E-commerce is the most demanding industry that has soared in popularity in the last epoch. With more and more customers eyeing to meet their needs online before going to brick-and-mortar stores, many e-commerce shops are harvesting up all over the world.

Selling products and services online always takes a much diverse methodology than traditional business prototypes. To produce leads and protected conversions, e-commerce sites should always use the best in a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design trends. They should be noticeable from challenging sites and secure consumer reliability. Here’s how to improve e-commerce user experience in 2018 with better e-commerce UI/UX design trends.

Optimize Delivery of Goods or Services

The latest MetaPack customer research statement, 2017 State of E-Commerce Delivery, huts light on a few severe authenticities of up-to-date e-commerce. One amazing figure is that 39% of consumers said they would never return to an online dealer following an undesirable delivery experience. That sets a great deal of pressure on e-commerce sites to obtain delivery right the first time.

Rapidly and free delivery options from e-commerce titans like Amazon.com have set smaller businesses in hard positions. Smaller online dealers might not be able to counterpart the delivery charges of several competitors. Fortunately, there are innovative ways to increase shipping such as offering bespoke shipping means. You don’t essentially need to obtain a profit loss offering free delivery to build your site competitive. The MetaPack report specified that 35% of online buyers order convenience over price. Offer a comprehensive range of options such as delivery date, time, and place personalization at an additional charge to keep consumers pleased without upsetting your revenues.

Master Mobile UX

The data on mobile shopping is remarkable. Research from the Nielsen Norman Group exhibited that 60% of online buyers make use of their mobile devices to study a product before they purchase. One internet research study found that mobile shopping pushes about one-third of all e-commerce sales. In some markets, mobile shopping has experienced massive development in a small time frame. Some areas stated up to 250% development happened within two years’ time.

At present, around 19% of all e-commerce dealings occur through mobile devices. By 2018, professionals envisage this number to augment to 27%. It is overriding to not only organize your e-commerce site for mobile users but to adapt the experience precisely for this consumers. Deliberate a mobile-first design approach that sets mobile customers at the highest of the priority list. The better your mobile UX at the moment, the more your sales tomorrow.

Take Control of Your Site’s Security

Of course, security is still the main concern for e-commerce sites in all places. Business proprietors have to take important steps to defend their e-commerce sites from hackers and viruses. They should utilize confirmed safety practices to protect user data from breaks, such as managing expenses via PayPal. News of hacker stealing sensitive consumer information, such as credit card numbers, can considerably damage the reputation of an online store. A safety break might discourage other buyers from selecting a brand, for the panic of a similar thing happening to them.

One method to increase the security level is with the help of perfect UX design. The choices UX originators create throughout website design can turn out causing safety concerns. It is up to the design and development team to reduce the chances of a security gap through smart and meticulous UX design. Users want a nominal number of steps mandatory to complete the purchase method. UX design should enable a speedy assessment while keeping user information protected. Optimized security can always assist maintain a vigorous brand status.

Consider Adding Animations

Animations are in new trend UX design topic for 2018. Animations are quite easier to include e-commerce sites, and they pack a blow. Although small add-ons such as animated fly effects can make a site feel more striking and reactive to the user. Build your site more graphically engaging and boost users to stay on the site by integrating attention-grabbing animations. Contemplate animating design features such as:

  • Hidden menu bars or sidebars
  • Button to add an item to the shopping cart
  • Call to action button
  • The background of the webpage
  • Long scrolling or unlimited scrolling elements

Create your animations entertaining, lustrously highlighted, and eye-catching for the greatest returns. Custom-made animations are the best way to fix your site apart from your entrants. Users truly love tailored visuals that really build a brand irreplaceable, and those that are in keeping with the company’s voice an idea. A professional Top eCommerce Development Service can assist you to occur with and apply bespoke animations for your e-commerce site.

Become an Omni-Channel Retailer

What does it mean to be an Omni-channel retailer? In simple words, getting a digital presence on platforms with your online store. Online store vendors can’t overlook the significance of having a presence somewhere else, such as on popular social media sites. E-commerce sites that have social media presences having 35% more sales on average than online stores that do not. Going social is imperative to keep your brand appropriate and to produce new leads. Millennial shoppers, especially, answer e-commerce sites advertisements on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Note down that just joining social media platforms will not be sufficient to enhance your sales. You should be an expert in social media marketing for your online store. This means recognizing your target audience, identifying which sites this audience visits the most, knowing the finest practices for these sites, and posting appropriate content on a regular basis. Omni-channel marketing might take adequate time and determination to maintain, but it is crucial for the continued productivity of e-commerce websites in 2018.

