Tips to Design the Best Parallax Sites like a pro

Tips to Design the Best Parallax Sites like a pro

Parallax scrolling website is recognized for the clever use of concept, design, and idea. It is a trendy attitude of being professional along with the entertainment. It’s mobile friendly nature can make you feel the heightened interactive experience while scrolling. Bring your websites to life with the heightened interactive experience while scrolling. Add a new dimension to the website by defining an interesting story. Parallax scrolling can range from the subtle to complex depending upon the technical skill you implement. Make a clever use of animation and visual effects that enhances a curiosity level among the end users of your website.

1. Set the Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is the best way to tell your business story and it helps to highlight the content in an appealing manner. But, you must decide the length of the scrolling according to the content you have to tell about your business. Make sure that it conveys the data smartly without being overwhelmed on the viewer.

2. Focus on “Above the Fold”

Set the valuable information in the upper fold. Before finalizing the design, designer must concern with the ideation team to focus on which content to be delivered in above the fold. If the key aspects are covered in below the fold, there are many chances that they would not be referred. Ideally, by the business point of view- Valuable business information must be covered in above the fold.

3. Consider the Loading Time

Parallax scrolling includes visual effects which rely on CSS and Javascript that affect load time. So browser update takes place at each time of scrolling that slower performance. To overcome this request AnimationFrame callback that prevent update on each scroll. The other way is to maximum use of CSS and minimize the script usage. A report by soasta says that just one second of added page load speed can observe the sales drop by 27%.

4. Put Mobile First

Implementing parallax scrolling in mobile is quite challenging as the mobile browser limit script execution. But with the smart use of several touch scrolling libraries, it becomes easy to run the parallax in mobile. Best parallax websites give mobile browsing a priority as it is the choice of average mobile user to surf through the personal and handy devices.

5. Check the SEO Friendliness

It becomes difficult for the one-page websites to come in the list of Best parallax sites, it is overlooking the SEO concerns. For the one-pager parallax scrolling website, it takes good efforts to rank in the top list for the targeted keywords. Discover the ways to minimize SEO issues. Design multiple page parallax scrolling website, use jQuery’s ‘pushState’ function.


Parallax design website facilitates you the most interactive look and feel more than just a page. Make your website more interactive and engaging by using a storytelling concept. Refer the tips discussed above and design an ultimate website that never fails to impress your customers. Be quick to take a modern move!

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