Are you looking to serve your business customers in various locations? Multi-Location Business management involves managing the business to operate even in multiple locations. 

The opportunity to serve customers in different areas adds more volume of customers creating better brand recognition. The local seo strategy plays an important role in improving the success rate of a multi-location business. 

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO involves targeting people who are quite close to physical locations. It will give you maximum benefits for running the business or store in a real-world location. 

Local restaurants, boutique stores, at-home services, and many others can use this strategy to reach more customers. A local seo optimization is an efficient option for helping to reach potential customers.

Based on a recent report, about 63% of Google’s organic search traffic in the USA comes from smartphones. About 5 million active websites have used the Google Maps app, with 154.4 million monthly users. More than 40% of people also prefer to complete their shopping experience on mobile. 

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What Are Multiple Locations SEO?

Multi-location SEO is especially the SEO suitable for optimizing for specific business locations. These involve multiple locations within the same city, state, metro, and location. These involve using local SEO for applications in varied business locations.

Many methods are available to optimize the website for local search in multiple locations. Local search engine optimization services will be a significant way for businesses to appear for local searches.

More than half of searches are based on local intent. About 78% of the people accessed local mobile searches enabled with offline purchases.

Do’s Of Local SEO For Multi-Location Businesses:

1. Create A Web Page For Location:

Multi-location SEO is important in easily creating a separate page on the website in each business location. Normally, each page requires important elements.

  • Meta title
  • Meta description

Adding the unique URL and location name is essential for quick identification. Location-specific metadata shows up with quick search results. These include the target keyword with location info. 

You can also add the: 

✍ Location Name

Adding the location name on the page, like Title Tag or an H2, gives a better option for reaching people.

✍ Location Address

The location page requires adding the location’s address to help embed it with the map. Integrating the Google map with your location page is helpful for the site visitors to get your direction. These automatically increase the time on the page.

✍ Location Contact Information

Adding location-specific contact information to your website is essential. This includes your social media profiles, phone number, and email address.

2. Optimize Location-Specific Keywords:

Enabling the location-specific Keyword is quite important for getting relevant searches in the search engines. You will be gaining top ranking in Google and other search engines. Establishing the best SEO strategy and a set of keywords is an efficient option. You can also localize with keywords.

For example, you can add the Best plumber, HVAC repair company, Cleaning Company, or others. These are required to be specific about your business. 

3. Enabling Dedicated Local SEO Tool For WordPress:

In the modern day, you have plenty of SEO plugins for WordPress. It is quite important to focus on local SEO. It will be a convenient option for gaining better accessibility.

The best local SEO strategy is using the schema markup for providing search engines. This adds specific information about the business.

Adding the details about your location, opening hours, and the type of business you run plays an important role. Adding markup to WordPress is a convenient option. There are a wide number of amazing local seo tools available.

4. Get Local Backlinks:

Normally, the Backlink is the link to the page from a website you do not own. These Backlinks send signals to the search engine to ensure your site is reliable and authoritative. 

These are the most important ranking factors for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Getting local backlinks will be a convenient option for boosting multi-location SEO. 

✍ You can get good local backlinks by simply following the below:

  • Enabling businesses featured in local write-ups
  • Partnering with local businesses for the link swap
  • Member of local Chamber of Commerce
  • Become a Sponsor of the local team, event, or organization
  • Having the location page featured on the site
  • Partner with local micro-influencer to write about business
  • Writing guest posts for the local businesses
  • Getting the local press about locations

5. Making Accurate Business Listings:

It is important to make the business listing match the NAP citations on the site. These include punctuation, exact appearance, and many others. It also ensures the accuracy of the business listing. 

It won’t be easy to locate the business even if something is off. The algorithm involves the interpretations of the onsite in the local SEO.  

6. Business In The Knowledge Panel:

You need to ensure your business is listed in the Knowledge Panel. Normally, the Local structured data plays an important role in achieving the knowledge panel. Local seo services help enable the business in SERPs.

Make sure structured data will be added properly. These also validate with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. Implementing local SEO Schema with digital marketing services is one of the best ways to save time. The business listing must not be showing with punctuation errors on Google.

7. Assessing Competition:

Normally, proper competitor research plays a significant role in local content and links. These are helpful for you to easily determine stability in reaching a particular niche.

It would be best to examine the niche to assess the competition levels. It is also a convenient option for easily assessing the general market and target markets that fit the budget.

For example, when you have a $1 million+ budget, seeking larger markets across different cities will be easier. You cannot go after the larger market when the budget is lower. Assessing the market is the most important part of local competition.

8. Assess Your Competition:

Normally, you would be competing among the local companies who are offering similar products or services. You can easily assess the competition level with easy ranking for the particular market. It is also essential to look for various attributes with the seo marketing strategy for gaining a better reach audience.   

9. Ensure A Mobile-Friendly Website:

Local and mobile search especially goes completely hand in hand. About 61% of Google searches could be easily performed on mobile. The most common ways to use the site in a mobile environment are to,

  • Look on reviews
  • Search for contact information
  • Find directions to your location

You can also easily make aspects for customers and prospects easier by making the site completely mobile-friendly.

10. Get Inbound Links:

The inbound links provide a better compelling opportunity for boosting local SEO. All the inbound links show the search engine that you are a legitimate company. It automatically improves the domain authority by seeking local seo services

✍ Below are some ways to get the inbound links, such as:

  • Guest Blog Posting
  • Scholarships
  • Sponsorships or Partnerships

Don’ts Of Local SEO For Multi-Location Businesses:

1. Don’t Use Any ‘Virtual Office’ Locations:

Many businesses have been using virtual office locations to buy a virtual office or even rent one easily. Google recently made a Google My Business guideline stating the legalities of virtual offices. These should be related to Google’s Terms.

Businesses that ignore these Terms will be wiped off from Google Maps. Competitors could also out them with spam reports. According to the GMB, you must not use the Virtual Office locations for the strategy. You can use this offsite location only when it is fully staffed.

2. Avoid Duplicate Content:

It will be challenging to create content while creating the location page. It will be suitable for conveying similar ideas for the various locations. You can copy and paste the same content across the page.

Google and other search engines do not prefer to have duplicate content. These could also hurt your site’s ability to rank. Google chose to index pages that seemed to be only original. So you can create new and fresh content with local seo services.

  • Do not keyword-stuff content
  • Do not skimp on the quality of your content
  • Do not write bad content from page to page
  • Do not switch up local SEO information


Implementing a successful local seo strategy with the multi-location feature lets you gain more revenue. Business with physical location requires local SEO services to get a better accurate listing. People also search for a business in your location, which helps them gain a strong online presence


You can optimize local SEO for multiple locations by creating a web page for each location by optimizing location-specific keywords. You can get the local backlinks and optimize Google Business Profiles.

Multi-location SEO lets you easily attract locals, even from different locations. You can adapt the local seo services. Multiple-location SEO helps improve search traffic from different locations.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is one of the best ways to rank local businesses in local SEO. You must also concentrate on mobile responsive features. Focus on local link building to improve the SEO ranking.