It can be a very difficult task for entrepreneurs to acquire a precise cost to build a website, certainly as only a small proportion of CMS development company issue their prices online. The profits of Google hit the mark of 136.22 billion US dollars, whereas it is anticipated that a major proportion of this was extracted from advertisements through different websites.

How much does a website cost?

The price of developing a website is based on the needs and requirements of the clients. But website designing and developing establishment desires to grab potential customers to build up goodwill.

Here is how much Web cost to develop a fresh website is incurred:

☛ Small Business Website

For a primary informational website with only some personalized elements, which possess around 18 to 20 pages, some images, and no differentiated properties, the rates could fall between $2,000 to $8,000.

☛ Medium Business Website

Generally, for commercial websites which possess about 70 to 75 pages, equipped with CMS, personalized design outlines, and pictures and a set of differentiated properties, the rates are expected to lie between $10,000 to $25,000.

☛ E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website is one that enables clients to go through and buy goods and services online, collaborate different modes of payment, contains images, copyrights, Content management system and beta examination facility. These are expected to incur about $5,000 to $40,000 based on the number of goods and services displayed, and their diversity.

☛ Large Business Website

A large business website constitutes of hundreds of web pages, personalized design outlines and pictures, an efficient CMS, stunning properties and additional functions like customized design, blog plugins, multimedia development, etc. These are expected to incur around $25,000 to $40,000.

Charges involved in running a website:

☛ How much does it cost to maintain a website?

There are various inescapable expenses which are incurred in maintaining a website such as:

1. Domain name

The URL or the domain name is used by the users to approach your website.

How much does a domain name cost?

– Generally, it costs around $10 to $20 to have one for yourself.

If you desire to have a personalized domain extension like .online you need to pay premium prices which goes up to $200 to $300 for one year. You need to pay these annually unless you made a collaborated advance payment.

2. SSL certificate

SSL stands for secure socket layer, this is a certificate needed to code confidential information such as passwords and credit card number. For the E-commerce website, SSL certificate holds massive significance as it offers security against unauthorized access to your confidential data.

The SSL certificate costs between $10 to $1000. You need to pay these annually unless you made a collaborated advance payment.

3. Website hosting

To run a website you need to have space which holds all your data. Generally, web hosting establishments provide shared hosting alternatives for which website hosting cost approximates to $10, on the contrary, managed host costs about $99.

The prices will hike up as the proportion of traffic on your website and its functions Increases. Most of the web hosting establishments provide monthly or yearly payment options, although, lower prices can be fetched by opting for annual hosting options.

4. Content management system

CMS is utilized to showcase, images, videos, texts, blogs and much more on the website. Although, it’s not compulsory to have CMS, It makes the website more lively, and attracts more traffic.

To personalize a CMS incurs a cost of more than $1000, on the contrary, the general one, such as WordPress is available free of cost.

The fees of CMS are charged yearly while WordPress is totally free.

5. Web designing

To develop an eye-catching website, it’s necessary to hire experts. The web design is bifurcated into 3 that is:

6. Full Redesign

If you are willing to release a fresh website or is renovating the current one, there are some expenses which are incurred in the designing process and its examinations.

The website design cost incurred in altering the design of a website lies between $1,000 to $20,000 based on the type of website and the tailoring required.

To maintain the hipness of your website you need to renovate your website in every couple of years.

7. Theme Design

Some CMS, particularly WordPress, offers the facility of theme redesigning. In this, you can alter the appearance of your website.

Most of the popular themes are available free of cost whereas to avail Premium edition of WordPress themes the expenses incurred lies between $10 to $100, based on the additional properties.

8. Responsive Web Design (RWD)

From 2015, the guidelines of Google recommends the use of mobile accommodation websites.

Responsive websites can monitor the platform used for the website and personalize the design depending upon the size of the screen.

Updating an old website into a responsive website costs around $2,000 or more.

You only need to pay once, to get your website responsive.

9. Online marketing

Here are some additional properties of a website which are worth paying for. Let’s check out the additional properties which fetch high connection rates, increase online traffic and hike up your position on internet service providers such as Google.

10. Search engine optimization (SEO)

It’s compulsory to have SEO functioning on your commercial website. SEO incorporates several activities which ascertain the position of your website on search engines, for some specific keywords.