Stay on Top of Search Engine Optimization

Every year conveys new trends in e-commerce site search engine optimization (SEO). It is a business owner’s job to continue with developing SEO top practices to keep the website on the first page of Google search rankings. The basic objective of SEO is to build a site as clutter free, accessible, and pleasing for users as possible. To obtain this for your e-commerce site in 2018, except by the cutting-edge SEO strategies. Here are three examples:

Dial down the sales arenas. Contemporary users are not engrossed in ads that tell off them over the radio or otherwise provide an exasperating pause. 2017 is the first year Google initiated to punish sites that utilize invasive interstitials such as pop-up ads and light boxes. Google offers these instances:

Implement breadcrumb navigation. It’s very easy for users to get misplaced on e-commerce sites that claim massive lists. To assist your buyers more simply navigate your site and find items they wish to buy, make use of breadcrumb navigation. This component is flawless for sites with various category pages, as users can simply come back to prior pages.

Optimize page-loading speed. Loading speeds are vital to the success of an online shop. Users who are unsatisfied with page download speeds will jump in a matter of instants. Make use of analytic tools or employ a professional to check your pages’ download speeds for desktop and mobile. Make changes to optimize load speeds for perfect SEO strategy.

2018 is eyeing to positive for e-commerce dealers. Customers are keen to online shop as an option to traditional shopping and are doing so increasingly every so often from their mobile devices. With the correct website design and marketing approaches, online store proprietors can invest in the trend toward e-commerce shopping to augment their bottom lines. Make use of these UI/UX design tips to get your e-commerce site in outline for 2018 and further than.

In the domain of web, user experience mainly depends on how well they can obtain the information they are seeking out. Keeping this in the world of eCommerce is what that makes a boost your business sales to be expected provide an idea of how to build your eCommerce website to produce more sales. Comprehending what a consumer wants and how they feel while browsing your online store is the main way of the website design process.

We don’t even speak about website design that is constrained to only the complete look, but how a consumer feels and what experience they exactly receive while browsing your eCommerce store. This blog shows a few imperative features of how your eCommerce store design plays an important role in describing customer UX.

Important Features are:

☛ Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is what takes your business fast in competition. This is what takes your consumers to start buying from your store. Every online store must have a well-designed look and feel that what entices the consumers. Finally, your website appearance is what reveals how your business is and how thoughtful you are about your products. It reflects your company no matter what method you are representing yourself- online or offline.

All through the website, if a consumer experiences a similar look that assists them in recognizing the correct products what they want undoubtedly set up the best user experience. Build your website so that each components counterpart your website logo very well comprising the true choice of images, colors, text, designs, and features that reproduces the exact brand recognition.

☛ Creating the First Impression

Research shows the website complete look and feel gives 94% to spot the first impression. All at once, if the website is housed with the worst interface or absence of accessibility, then it faces refusal and distrust of buyers. When a customer visits on your website, then the website design and navigation what seems to be a major backed feature to provide the first impression of your brand.

Executing the perfect design sends the type of products you offer or how thoughtful you are. Represent your website the great way you can as this is only the leading way to grasp consumer attention.

☛ Impact on Bouncing Rate

Bounce rates are worrisome for your business. It is the assembly at which the buyer has left your website without navigating your website ahead. Various factors contribute to it; the main concern sets with nastiest website design. The best design is what that notifies the customer about the products. They notify the customer they visit the right place to get the products they are looking for. If anytime they feel difficulty in finding the product or products are not expected as per to consumer search, then they might instantly leave.

Few important features contributing to consumer first impression is the business term, products sold, business type, location, brands quality and many more. If these factors are overlooked throughout website designing, then the consumer will now wait for a second instance to return.

☛ Impact of Website Conversion

A distinct metric that fixes your website success is the conversion rates. Shopping online can from time to time be intimidating if having the worst designing interface. A well-designed website what construct your business first impression and persuade the consumer to purchase the products. Offer comprehensible website to make easier for the visitor to find what they exactly seek out. Execute conversion-centric design features that start user activities. Offer full product information with an accurate set of images implanting with perfect measurement, size, and resolution. Provide them sovereignty to increase and look to every detail s of the image. Try all the strategies to make their visit into buying.

☛ Website Security

A next imperative feature of website design which is repeatedly ignored is website security. If crucial safety measures are not followed then it would be susceptible to spammers, hackers and identity burgle. Consumers share their financial information and implement transaction online. If they feel uncertain while transacting online, then they can agree to leave. Make sure you protect your site with HTTPS and apply the accurate security features at your website to promise the consumer data is secure. Ask your web designers to contemplate all significant security features while designing a website.

☛ Testing and Auditing

Website constituents are numerous and it’s imperative that the whole thing works well. Keep testing your website to recognize the drawbacks and correct the mistakes. You might even work with the Google Analytics tool to find the prospective areas of your website to implement audit and testing. Lots of opportunities are available while building a website to boost the user experience.


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