Are you an influencer who wants to collaborate with brands or want to monetize their influence?

Influencer apps are something that can be the best server for your needs. By all means, there are numerous influence apps and websites that have been developed to serve social media influencers and search for brands that go well with them.

If you look at the same situation from a different angle, you’ll notice that marketers are always looking for ways to find influencers. This also made influencer apps so much more popular.

Some of these influencer apps you might glance upon are great platforms but others have distinct business models. So let’s deep dive and discuss 7 influencer apps that can help you with brand collaborations marketing and monetizing your social media presence. These are tried and trusted by some of the top digital marketing consultancy. So let us move ahead.

What Is Meant by Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that utilizes people who influence the crowd to deliver their brand’s message to the market. Rather than advertising your product directly to customers, you choose many influencers and pay them to do advertising for your brand. The influencer apps connect influencers with brands, and they spread their voices through their social media handles with their content. The content is either pre-planned by the brand or modified and made originally by the influencers.

From startups to small to large-scale businesses, it is very important to acknowledge the power of influencer brand collaboration marketing. Influencers support these businesses to easily reach out to their customers and build trust for their brand. Specifically, when the company launches new products and brands in the market, it should consider using influencer marketing campaigns. By connecting brands with influencers, businesses effectively reach out to potential customers and grab public attention in a short period.

What Does Influencer Apps Have to Offer?

An influencer app is basically an online portal that helps to connect influencers with brands in the same section or social channels. For instance, there are many influencer apps for fashion and lifestyle influencers, or YouTube influencers apps just for foodies, travelers, and many more. Therefore, various influencer marketing apps in the market could be referred to for various categories at once.

Here we have also listed some self-serve influencer marketing platforms, which means you can handle all the marketing campaigns in-house. They can also reach out to mobile application development services to help you through the entire process.

Various influencer marketing apps have added some extra advantages that would greatly benefit large influencer platforms and marketing tools. As a result, these strategies can be looked upon as great end-to-end solutions.

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How Shall You Choose Appropriate Influencer Apps for Your Business?>

These are some of the points you should consider while you are searching for an appropriate influencer app for your business:

  • Personal experiences if you have had any with the platform.
  • Top user reviews from the top software review websites.
  • Pricing for the application.
  • Trial and demo exception.
  • Added value to their previous project.
  • Must-have product pages.
  • The functionality of the influencer apps.
  • You take on overall satisfaction with their tool or platform.

Top 7 Influencer Apps that Would Help You to Grow Your Businesses.

Here we have listed 7 top influencer apps that could help you to boost your business revenues. These apps are tried, tested, and trusted by top digital marketing consultancy, so let us deep-dive into the app and learn about the key features:

1. BrandSnob

BrandSnob is one of the influencer apps that helps both influencers and brands working under lifestyle, beauty, and fashion segments as it connects influencers with brands for collaborations. This influencer marketing app is a platform that works by allowing brands to apply for collaboration proposals, which later on are responded to by influencers. Brands can collaborate with the influencers over a fixed price or keep the slot open for negotiations. Either way, you get to pick the brands influencers to wish to collaborate with and then get paid for their work from the BrandSnob platform. Payments to the influencers are made on-site and held in guarantee until the influencers have done their committed work.

The benefits of opting for BrandSnob are twofold. The platform protects the members by cross-checking everyone’s identity, and secondly, it makes it much harder for people to get cheated because of the guarantee provision. Moreover, the platform is only offered to iOS users. People using Windows and Android have to wait till their app launches on their platform.

Pricing: The cost for brands is $185/month with the seven-day free trial, and influencers get 10% commissions on all the revenue earned.

2. Brij

Brij is also one of the well-known influencer marketing apps. This influencer app is also for iOS users, covers all industry types, and provides opportunities to micro-influencers. A young group of leaders manages Brij. Thus it is built to attract millennials. Influencers are informed to register and then accept the brand offers.

Suppose you are working with Brij campaigns, then you mostly get to take selfies with the product or make something similar. In brief words, it is more like a no-frills way of managing a marketing campaign. In all, it is a wonderful platform for you to get your first few brand collaborations. As you start building your portfolio, you’ll be open to more options.

Pricing: The pricing for Brij is not mentioned on the website. Instead, you are required to send a request and talk to their representative to know the pricing for your requirement. The payments to influencers are made per engagement rather than a flat fee per cost strategy.

3. Collabor8

Collabor8 is an influencer app that states itself to be the “tinder of influencer marketing apps’ ‘. Do you know why it mentions it to be like that? Collabor8 offers a place where brands connect with influencers for collaborations. There are no strict rules from the Collabor8 side, but brands and influences can set rules upon whom they would like to work with and the brand types and follower numbers. Once you mention your type, collabor8 displays subscribers matching results.

