Millennials don’t like to wait in a queue for anything. That includes access to their banks. To cater to these requirements banking apps soon came into existence. Initial bank apps would allow you to only check your balance. But with time mobile banking apps have evolved.

You have everything at your fingertips now. Right from online money transfers to locating the nearest ATM.

If convenience is a priority for you then these online bank apps are for you! Any reputed mobile application development services would know about these apps. It will make your task of explaining your project requirements easier.

Popular Mobile Banking Apps in 2020:

Here is the list of top 10 mobile banking apps that we have prepared for you!

1. Bank of America Mobile Banking App

Bank of America’s mobile app is among the top apps in the world that will secure and allow financial transactions for all US-based accounts. The Bank of America mobile banking feature will enable you to send/receive funds securely using an email address/mobile number.

You can also pay your e-bills and schedule payments. The highlight of Bank of America’s net banking is that it provides a mobile banking security guarantee.

Under this guarantee, you can get a full refund when there is a fraudulent transaction done from your account. You can always contact a representative when you require any assistance.

Feature List:

  • Reviews activity & balances
  • Option to activate or replace debit/credit cards
  • Set/edit travel notices for eligible cards
  • Request for check copies

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2. Chase Mobile Banking

Chase banking app is the bank mobile app that acts as a one-stop solution for all your needs. All your banking needs like check deposit, bills payment, money transfer and a lot more can be taken care of.

Chase banking app is one of the top mobile banking apps as you can keep a track of all the debts by scheduling payments for your credit card. Apart from all this, the app has a different “offers and deals section”. Here you can view and redeem your rewards under the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program.

Feature List:

  • Fingerprint scan/sign in for better security
  • Monitor savings and credit card activities
  • Travel notifications for debit/credit cards
  • Account alerts on any account activity

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3. Wells Fargo Mobile Banking

The Wells Fargo Android app and iOS app comes with a load of features including account management, check deposits, pay bills and funds transfer.

The app is not limited to this. You can also get real-time quotes, market data, charts, and news if you are interested in funds investment. Just like other best online banks 2020, Wells Fargo will also refund your amount in the case of fraudulent transactions.

Feature List:

  • Review account activity and balance
  • View your credit card transactions and manage rewards program
  • Deposit checks using your phone’s camera
  • Option to send/receive money using a mobile number or email address

Wells Fargo Mobile App Download Link for Android & iOS

4. Ally Bank

As the Ally Bank exists only online, it is able to provide you with higher rates and lower fees as compared to other banks. You get access to more than 43,000 ATMs in the USA.

Right now it is one of the top-rated banks that offer interest checking accounts. This is definitely not a common product.

Furthermore, the Ally banking app gives you a high-yield savings account along with a competitive APY. The bonus feature with the Ally bank app is that you can directly read the stock market news.

Feature List:

  • Open app with fingerprint
  • Directly read the stock market news
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Easy access to statements and tax forms

5. Capital One

The Capital One banking app has been awarded the title of “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Mobile Banking Apps”.

Both Apple and Android users have given the Capital One Wallet app 4.7/5 ratings on the official app store. We think this is enough reason to include the Capital One app in the list of top mobile banking apps.

What’s more? You can also access your accounts through your Apple Watch. The Capital One app has redefined the phrase “Banking on the Go!”.

Feature List:

  • Track your purchase and credit history
  • Instant push notifications
  • Keep a track of your credit score and redeem credit card rewards
  • A lost credit card can be locked directly from the app

6. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab has been considered a popular name in the brokerage industry for a long time now. It also provides banking services. Charles Schwab provides you with a powerful banking app that will combine all your financial aspects.

Use its app to open new accounts, carry out all the trading transactions and get access to real-time market data. Additionally, the app also has an in-built Media Center where you can view all the videos, podcasts and much more.

It is a must-have application for all the Charles Schwab clients that have multiple accounts.

Feature List:

  • All your financial assets combined in a single place
  • Carry out trading
  • Access to real-time market data
  • In-built Media Center

7. Citi Mobile

It is among the must-have mobile banking apps if you have a huge number of credit card related tasks. The online banking app enables direct credit card payments from the card and monitoring of your FICO score.

After the app is installed you need to sign-in with user-ID and password to start using it. If you don’t want to log-in every time then there is the Snapshot feature.

The snapshot will show you the account balance and recent transactions without logging in.

Feature List:

  • Locate the nearest Citibank ATM, retailers and branches
  • Instant fund transfers to other bank accounts
  • Request for a statement on email
  • Spending a summary of multiple categories such as travel, health care, etc.

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8. Discover Mobile

Discover mobile app is the best mobile payment app for people who own too many credit cards. The key feature of this app is that whenever there is a successful transaction from your credit/debit cards, you will be rewarded with redeem points.

These points can be used to carry out other purchase transactions. The special travel notification feature has earned Discover mobile a place among the best mobile banking apps.

In this option, you can notify the bank whenever you are traveling and the bank will charge accordingly.

Feature List:

  • View and search transaction activity
  • Make payments and edit/cancel pending payments
  • Redeem your rewards for statement credit or direct deposits
  • Option to activate a new card

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9. Barclays Mobile Banking

Barclays Bank claimed in their Q2 2018 report that its online banking app was in the top-ranked UK mobile banking apps. If you are a resident of the UK then you should opt for its banking services.

The reason being it has more branches than any other bank in the region. The app will not only carry out the basic banking transactions but also take care of PIN numbers related operations.

Now, this is something that branches never do. You can also speak to a representative and find the nearest ATMs and branches.

The only drawback is that the app will not work on rooted devices. It means many Android users can’t use this mobile app.

Feature List:

  • View recent transactions and balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Sort and store important documents on its own cloud platform
  • Locate the nearest branch or ATM machine

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10. HSBC Mobile Banking

The online banking app of HSBC is a gem for users. HSBC was considered to be the seventh-largest bank in the world in 2018.

This mobile app will enable you to manage your funds on the go without any hassles. You can directly log-in to the account, view account balances and carry out transactions. The app is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption.

So, you know you are safe, the moment you log-in. Due to these reasons, HSBC is not only among the best online banks in 2020 but also ranked among the top mobile banking apps.

Feature List:

  • Secure message box
  • Track your transaction history
  • Exchange and deposit rates
  • Home and away privilege program offers

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We put together a list of mobile banking apps that bring some value to the banking experience for each customer. These mobile banking apps have not only made our lives easier but also brought everything on our fingertips.

Gone are the days when we had to wait in queues to avail of the basic banking services. You have to agree that the best mobile banking apps make sure that our transactions are safe as well as save us a lot of time and effort.

If you are a bank owner and are planning to launch your application, then keep in mind all the features you want to include. It is highly recommended to do detailed competitors’ analysis before coming up with a feature list.

The analysis will help you identify the areas where you can get an edge over your competitors. The second important aspect is your target audience or your existing customers. If you have a target audience that is likely to choose a bank on the basis of its mobile banking services, then it is definitely a good idea to get your own app developed.

Last but not least, the financial aspect. You need to know that the cost of your project depends on a lot of factors. Discuss all of them with your technology partner and make the right decision.

In the case of mobile banking apps, a cross-platform development company would be an ideal choice. You would definitely not want to miss out on a set of customers/users just because they are using a specific platform. Due to this reason, cross-platform development is the perfect way to go!

Are you looking for a development company with substantial experience in the industry? Well, you have landed on the right page! Drop details about your requirements on [email protected]!

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