ReactJS has gained enormous traction among users since its debut. After its release, a large number of industry leaders adopted this technology. However, it is difficult for developers to choose the best react js frameworks for their projects. Every developer should be aware of the most recent developments and trends in their chosen field. 

A developer’s most valuable skill is their ability to keep up with the rapid pace of change in their field. If JavaScript is your primary programming language, you’ve come to the right spot. This blog discusses the leading React libraries and frameworks.

A UI framework is a set of tools that developers may use to design the user interface of a website or mobile application. Developers can speed up frontend development with the help of the framework’s built-in libraries.

The framework’s primary goal is to specify how users and web applications communicate. Due to the advent of digitalization in several industries, the framework’s popularity has expanded, and as a result, organizations are actively seeking to recruit ReactJS developers.

The finest React JS UI framework comes into play here since they require a platform that can entice customers and clients to conduct business with them. 

What is ReactJS?

One of the high-performing and top UI frameworks is now React JS. It was developed and released by Facebook. React JS offers a wide collection of libraries developed using JavaScript, which minimizes the efforts of developers and designs attractive user interfaces. 

According to StackOverflow, React JS is the most demanded web development framework in both classes – ‘Professional Developers’ and ‘All Respondents’ enables developers to create dynamic, faster, and highly functional web applications. If you want to create a Single Page Application (SPA), choose React JS.

Why Choose React.JS Over Other Frameworks?

Creating websites from scratch is not easy and time-consuming. Moreover, you need to have a proper budget for it. 

So, if you need a better alternative based on JavaScript to create your highly responsive, cost-effective, feature-rich, and scalable web app, you should consider React.js. Professional react js development services provider can help you leverage the full potential of react js frameworks.

Let’s Check Some of the Top Features of Using React JS Over Other Frameworks:

  • React.js Key USP Features
  • Single Data Binding
  • Declarative
  • Simple and Robust
  • Component-based
  • Easy to develop SPA (Single Page App)
  • Server-side Support
  • Uses Virtual-DOM

Do you have any idea about the React UI framework? Want to know the best frameworks to use with react js? Then proceed further and explore everything in detail about react UI framework. In general, the react components are effectively useful on various desktop applications. 

Such components are most suitable for developing complex and data-dense interfaces. Here you can select bits of code for showcasing and creating icons from the component library. It can also be useful for communicating with date and time, choosing time zones, etc. 

Let’s Check the Top 22 React JS Frameworks For Developers in 2022

1. React Admin

React admin can be effectively useful in creating B2B admin apps on REST/GraphQL APIs. It can also be effectively customized by design. Created react admin with a wide range of notable projects such as React Router, React: Redux, Material UI and React Final Form. 

2. Material Kit React

Google’s Material Design system inspires material Kit React. It is the best choice for developing React UI components and the best frameworks to use with reactjs. The perfect thing about material kit react is that it can offer more components built to look incredible and fit together. 

There are around 1,000 fully coded components, and each one is available with separate layers that are properly organized in folders. Here, you have a wide range of options to pick from. If you want to share a concept or idea or get inspiration from someone, you can explore several example pages here. 

3. Shards React

Shards React is the modern React UI kit that can be effectively built from scratch to grab fast performance. It has a modern design system that allows you to customize the effective option you want.  

Here you can also download all the source files and make the customization at the code level. You can also use SCSS syntax for styling and improving the development experience. 

Shard’s React concept is completely based on Shards and uses React Popper, noUISlider, and React Datepicker. It can also support highly effective Material Design icons. Here you can explore some pre-made versions to get some inspiration. After that, you can get started with everything. 

Generally, shards are lightweight and have a weighting and small footprint. By default, they are responsive and can reflow and adapt their layout to any screen size. In addition, it can be well documented and can start developing interfaces as quickly as possible. 

4. Styled Components

Styled components are an effective CSS tool that can help build reusable and small components responsible for the visual application interface. For example, you may overwrite the selectors accidentally used in other places on a website with traditional CSS. 

