WordPress and Blockchain both have managed to create quite a stir in their respective fields. You have probably heard of Blockchain till today only with cryptocurrency. But it has got a lot more potential than that. Many people are exploring the possibilities of combining these two. So, here we will be discussing the role of Blockchain in WordPress development.

We will just be discussing just the impact, its practical implementation will, of course, be done by the WordPress development company that you hire. For all of you who don’t have the technical know-how, we will be starting the discussion with basics.

What is WordPress?

Most of you might already know about WordPress but let’s give a brief introduction here.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Although it started as a CMS, WordPress is now being used to develop all kinds of applications.

Today, almost one-third of the websites on the internet are run on WordPress.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain originally started as a platform for the exchange of digital currencies. As time passed, it became one of the most innovative technologies and now can be used in any industry.

In layman terms, it is a digital system that works without a centralized server/administrator. In a traditional scenario, users are always monitored by a central authority.

But in blockchain, there are no such restrictions which mean data can move from one point to another freely.

Some advantages of Blockchain are:

  • Fewer transaction fees and cost of management as the number of administrative authorities involved are less.
  • Blockchain gives its users complete freedom concerning their data and activities.
  • We can use Blockchain to develop more transparent portals on the internet. The reason being Blockchain is open to the public and not owned by a group of people.

☛ Why Do We Need The Blockchain WordPress Integration?

As we are discussing the role of Blockchain on WordPress plugin development, let’s have a look at the security issues persistent in the WordPress development plugins.

Authenticated File Deletion – It is a common security issue that enables an author to delete/change files whenever they have access.

Authenticated Post Type Bypass – This security loophole enables people to build post types that are not authorized with specific qualities.

User Activation Screen Search Engine Indexing – Due to this security issue, emails and default passwords become vulnerable to the search engines.

These security issues have been haunting the developers for a while now. Here, the role of Blockchain on WordPress is integral as it is one of the best solutions to this problem.

We have discussed the basics as well as the security flaws in WordPress. Now, let’s come down to the main agenda of discussion!

Role of Blockchain on WordPress Plugin Development

Security is always one of the major concerns for carrying out a transaction on the internet. If you’re using a platform as popular as WordPress, the hackers are bound to know its vulnerabilities.

Thus, exposing your customers’ data to a lot of risks as well as your brands’ reputation will be at stake.

This is where the role of blockchain on WordPress will be a critical one. Here are some ways in which the role of Blockchain on WordPress plugin development will have an impact.

☛ Revolutionize Publishing

WordPress has grown from being just a blogging platform to being a CMS. In spite of its growth, WordPress is still used by many people to publish great content.

In this scenario, the best quality of WordPress is that users can host and own their content. As the platform is open source, users are free from the worry of their content being deleted by WP.org.

In this case, Blockchain can help make the process of publishing content even more independent. Instead of relying on hosted solutions to publish content, WordPress blockchain plugins can be used to give more freedom to people to post content.

SteemPress is one such example of a WordPress plugin that allows you to power your blogging site with Blockchain technology.

☛ Secure Payment Option

We all have heard of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin and as discussed earlier Blockchain was originally used for cryptocurrencies. After Bitcoin became popular many websites powered by WordPress accept Bitcoin.

Whenever there is a transaction online, sellers have to give a part of their income to the payment gateways.

In such a situation, the role of Blockchain on WordPress will be that it will eliminate the need for such intermediaries. Also, if the cryptocurrency WordPress plugin is used, a business can gain customers from across the globe.

You might be thinking why cryptocurrency? Because all countries don’t support payment solutions like PayPal.

☛ Higher Security

As discussed earlier, security remains one of the major concerns while carrying out transactions online. This is one area where the role of Blockchain on WordPress development can be significant.

Blockchain can be used to encrypt sensitive data such as login information. All of the sensitive data will be stored in an encrypted form. Users will have the option to share their data or not.