The concept your website should hold high visibility determines its success.

The expenses of SEO different from one agency to another. It’s anticipated to pay around $3,000 and $9,000, with extra maintenance expenses of $200 to $500 per month.

SEO is an uninterrupted process which incurred expenses on a continuous basis.

11. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Pay-Per-Click advertisements can be spotted on the sidebars of search engines like Google which redirects the users to particular videos or banners.

They can be easily spotted across the internet as establishments charge a commission every time someone clicks on the advertisement.

As a result of its popularity, they are successful in fetching high traffic for business website increasing their turnovers.

Pay-Per-Cluck advertisements offer quick results to extract non-organical traffic.

The expenses incurred on every click is based on the proportion of individual bidding against a particular keyword which you are willing to reach.

If you desire to be displayed on the top for searches associated with white washers in Bengaluru but there are about 10 similar to you who are already in the race, the one who will be willing to pay the highest per click cost will acquire a higher position than the rest of you.

The expenses incurred are based on the proportion of competition present in your target zone. Rates may vary from $100 to over $1000 every month.

The expenses of Pay-Per-Click advertisements arises as long as you want to avail the facility.

12. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is responsible for the growth of conversion rates of your website. This is done with the help of call-to-action (CTA) solutions such as newsletters, landing pages, buttons, sign-ups and much more.

Often one technique works more effectively than the other, so it’s considered as an ideal practice to examine the most effective CRO with the help of A/B tests.

To conduct an individual A/B examination for CRO the website cost lies between $300 to $600.

The choice is up to you whether you desire to avail the whole package to check out different CRO practices or you desire to avail individual tests.

Although, lower rates can be availed while opting for packages.

13. Copywriting

The data which constitutes your web page needs copywriting. Robust copywriting is the CTA, as it motivates the targeted customers to accept you as a show stealer in the respected field. Inappropriate copywriting comprises replication of work which is not encouraged at all.

In case you outsource your copywriting services, the freelancers usually charge on per word basis. Some freelancing agencies do provide different plans which prove to be inexpensive. Whereas, some additional costs will be incurred to upgrade your web pages.

The prices can hit between $5 forever 500 words to as much as $500 for authentic work.

The websites which generated upgraded content regularly, with the least amount of mistakes and the appropriate amount of data make their place among the most benevolence websites of the search engine.

It’s recommended to set a monthly budget for copywriting and should vouch for writes who hold high proficiency and skills.

14. Content Marketing

The question so arises that what is the need to develop competent content. A content written with proficiency and skills leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of your customers. The belief and faith of clients are developed through data on which they can rely on. Such data can be in the form of blogs, podcasts, social media picture, infographic, videos, charts, demos, white pages and much more.

Every mode of content marketing varies in expense patterns and most of them come at inexpensive rates.

The prices incurred in infographic approximates to about $500 for an individual graphics whereas for generating an entire video fetches a cost of about $3,000 to $5,000.

Content writers charges per word whereas podcasts incorporate the utilization of audio tools and a showcasing medium.

Based on the mode of content marketing you opt for and the publishing punctuality that you follow determines the necessity of payment,

It’s highly recommended that contents could be generated frequently and you need to keep aside a budget for your money expenses incurred on content marketing

15. Social Media

Social media offer you the opportunity to showcase your innovative skills to advertise your business, without the need to employ anyone.

You can display your products and services in a highly prolific manner with the help of comic memes, stats, infographic, videos, images, and even texts.

A business may promote a forthcoming sale on social media to let their customers know about it.

Giveaways and contests on social media associated with your business help in hiking up the conversion rate and create room for the indulgence of clients.

There exist various modes of social media and you may incur expenses to manage, and upgrade one on a regular basis. The data on your social media platform should not resemble other websites, so the time taken to personalize your data will ensure some marginal cost.

Maintenance and up-gradation on monthly basis charge about $250 to $2,500 on monthly terms based in the agency, you employ.

Marketing through social media is an unending battle, so you need to keep aside a budget for your monthly needs.

For arranging contests and giveaways on social media platforms, you need to have funds for prizes.


Website development costs lies between $2,500 and $95,000. If you are willing to build a complicated personalized website, the expenses hike up even more.

The website designers can help you in extracting on a precise website design pricing, once all your needs and specifications are clear to them.