But these Styled Components can be helpful for you to eradicate such problems by using CSS syntax directly around your components. It can make all components readable, and they depend on JavaScript for their style. It is also possible to build the custom components with CSS and get inline styling. 

5. Redux

Redux is the state management solution for all JavaScript applications. When it is useful for various react js framework lists, you can also use it for other React-like frameworks.

The predictable state update can help define the extraordinary data flow of the application. Centralize the state and make logic easier for time travel debugging and testing with reducer functions. 

6. React Virtualized

React Virtualized is the exceptional React library that can effectively analyze large lists and tabular data. It is a useful library if you have more components or when you want to assess more columns in one table. 

Here the elements of React Virtualized can incorporate a multigrid, an autosizer, a columnsizer, an arrowkeystepper, a cellmeasurer, and much more. This unique and versatile React library can be programmed to satisfy all tabular needs.

7. React-Motion

The popular animation react library uses spring configuration to describe the animation. Hence it can reduce the concerns regarding controlled duration and complicacy. 

The react motion can also simplify development flow around react elements that use damping, stiffness, and accuracy strategies. The React-Spring API can fill the gap between imperative and declarative methods. In addition, you can predict a secure and shared transition also. 

8. React DnD

Here, react DnD is completely responsible for creating complex drag and drop interfaces. Wide ranges of drag-and-drop libraries are available but React DnD stands unique. It is mainly since; they are built on top of modern HTML5’s drag-and-drop API. It can effectively make the creating interface process simple. 

React DnD is the natural and beautiful movement of item bouquets. The screen reader and powerful keyboard can support a wheelchair. They are extremely powerful and have a clean and effective API. It can also play well with all kinds of standard browser interactions.

9. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is the UI Kit library that can replace Bootstrap’s JavaScript with React. It can provide more control over the functions of every component. It is mainly because; each component can be built to be easily accessible and are beneficial for various frontend framework building. Here you have a wide range of bootstrap themes to explore. 

It is easily able to import all the required components or code. It can save bugs and typing by compressing the Bootstrap. It is very simple to use and can encapsulate elements. It can reduce all conflicts and typing efforts by compressing the Bootstrap. 

10. React Suite

It is another effective React.js framework that consists of various collections of component libraries for many enterprise system products. It can support all major platforms and browsers and make it the best choice for all systems. It can also support server-side rendering without any issues. 

11. PrimeReact

The PrimeReact library can offer components that are helpful to cover the important edge necessities of the application UI design like user-friendly menus, efficient data presentation, secure inputs, messages, and much more. 

It can enhance the user experience part for all mobile applications. Hence it can optimize all kinds of responsive design components. 

It offers you a wider range of themes and templates to create customized designs. Hence it is the best UI framework for reacting. It is very simple and offers performance, simplicity, and a rich user interface, usability, and sprint applications. 

12. MobX

The MobX library can make state engagement effective and simple. Generally, any react library can concentrate on hindering developers from customizing the state, but this MobX library can boast exceptional features that can ensure all extract. 

It can respond to all existing observable properties discovered during the implementation of the defined function. Here react, and MobX works together, and both can be strong while working together. MobX is helpful for you to update and then store the app state.

13. React Router

React router is very famous in the React Native developer community since it is very simple to complete the work. Here you need Git and the npm package manager installed on your PC, willingness to learn, and basic knowledge of React. 

Here there is no complication. It offers CSS transitions on views when navigating, Dynamic route matching, and standardized app structure and behavior.

14. Grommet

Grommet can be useful for creating accessible and responsive mobile-first web apps. Apache 2.0-licensed JavaScript framework can offer modularity, accessibility, theming, and responsiveness in one small package. It is the fundamental reason that it can be widely used by top companies like GE, Netflix, Boeing, and Uber. 

