Many digital publishers all around the world crave for website traffic. Most of them look to get more and more digital revenue. Especially the people working with any kind of digital media property like any kind of brand, blog or websites which are very popular.

However, it should be noted that there is a continuous change in digital publishing all around the world. There are a continuous change and evolution and this is why the publishers are looking for more and more traffic for their website.

The Top Rated Website Redesign Company India understand that the difficulty in finding good places to achieve a huge amount of traffic for their website.

SEO is traditionally used to build organic traffic for websites since ages. But presently, the creators of content are continuously striving to find new places which will help them get traffic more easily and quickly.

It should be noted there are some exclusive places whereby sharing your content you have the opportunity to attract a huge amount of visitors. The Web Design Company in India and the Web Design and Development Company in the USA often do not want to spend a huge amount of money to redesign their websites to attract visitors.

One should note that is it not very easy to get traffic and get a kickback start for your website. You need to work very hard keeping in mind some definite strategies. In this way, you will be able to achieve your goal to attract visitors.

There will be a huge amount of experimentation and testing involved. You will tend to fail a lot of times but this is the way in which you will be able to learn a lot about the digital business. A lot of creativity needs to be involved and it’s not a fixed road map to success and become the best redesign company in India. There are some top publishers who have explored certain key initiatives to get maximum traffic in the year 2019 and the other years to come.

One must note that the website traffic is completely a different ball game from the general audience. Talking about the difference one should understand that an audience is supposed to be a regular seeker for your content. On the other hand website, traffic can be by people from, the audience but may not be regular on your website.

According to the former Hearst UK chief Digital officer named Paul Cassar, the traffic has the ultimate capacity to become an audience. The website can often have the capacity to engage the audiences about a particular topic. In this way, it slowing brings that audience in front of their digital brand on a long term basis.

There are examples which show that social media platforms like Facebook could develop a huge amount of traffic as well as get a particular audience o a long term basis. Therefore there are many website redesigning services available in India which will efficiently serve the purpose.

With the help of new platforms and audiences, you can engage a huge amount of traffic. There are many publishers who believe that like the Hearst or helps us to explore the different technologies which help to attract visitors. These technologies help us to understand what kind of content attracts visitors and what do not.

The difficulty for the digital publishers to achieve traffic in a limited time constraint-

The major publishers face a tough time in achieving such high target of traffic. There are some successfully executed strategies which will redesign your website in 2019. These strategies are listed below. However one should definitely note that one strategy cannot be effective for different publishers. The website redesigning strategies differ from one publisher to another.

It is important for the top website redesigning services to understand the minds and needs of the worldwide audience. They need to understand what kind of content will attract their audience. In this way, they can keep their audience more and more engaged.

Also, based on your need you can choose the platforms or ideas which are available to get more visitors for your website. In this way, the website publishers will generate more and more revenue.

By understanding the mind and taste of the audience they can attract more traffic. Everything revolves around understanding which strategy will suit the best to the Web design Company in India and the Web Design and Development Company in the USA. Also, they need to attract users. Mentioned below are some of the strategies-

1: IGTV ( Instagram’s New Video Channel)

For lifestyle bloggers, Instagram has long served to be a key platform. Many publishers have succeeded in building a better platform by attracting more traffic. Some of the Top Rated Website Redesign Company India is majorly dependant on Instagram to build a connection.

It is proven that the IGTV publishers are now experiencing a much greater reach in getting traffic. They get more traffic in each and every published video than most other social media platforms.

The publishers can simply republish their video onto the IGTV by using some popular hashtags.

2) The Google AMP project approach

From the beginning, Google has been known to be a driving force behind the AMP project. It is unfortunate that the publishers have not been previously excited about it. Google, on the other hand, has always been excited about mobile web technology.

Hence, the publishers are concerned with Google caching pages on their own URLs. They also lack accurate analytics. In the beginning, the loss of some important elements due to AMP HTML turned them off.

In addition, there are several publishers who have mourned about the fact that they earn much less ad revenue from all the AMP articles. For the typical mobile pages, they earn a lot more.