The most important point to note here is that blockchain will add another layer of security in the login process.

When verification of identity is done by blockchain, the chances of compromise of sensitive information decrease. Hence, it is proved that security can be improved if blockchain is implemented in WordPress websites.

☛ Data Storage

Most of the huge WordPress sites generally store their data in a cloud storage solution. This increases the scalability of the website.

Role of Blockchain on WordPress here is that by using Blockchain you can come up with encrypted storage solutions. These storage solutions work on a decentralized basis and as the data is completely encrypted, an additional layer of security is added to the content.

Also, as this type of storage solution is decentralized, a single entity cannot claim control over your data.

The best part is that Blockchain-based storage solutions are cost-efficient as compared to traditional hosting providers.

☛ Quality Feedback

Every business can grow and improve with the help of feedback from their customers. You might be wondering what has blockchain got to do with that? Well, in this case also the role of blockchain on the WordPress website is crucial.

Blockchain technology enables your website users to provide better feedback. This is possible due to the democratic and decentralized access that Blockchain provides to all the users.

If you are planning to run online polls or surveys, then blockchain technology is the most trustworthy option. When you need the opinion of a lot of people to make an informed decision, then blockchain will come in handy.

Furthermore, you can make use of blockchain if the identity of such voters must remain anonymous.

☛ Identity Verification & Site Management

Online identity verification can be quite a challenge. That’s because weak usernames and passwords are easily accessible and can be hacked. Blockchain technology can be used in different ways to encrypt personal data of the users.

Such safety measures will keep the users rest assured and they will be able to share their data.

Data encryption will allow users to share their personal data with the service providers or colleagues if the need arises. All these factors will contribute to hassle-free website management as well as secure the website from any cyber-attacks.

WP Blockchain Plugin

WordPress announced this plugin very recently. The WP blockchain plugin will open new means to transfer everything from the website into Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Some of the main features of this plugin are:

  • WP blockchain plugin stamps users, posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Visual hash trees
  • Public/private stamp certificates
  • Confirmation of transactions independently though the independent block explorers
  • Customization of the certificate header

WordPress is also planning to launch a publishing platform with the name Newspack. Google and ConsesSys will be backing up this plugin. WP blockchain plugin will also be having built-in Blockchain tools.

Apart from being cost-efficient, the platform is meant to offer technical support to small and medium scale enterprises.

List of the Best Cryptocurrency Template & Plugin for WordPress:

Here is a list of Cryptocurrency plugins and widgets that make processing payments with cryptocurrency easier!

Coinbase – Any eCommerce website powered by WordPress can use the Coinbase WordPress plugin to allow payments via cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro – You can accept all the cryptocurrencies and digital coins for all kinds of transactions with the help of this plugin.

Tradex – This plugin is a one-stop solution for all your needs to carry out professional cryptocurrency trading.


Blockchain technology is considered to bring a revolution in the world of the internet and revolutionize the way transactions are done online. When you hire a WordPress developer, he/she will be able to tell you better the advantages of Blockchain technology for your project specifically.

It has now become easier for developers to implement Blockchain technology with the availability of many blockchain technology templates online.

The blockchain-based plugins have already brought the power of automation and data security to WordPress websites. You can’t deny the fact that Blockchain technology has a proven track record of its impact on all kinds of business operations.

In the near future, you can expect more such plugins being launched to transform the functioning of WordPress websites on a whole. So, if you want your WordPress site to stay ahead in the game, Blockchain technology is your key to success!

Thus, it can be safely said that the coming years hold a lot of potential for the success of Blockchain technology. As more and more people are realizing the potential of this technology, its implementation is increasing across various industry verticals.

We hope that you are clear about the role of Blockchain on WordPress after reading this blog.

Do you want to implement blockchain technology in your WordPress site? Or do you want to get a WordPress site developed from scratch along with the implementation of Blockchain technology? Contact or in-house WordPress experts on [email protected] and we will get back to you in no time!

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