15. Onsen UI

It is the mobile app development framework that uses JavaScript and HTML5 and provides integration with Vue, Reacts, and Angular. It can provide stack navigation, side menu, tabs, and other components. Its components have android and iOS material design support and automatic styling. 

It can change the appearance of the application based on the platform. Onsen UI can be built on open and free source code. It will never force any DRM on apps developed along with it. It will compile HTML5 and JavaScript code and offer end-users native experience. 

16. ReactToolBox

The React library can come in handy to develop the application using material design principles offered by Google. CSS features of this library are the essential factor that can make the library dynamic. In addition, there are various packages available that can be useful with React ToolBox and helpful in consolidating the web pack flow. 

It can provide the guest users with an in-browser desk editor where one can easily perform tests on various active components. Furthermore, you can use the other components of external packages to import into the application while starting with js frameworks that work with react.

Here the major difference between the components of react framework and the external bundle is that these components have themes and necessary dependencies. Separate CSS files are available for individual dependency and are accessible by the main CSS file. 

It is also concluded that not all raw components include the CSS file. Therefore, it is best to properly style the layout with better design to apply individual themes. 

17. ReactStrap

The effective user interface framework for react can offer ReactStrap libraries with 4 essential components. This library can be updated twice, and then it will release the 2 major versions. Here the basic version will never offer any optional dependencies that can provide more flexibility for gathering all dependencies. 

Then the updated version can provide all kinds of discrete dependencies without any issues. Such dependencies can be suggested to use in developing smaller-sized applications very effectively. 

 18. Elemental-UI

The combination of various themes and default styles is readily available on necessary functional components. These are cards, modals, forms, buttons, and much more. The Element UI libraries are currently having more popularity on GitHub, though the library is in the development phase.

19. Belle

Belle has an exclusive and wide range of components and libraries supported by the React UI. Here, customization can be possible for certain components that can be done in two fundamental ways. It can be configuring each component separately or using the base level components effectively.

The belle’s components can support hover and mobile applications, including support for ARIA. The use of belle is very simple and easy. It will just introduce a simple application that uses the React framework. After that, it will import all the components offered by Belle, and they can be ready to use. 

20. React-MD

React MD is the React JS UI Framework useful for developing steady designs for your project using React UI component libraries. Here it provides the option to work effectively with the SaaS platforms using suitable React components. 

It can also offer certain functionalities to customize various color options and typography options based on the user’s requirements. Then the methodologies can be mentioned in the libraries’ documentation.

21. KendoReact

The KendoReact library can provide building blocks of the components by offering highly advanced secure license keys. Here many MNC companies like Sony, Microsoft, and space research centers like NASA can implement and support the idea of using the KendoReact library. 

Moreover, it can be effectively available when developers want to develop their application using the library with attractive UI and high-end features. Here, the components present in the KendoReact libraries will never depend on each other and will never be optimized as a whole for a certain React framework.

22. Office-UI-Fabric

Office UI Fabric Library can offer frontend developing interfaces compatible with effective MS office tools. Office 365 is the latest option that can be the best choice for everyone. It is also the best React CSS Framework. 

It can be useful in designing a great user experience for various applications developed for major professional office purposes. Therefore MS office tools such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can be easily accessible and integrated via the developed applications using the ReactJS framework.


In this blog, we have summarized the top react frameworks. You can choose the best framework as per your project needs. All these are easily available from a varied number of sources. Read more on top react native frameworks.

With these frameworks, you can make your app development process smooth and rapid. We hope you had a great time reading this blog. It proves that React JS can become the top choice of different app development companies in the future.

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React is an open-source and front-end JavaScript library that assists in creating user interfaces, particularly for single-page applications. It also assists in creating reusable and complex UI components of web and mobile apps.

React was intended as a way to make it easily adaptable. Developers can easily use its features in their codebase.

React is used by several global companies such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft, Slack, Storybook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Yahoo, Khan Academy, Netflix, Facebook, Codecademy, Atlassian, etc.