3) Auditing your website

One of the best website redesign ideas in getting more and more consistent traffic to your website is with the help of SEO. It will help you to take a strategic approach and create a proper game plan. In this way, your website will be getting more opportunities.

Doing it with a combination of a site crawler and also digital marketing would be great. A digital marketing tool named SEMrush also helps to discover opportunities available presently.

With the use of tags and not just plain text to your webpage will improve the quality of your website greatly. Therefore you should be careful that all the important elements are present to improve your SEO optimization.

4) Adding websites to the Directories

This method of adding websites to the directors work to increase traffic to a great extent. There are only some powerful directories which are able to achieve this. It will improve the ranking of your website.

The qualified directories mostly have paid listings and in this way, your website is subjected to high rankings. But you need to have top-notch content in order to be accepted in these directories.

One must note that choosing the type of directories for your website is an extremely crucial task. There are millions of spam directories available which might hurt your SEO efforts. Note such form of website redesigning service.

5) Using long keywords

Making use of short keywords is not as much effective for your web page. They will not attract significant traffic to your website. You might experience the high authority websites like the Wikipedia appearing first in your search lists, as soon as you search about a topic.

One must learn that using short keywords is not a good SEO strategy. This is especially wrong for a new website.

Targeting long-tail keyword is ideal to increase traffic for your website. Also, these keywords have much lesser competition. You will also spend less money on optimizing the pages. Therefore it is ideal if you combine the use of both long and long tail keywords to increase a long term increase in website traffic.

6) Attracting the subscribers

If the number of subscribers for your page has not increased you are not actually building traffic. it is important to note that if you do not get the email address of someone who visits your page you have not really attracted traffic. It is probable that the same person is never going to visit your page again.

It is crucial to have the email address. In cases when you have low rankings a lot of traffic can be easily generated with the help of the email address. Also have these email address is not a difficult process at all.

People with low technical experience can also do this very easily. Email service providers like AWeber are expert at it. Thus to become the Top Rated Website Redesign Company India you should definitely make use of it.

Building a list of full controlled subscribers would do much profit.

7) By Guest Blogging

New blogs and websites are very important. Using other bloggers traffic is known to be guest blogging. They attract the already established blogger’s traffic. They are generally the bloggers which have been writing for many years now and have much of an experience.

People are easily attracted to their blogs and read them as soon as they share their content. Now that you understand how important guest blogging is there are certain ways in which you will attract the authority to promote your website.

You need to sometimes pay them in spite of having good content on your website. In many cases, your request might get rejected, but it is important that you do not give up. This is an important website redesign strategy which should be used definitely to build traffic.

8) Using Social Media

Participating in the social media platforms is essential if you want to increase traffic in your website. It is seen that more than 60% of the websites are linked to the social media platform especially the “Facebook”.  Participating with the audiences is essential to gain popularity for your website. You will be able to notice the difference in no time.

One social media should be used at a time. Being successful in one platform, you will understand how to improve in the other social platform. You need to constantly engage with them to get followers. If you do not have any followers sharing the content will be of no use at all.

Therefore it is essential that you take one step at a time.

9) Building a mobile site

The webmasters have suggested that using the mobile optimized websites is very essential. It should be noted that Google does not have any clue whether your website is mobile optimized or not. Every designer now designs a website or a blog so that they will look good on the desktop, tablet or any other mobile related device.

But you want to engage the user further you should create a separate mobile site for users. With the increasing use of smartphones, it is essential for your web page to have a separate mobile site. You will be able to understand the use of the mobile site better, if you take a look at the web like the Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook etc. they all have a separate mobile site for themselves.

Have such mobile sites will also provide the users with a number of facilities. It will provide a better experience because now the users can tap on the call button without even noting down or copy-pasting the number separately.

However, having both a mobile and desktop sites will cost you a little more. You have to now post content for both the websites and this can sometimes lead to a fuss. But at the end of the day it is worth it, so take such initiative. Therefore you should develop website development pricing plans to achieve success.


You can increase the website traffic in a number of ways. These are few of the ways and important website redesign strategies that should be used to get good results in no time. The Web Design Company in India and the Web Design and Development Company in the USA also need to be patient at times, but you will achieve success at the end. So keep working hard and make good use of the points stated in the article.