Mobile app development has become a necessity for any business to thrive these days. And when you hire a mobile app development company, you would always dream of making successful apps and delivering them to your clients. You always have to follow important points before developing a Mobile App.

People think it is very easy to make an app but there are a lot of points to know before the app development company.


If you are wondering how to develop an app for beginners? Then we recommend you first know these things before even set to work. Afterward, you can gauge the key expectations in building mobile applications.

Did you know? The number of app downloads by the consumers is going to hit 258 billion by 2022 which is almost a 45% increase from the last five years.

There are multiple stages of developing an app, and the first stage is to know how to build the app and what should the app be like. Just imagine you have all the resources but you have never planned how to go about, then did you enjoy the project?

Similarly, when you want to start an app development company that makes only successful mobile apps, then they should know the basics. Let us take a look at some of the important things that you should consider before developing an app.

Mobile application development is in the boom now. Business people are interested in turning their business into developing a mobile app. So they always want to know what important points need to understand before developing a Mobile App. Besides this due to the popularity of smartphone mobile app Development Company’s making a huge profit.

Mobile applications are building for some platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, windows, etc. These days, most people are using mobile apps to make life easier than hassle-free.

Various apps are developed for health, games and other specialties. If you want an application for business, education, lifestyle or any other work, you can quickly get this by hiring a professional App developer from a different company.

India is the best place for outsourcing the task to any app development company.

App development companies offer flexible packages for Android or iPhone development. You can hire an expert app developer on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis.

12 Important points Know before Developing a Mobile App:

1. Concept Development

One of the first stages of developing an app is developing the concept of your app. Before you even start to build the app, you need to make sure that the app you develop will be a solution to the present challenge or problem.

What is the use of the development of a mobile app if there is no need for it? Hence, you need to develop the concept of the app before even starting to make the app.

2. Achieving the target audience

When you develop a mobile app, you need to have an essential plan on how to achieve the target audience. When you have a revolutionary plan, you have to make sure it reaches the success part if you know which target audience to reach.

You need to know the pulse of the audience and what they like before developing your app. There are many app development tips and you can view them and they will help you to research the audience.

Apart from that, you can also understand through this development only on how to accordingly plan the designs and the other features of the app.

3. Design of the app

When you are developing phone apps, the design of the app is a very important thing you have to consider. The app concept design should be user-friendly and the users need to be inclined to it.

Apart from that, when you are developing the app concept design, all the unnecessary elements can be ignored and then the distractions should be reduced.

The apter the design is, the better the focus you can put on the app content. Hence, try using the input fields where there are fewer input fields. You can keep your app less confusing and not lead to a terrible user experience.

4. Security

When you are about to hire an App developer, you need to have security. One of the major things to see in the mobile app is security. From gathering locations to having a personal account with passwords, everything should be private. People do tend to keep their most valuable things in a password and sometimes it is a common password for all of the things. Hence, there is a huge need to secure the app so that there are no data leaks.

When you are hiring a custom mobile app development company and they are creating your app, make sure they do add an extra layer of security in the app. Also, all the apps need to comply with the data protection laws that have come in the light recently. Always remember that security is a big issue and you need to have your app encrypted otherwise your successful app dream might crash right there.

5. Database storage

Another major issue that occurs while building an app is the database storage. The smartphones these days work on the apps to carry their numerous tasks. Hence, if there are any kind of glitches in the phone, they will directly uninstall the app.

Hence, when you hire the app developer, make sure they do not cause any kind of glitches. Any kind of mobile app development or android app development should happen with speed database storage.

Apart from this, it will make sure the app has great performance. Hence, while choosing a database for your phone, choose something safe, has a data structure, speed, and the data size.

6. Payment acceptance

While developing an app, there are a lot of attributes that you keep in mind. If you are developing an e-commerce app, then you need to provide a payment gateway.

This way, they can make the payments through your app for their purchases. The app should give them trust and confidence to make payments through your app.

Create a separate help section for them if there are any issues but the payment gateway should not have any shortcomings.

There are a lot of banks and other financial institutions that provide merchant payment services for e-commerce owners. If at all, yours is an e-commerce app, you have to have a properly functioning payment acceptance gateway feature in your app.

7. Future of your app

Any mobile app development company while making an app would think of long sustenance. Hence, while providing a good user experience, one should future proof the app too.

It should be such that the basic idea behind the app should still fetch you good returns in the future. It is essential to secure the efforts that way and also provide what the target audience needs.

8. What all platforms will your app be in?

When you are developing an app for android, you will have only the support of the Google Play Store. But when you are into iOS development too along with the Android app development, then you have the support of both the platforms.

Hence you need to ensure that your app passes all the requirements of the platforms to reach success.

9. Learning how to code

When you are brainstorming ideas for your mobile application, it would be great if you knew a little bit about coding too. The customization can be thousand times effective and you will understand what your mobile developer is going to say.

For example, you can take up any courses online and make it an important part of your mobile app development project plan. Hence, learning how to code can help you build a successful app and it will take some time to master the language but you can do it if you will.

10. How many numbers of downloads are you aiming for?

When you are developing an app, this is an essential question for you to ask your client and your team. You should create an app that is maximum downloaded to reach the success stage.

Hence, while still focusing on your target audience, add some extraordinary common features that can be used by all.

11. Are you including social media?

When you are making an app, are you linking it with social media? This will help in the publicity of the app and the easy creation of the account.

If the user has an account on Facebook and they want to create an account in your app, they can easily do it by sharing the same account details of the social media account.

12. Gauging the level of competition

It depends on the type of app you are preparing to launch. Your app needs to compete with a million other apps in the apps store or the play store.

Hence, try to create a unique app that can beat the competition and would make the users feel less troubled.

Brief Important Points before hiring Mobile App Developer:

  • Experience in the industry: it is important to hire an experienced App development service as they will able to provide the latest, user-friendly App for your business.
  • Ask about their previous apps: you should ask them about their previous apps and check the apps in the app store and run them to make sure that they are good at their job.
  • The process of the App development: the company should tell the complete procedure to make you understand what all they are going to do.


Hence, any mobile app development company you go to will have to know these 12 important points for developing an app.

While you want an excellent and successful app, you must have realized that the whole mobile app development project plan is an elaborative work.

Hence, if you are still wondering about the different things involved in developing an app then it is better that you hire an app developer for your iOS App Development and Android App Development.

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