Further parties communicate and work things out for the influencer collaboration. This brand collaboration marketing also follows an escrow policy for paying influencers, which protects them from fraud. Further, the reviews are left open for others to decide if this is right for collaboration options or not. With this brand collaboration marketing, you get protection from scam artists. You have access to both iOS and Android versions.

Pricing: It provides users with a free trial. And once the period gets over, they have to pay $4.99 a month to collaborate as either a brand or an influencer. If you pay $9.99, you get to be both a brand and an influencer. Here it can also switch between multiple accounts. Thus pricing ranges between Free to $9.99

4. ExpertVoice

ExpertVoice is an influencer app with a slightly different approach to product marketing. As they believe that the main motto for the site is for people to learn about the latest services and products in their industry, they recommend their best products. In return for all of this, they get great discounts on the latest gear.

The eligible lot for it includes well-known athletes, retail associates, and verified influencers. It states that you can monetize your access when your customers are at work. Sounds exciting right, have you thought of applying to get in? Here at ExpertVoice, brands do not provide money for content. Rather they educate and offer discounts in the hope that they would recommend their products to other people. It is a great option, to begin with, for influencers and people who give away great advice.

Pricing: Brands are required to reach out to “contact sales” about access. It might cost you a discount.

5. Heartbeat for Ambassadors

Heartbeat is also one of the influencer apps that provides both influencer matching and payment processing. It is a unique influencer marketing app in various ways. Initially, they work with nano influencers and provide them with an option of free products. Secondly, they work with TikTok influencers and Instagram influencers, as they understand the trend and segment of the market now.

Furthermore, they fix the prices for each influencer, and no negotiations are entertained. Here they connect brands looking for influencers by matching their profiles and preferences. The entire process is a bit less intimidating, and one will get access to many relevant offers. Thus these influencer apps are a great place to learn the art of collaborating with brands.

Not advertised, but two levels of service are offered. There’s full service, including all the campaign management, and self-service where you’ll do most of the work.

Pricing: It is not mentioned, but there are two levels of services offered to customers. It is a full service that comprises whole campaign management and self-service where you have to do most of the work.

6. Indi

Do you possess any skill of turning something you like into cash? Indi is one of the influencer apps that find gigs as it provides people with great know-how opportunities to share it with others. Thus it means that it is a brand collaboration marketing where they help people monetize more than influence. The talents could be more like artistic skills or guitar skills. However, these influencers let brands pay for their sponsored content as well. These platforms provide users with a great opportunity to get cash backs or discounts on online shopping. In short, there are various options for influencers to choose from.

Pricing: Pricing not listed

7. Influenster

Wouldn’t it feel great to get rewarded for reviewing your preferred products? Influenster is mainly a consumer forum where people come and try the latest products. This helps them to get insights into various things. If you are good at reviewing, then further, you might get a VoxBox full of free stuff to try and review. Getting stuff for free means less money spent on buying stuff.

One of the amazing things about this brand collaboration marketing is that reviews do not require a large following base, as reviews are posted on the website. Thus this opportunity can be grabbed by someone who does not want to become a social media influencer. In addition, there is a wide range of products that are talked about across many industries, hence there is always something available for everyone.

Pricing: Pricing not listed

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To get more knowledge on establishing an influencer marketing strategy, reach out to a digital marketing consultancy. They could be your great help.

Over time, it will be interesting to see which of these platforms build up the critical mass required to survive and which ones die (it looks like some are already dead). It’s also interesting to observe how many of these platforms focus on one channel or type of influencer and expand their offering to every channel and type of influencer worldwide.

Apps for Brands to Follow in 2021


These are some steps you need to follow to build your influencer marketing strategy:
  • Determine your goals.
  • Know what you want to influence.
  • Better understand your rules.
  • Consider R’s of the influence.
  • Compile a shortlist of influencers.
  • Do your proper research.
  • Personally, reach out.
  • Collaborate with influencers.
  • Measure your results.

Here are some of the advantages of influencer marketing:
  • Improves brand awareness.
  • Provides vast reach out and visibility.
  • Help your brand build trust and loyalty.
  • Easily reach your target audience and drive purchasing decisions.

As per the 2019 Influencer Marketing Survey, the top 5 important social media channels for influencer marketing are:
  • Instagram: 89%
  • YouTube: 70%
  • Facebook: 45%
  • Blogs: 44%
  • Twitter: 33%