Marketers have been forced to become more innovative, honest, and helpful as the internet marketplace has returned significant purchasing power to consumers and buyers alike. Increasingly, consumers’ today switch between digital and non-digital channels throughout the day. Moreover, it is vital to know the reasons why digital marketing is getting popular. 

Before making a purchase, the typical customer undertakes product research, solutions, and companies. When it comes to marketing, new technology is making it easier for marketers to be more targeted and effective. 

Ads in digital media are an obvious choice to reach your target demographic with a campaign or promotion message. We will tell you the reasons why digital marketing is important.

What is digital marketing and how does it work?

Digital marketing is the way to promote the products and services using different ways on the web. Digital marketing uses a variety of methods to accomplish a single aim. Think of digital marketing as a firm, with many divisions represented by the various strategies employed by the company. 

According to Statista, “Global digital advertising spending is expected to reach $521.02 billion in 2021, according to estimates., and spending will reach $876 billion by 2026.

A large part of digital marketing’s breadth comes from the sheer variety of online distribution options. As with email marketing and blogging, social media posting is a sort of digital marketing. Each platform’s promotional content is integrated into a single internet marketing plan.

Digital marketing is a critical component of every marketing strategy, whether you’re promoting an event or building an email list. Digital advertising revenue is expected to expand by 13.5% in 2022, according to a market data evaluation from December 2021, as the business slows after patching up the losses experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic outbreak.

All employees of the same company are motivated by the same goal: to make the company successful. In the same way, a company’s digital marketing techniques work in concert to drive traffic, raise brand awareness, and turn prospects into paying customers. There are some digital marketing advertising examples listed below:

☛ Optimizing a website for search engines

Every time you have a question or need to buy anything, the first thing you do is type it into Google. In most cases, customers can find what they’re looking for on Google’s first or second page of results.

Search engine optimization plays a role here. One of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing is making your website SEO-friendly. Unless your website is optimized for search engines, you will be unable to attract new customers and gain exposure for your business.

SEO is the best option for those who don’t want to spend money to get their website on the first page of Google’s search engine results. SEO is a cost-free strategy that steadily improves traffic to a website over time.

☛ AdWords Pay-per-click

Put another way, you would be charged each time a user clicks on your advertised ad. It’s the quickest and most straightforward approach to bringing visitors to your site. 

This strategy does not qualify as organic traffic. Despite this, PPC advertising is still crucial because it takes time for SEO to perform to bring in natural traffic.

☛ Advertising on the Internet

When it comes to attracting new clients, your website is one of the essential marketing tools you have at your disposal. It is common for buyers to spend considerable time studying a website before making a final choice to purchase. 

Your job is to keep your customers on your website as long as possible by providing an exceptional user experience. They should be able to quickly locate the details they need about the goods and services they desire.

☛ Content Marketing

Content marketing has a significant role to play in the digital marketing landscape. Regardless of your internet marketing plan, you will not be able to grow a customer base, establish your brand, or pique your target audience’s attention without using content marketing.

Marketing with content is all about connecting with your customers and persuading them to buy from you. Videos, Testimonials, Ebooks, Podcasts, Infographics, Blog entries, social media postings, and the list are some examples of content marketing.

☛ Marketing on Social Networks

Social media marketing is one of the most popular and successful digital marketing methods. For businesses, social media has revolutionized the way they sell themselves.

The astounding amount of exposure your company may gain from the ever-increasing number of social media users worldwide. You won’t be slinging darts into the dark for marketing success when you have access to so much behavioral data about your customers.

Marketing your goods and services while keeping in touch with potential clients on a platform where they spend most of their time is now possible thanks to social media. 

You can utilize social media for more than just customer support; it can be used for advertising campaigns, contests, and the creation of unique and exciting content, all of which have the potential to go viral.

☛ Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t the major source of news primarily for most businesses but rather a way to communicate with customers who have expressed interest in your products or services and have signed up to receive your business updates.

Email marketing can help you build a following of clients who return to buy from you over and over again. Most firms use email marketing to send out weekly newsletters, promotional offers, and product and service updates.

