through all the guidelines given on their website.

2. Cam Scanner :: Android :: iOS

It is also one of the most demanded and popular documents scanning apps, with an extensive list of its features. It is also one of the used software for its pdf scanner property. It gives the best feature of having cloud support, Dropbox, etc.

It would help users access the documents anywhere they want. It easily has a linking feature with other apps, which helps export its tendency. They are used to print important documents to make bills, payment receipts, etc. 

You can easily share documents made by you in Cam Scanner to your friends where they get features of commenting in response to your documents, and you would be easily able to get to know about that. Cam Scanner also added a watermark feature on each page of your document. The safety protection lock pdf-making feature makes this app unique compared to many available apps.

It is available for free for normal uses, but if you want to continue advanced use, you can go for a premium cam scanner to upgrade your storage up to 10 GB. It also has a business version that needs to be paid before use; you can use it if you want office work. 

The pricing of a cam scanner is about $4.99 per month. You can download it from the play store for Android users, but if you are an ios user, you can easily download it from the app store. It is also the best scanner app for iPhone users.

3. Microsoft Office Lens :: Android :: iOS

A multifunctional and straightforward scanning app by Microsoft. Its functions are best for both normal and professional use. It is also one of the best document scanning apps. This software is straightforward, and we can easily share documents with friends. It scans documents like normal and can boost the quality of documents according to requirements.

It’s output is pdfs and includes Word Documents and PowerPoint, which we can edit further as needed. We can also use Microsoft OneNote to save our scans for future references. This app also supports simplified Chinese, Spanish, English, and German.

It can be downloaded and used free of charge. But for a better experience, one can use the Microsoft Office subscription. This app is best in text recognition in comparison to others. It can be downloaded from the Play Store(Android user) and the app store(iOS user). It is one of the highest-rated document scanning apps for Android. To know how to scan on iPhone, go through all the instructions given on their official website.

4. SwiftScan :: Android :: iOS

SwiftScan is an easy and fastest document scanning app with high-quality scans. It is more full-featured than Adobe Scan or Office lens. It comes with different colour modes to make the scans look perfect. One can save documents in both pdf and jpeg format. 

This software support range of primary cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, OneNote, etc. Like others, this software is helpful for regular and business purposes as we can easily fax documents directly from mobile in supported countries. Also, we can normally share the scanned documents with others with security.

SwiftScan can perform OCR in different languages. You can scan documents, sketches, whiteboards, business cards, QR codes, etc. It is free to download on Android and iOS, with in-app purchases.

5. Genius Scan :: Android :: iOS

A popular scanner app with simple UI and quality scan. This app is suitable for snapping a quick image or generating a pdf of different documents in approximately a single tap. It can auto-adjust the scanned documents for the best outcome. 

It comes with an essential editing tool like cropping. Its most noticeable features are image enhancement, smart page detection, and perspective correction. We can organize our files with different titles, tags, and search functions. As with other scanners, we can upload scanned documents to various cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, Dropbox, etc.

We can protect our documents with built-in encryption and passwords. We can easily share our documents with this app. It’s free to use and can be downloaded on Android via Playstore and iOS via the app store. 

Also, it can be upgraded to the premium version for $7 to cut out ads, unlock the import pdf option, and automatic upload. The rating of this document scanning app for Android is excellent. And also the best scanner app for iPhone.

Why Document Scanner Apps are Important in 2022?

There are emoundous benefits that scanning and making documents give to converting paper documents into digital documents. Scanners have a variety of feature which helps in copying, making editable files, etc. They make a digital copy of documents we have on paper in a simple sense.

When there is a business of yours, you want to do many digital documents preparing and sharing work inefficiently and at a reasonable cost.

The Five Most Advantages of Document Scanning Are:

1. It Makes All Documents Digitally Accessible Anywhere:

The use of all document scanners helps us make digital documents on paper, which would help inaccessible at any time you need them. It will also help reduce storage space because paper documentation requires a large space to keep them.

For example, if you are running a business and must make a file every day, one room would be filled each year. How much space paper documentation requires you can think by yourself.

2. It Gives More Security to Documents:

You can keep your digital document with password security online by managing its setting to have only personal access. This would also benefit in keeping your documents related to your business be protected from any deafness and leaking.

3. It Reduces the Huge Cost of Keeping Documents:

Paperwork documents storage requires a high cost to be invested, and you need a large space. But for digital documents, it requires a small cost to store digital documents.

4. It Has Environment-Friendliness

It will reduce the cost of paperwork, and the paper would be less wasted because they are used in less amount. Because of that, fewer trees would be cut because trees produce paper.

5. It is Convenient to Use

Suppose you want to search a particular matter. In that case, digital documents help a lot because there are many documents reading apps that provide particular searching points after directly. Still, it would be very tedious to search for any important things in lots of files kept in a large storage area. Thus, the convenience of finding any essential things out of huge files is accessible in digital documents.

If you want to use any app, clarify your use with the benefits that they provide:

  • Search thoroughly which features you need most in your work which app fulfils your work requirement.
  • After all, see which app charges less cost for their premium.
  • After analyzing all these, choose the best document scanning app in 2022.

With the help of a mobile app development firm, you can make the best app considering all the updated features needed by users. The cross-platform mobile application development is widely enhancing their features in all wat to fulfil every requirement of users they have and be top compared to all competitors in the market.


Since paperwork is replaced by digital document work, there is an urgent need to find the most essential scanning documents scanner app in 2022. This trend of using digital documents would grow day by day. 

Thus we need to identify the best scanning documents app according to our need, and we need to have proficiency with working on it. Nowadays, every sector and field accepts pdf of every important document they require. This benefited us in saving much time and cost. We were used to investing only for going and submitting our work which is now accessible for us after the advancement of this digital revolution.


Digital documents are most-cost efficient than paperwork.

It doesn’t require any physical space, which costs much compared to digital storage memory.

It gives password scanning properties to files saved by these apps.