What are TV Ads and how do these Ads work?

To promote certain goods and services, advertisements on television frequently cut into the programming people are attempting to watch. It can be very irritating when a single episode of a television show is interrupted multiple times by commercials (which typically last between 15 and 60 seconds each).

Although it could appear to TV viewers as a disadvantage, this is a mechanism for stations to recoup some of the costs associated with their programming. The production of a commercial for television can take many different forms. 

The creation of advertisements can either be done in-house by the advertiser or outsourced to a production business and advertising agency. Both options are available to advertisers.

For the commercial to be broadcast, it must be submitted to a television network. Working with an advertising or media purchasing firm is the most systematic approach in this situation.

The cost of airing an advertisement on television can vary substantially depending on factors such as the time of day, the day of the week, the duration of the ad, the show rating, and the channel.

Reasons why digital marketing is better than TV ads

Do you want to know what are the advantages of digital marketing over TV ads are? Check here:

☛ Savings: Efficient advertising at a low cost

Advertising television requires an enormous expenditure that includes the expense of filming, writing, and editing an ad for television. This is followed by a separate budget for paying multiple television networks to air your ad for a particular amount of time after everything else has been completed.

However, this ad doesn’t include smaller companies, which often lack the funds for advertising campaigns. A mobile app development business can afford any Digital Marketing campaign to reach their target audience with just the cash required to shoot or edit a television commercial ad. 

Digital Marketing has the advantage of allowing you to get a larger audience at a lower cost, making it a far better deal than paying a large amount of money.

☛ More Exposure

Constant exposure is essential when marketing your business or product. If you shoot a TV commercial, it will only run for six months on a TV station, no matter how much money you spend. 

Television commercials typically run for six months to free up space for additional commercials. If you have a successful TV ad campaign, consumers may forget about it as soon as the commercials stop airing.

There is no way for them to get back to it if they need it again in the future. This is not the case with Digital Marketing. You don’t have to do anything to keep it going. Even if your ad campaign is done, consumers can still visit your website to learn more about your brand.

When selecting whether to employ digital marketing consultancy or TV advertising, you need also consider the demographics of your target audience. Since most young people today are addicted to the internet rather than just interested in using it, you shouldn’t waste your time with television commercials if you’re trying to reach this generation of consumers.

So, digital marketing is the best option. Because so many people no longer own or watch television, you would be able to pique their attention much more quickly than through traditional advertising such as TV.

☛ A user’s opinion

Advertising your brand through television commercials is akin to taking a leap of faith and hoping it will be received well by the public. As a result, it’s impossible to make little adjustments when necessary, as you can’t tell whether or not customers want your products and services to alter.

Thanks to digital marketing, you may get instant feedback on your goods and services. So, undoubtedly, it is one of the benefits of digital marketing for business. Using this method, you can make adjustments that will please your users and make them feel good.

Positive reviews do more to market a product than anything else. A satisfied customer’s favorable review will encourage others to try your products and services. 

On the other hand, TV advertising doesn’t give customers a way to express their appreciation for your product or service online. Even if they spread the word to others they meet on the street; it’s not the same as speaking directly to the people most likely to benefit from what they offer.


Although Digital Marketing has taken over, TV advertising is still prevalent today. On the other hand, the internet’s influence cannot be understated. If you have the money, you can accomplish both at once. Finally, we can say that why is digital marketing effective over TV ads as most people go for digital marketing because it is reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective.


The term digital marketing refers to the practice of promoting a product or service through the use of digital media. A key objective of this strategy is to reach clients where they spend most of their time, which is online.

Television advertising refers to making and showing commercials on television to market a product or service. This process can take place either live or in pre-recorded form. Commercials broadcast television are among the most common and effective methods of conveying information to an audience. Why? As a result of this, it has a significant reach, as well as frequency and impact.

There are several reasons to choose digital marketing over TV ads. Some of the benefits are listed below:
  • Lower Cost
  • Easy to Learn
  • Multiple Strategies
  • Effective Targeting
  • Increased Engagement
  • Multiple Content Types