An online store has become a thing is today’s modern world. However, building up a successful and powerful online store is very difficult. The Website Development Company in India and the Best Web Design Company in the USA are putting their heart and soul in developing it. There are major online sites like the eBay and the Amazon and many more whose online store are guided by certain policies.

There are also restrictions stated in the policies which are crucial to maintaining. There are many games are tricks which can be played in creating a powerful online store. Having control over the experiences of the user name the customers is a very crucial part in building up more sales. The merchants should be able to reach the customers directly within the store.

In this way, the Small Business Web Design Services & Web Development Company can encourage more purchase and the growth of your online store will in turn increase. Having so much freedom at the pedestal the online store owners may be too confused from where to begin structuring their store.

The goal should be attracting more clients in your online store to build it up successfully. It might be very easy to say but actually implementing it is quite tough. At first, you will need to invest quite a lot of time building up your store and increasing your contacts.

Understanding the needs o the customer is a crucial component in the building by the online store. Unless you have an idea about what the market demands for you can supply the required products. Hence along with some design tips, first you need to have a good analysis of the basic structure of the market in the present world. Establishing the store will be a huge storm in your life but perseverance to succeed will ultimately make your online store successful.

We are here to provide you with some useful tips and tricks for designing your online store. Hope it will be of some help and will be able to reduce your anxiety to some extent.

1: Web designing and attractive ‘About us’ page

Having a lousy web design in your store is a major drawback of your online store. Attractive products and good customer service will only help if you have a wonderful web design on your online store. Otherwise, your online store will face a downfall. Visual appearance is a crucial element in any store especially an online store where people cannot see the product in person.

Hence there is a good chance of them judging your store on the basis of its overall look. The Kissmetrics study suggests that around 83 percent of the shoppers take visual appearance into consideration while buying something.

Paying the web designer for designing the page might look like an added expense, rather an unnecessary expense at first, but slowly you will get to see the benefits of it. Some of the e-commerce templates which take the modern trends into consideration are the Tony Templates, TemplateMonster, Apollo theme etc. These templates strictly have a neat design and they keep in touch with the latest trends in the market.

Captivating the visitors should be the ultimate goal. There should be the least amount of distraction in the images and only the required text should be mentioned. Having full-width images is always a good option.

Designing your online store can do by you or any other professional can be hired for the job. You must know to code if you want to do the job all by yourself.

This leads us to create an attractive “About Us” Page. After they open your online webpage of the store you will be having all the chance to impress them to the fullest. Now it is your time to utilize your chance to the fullest. Make them understand the motive of your store is to serve and make sure they understand how client oriented you are.

If your customer understands the achievement and gets a good review of the user experience, half of your task is done there. You can post reviews of genuine people to make them motivated to buy your product. You can also provide the information of contacting you in this place.

Let them know that you will always be present for them and that customer satisfaction id your main goal. The information should be clearly expressed and should be in a place where they can easily find it. Add your address and social media channels you are connected with, along with your contact details.

The site visitors will be overwhelmed by such quality information on your about page. In this way, they will be interested in surf more through your store. Sometimes minimal design can also act wonders. Make sure our audience can comprehend everything.

2: Partnering with numerous brands and creating support

Buyers find it extremely tough to give the money they earned by working hard to others. They find it all the more annoying to give them to brands which are little-known n the market. Your reputation can also be established in marketing by partnering with several companies. Having big companies like the Coca Cola or something like the apple is not necessary. Just make sure they are decent enough.

In this way, the customers are able to trust you. They know that good brands would not be partnering with you if you were not trustworthy. Having more and more partners is always better. Make sure you highlight the brands you have partnered with on your Homepage.

Another point which comes with this is that your customers should be able to rely on you. They should know that they will e able to bank on you. Providing excellent consulting facilities can change your ball game altogether. With the help of loyalty and good customer support, you will be able to increase the list of potential customers.

Offering live-chat feature is also very helpful. The 24/7 facility is of great advantage to the customers and they will be naturally driven towards your online store. Some type of service should always be provided although it can be quite hectic at times. Such small things play a big role in creating a successful online store.

Separate chat box should be provided on the store itself to guide the customer with see product. Return and exchange policies should be explained clearly. The size chart should also be very easy to follow. There should also be a different kind of payment options which the customers can consider.

Most importantly make sure that the customers are aware of the features that are present. They need to be made aware.

3: Advertising through social media pages

The advertisement is a very effective way in which you can attract customers. Nowadays digital marketing has become rampant. The social media pages influence a lot. A simple Facebook post will get you a lot of attention.

Google Analytics is a good tool which can be used in tracking the channels and targeting customers. You should always be focusing on marketing platforms. Checking the different type of advertisements on social media is a good step one can follow. The Instagram and the snapchat can also be used as a means of advertising.

You can definitely get potential buyers with the help of such social media strategies. Promoting your brand and online store completely depends on your own capabilities. Try and make more and more attractive posts and advertisement to increase your fan following on the page as well as on the online store.

Creating a separate blog for your store will also help significantly to develop your online store. Seo driven blogs are very helpful in generating more and more traffic. More traffic will lead to more viewers in your online store and if you have attractive products then people will definitely buy these products.

Have a good rank for your blog posts. Good ranking will help you to get fame in the market and will increase the sales of your online store. They will hence keep on visiting the pages where the products are found and make purchases.

In this way, you will find audiences at a deeper level. Trust will be established. Creating blogs on how to use a particular product and offering insight about the advantages of it is also essential. Make sure of using search engine optimization to increase your ran in the Google,

4: Provide product reviews and provide free delivery options

One of the main ways of designing the online store is by creating trust. You must keep in mind that you are not able to interact with your customers in person, therefore, you should make effort to build trust online. This can be done skilfully by providing them with hand reviews. Customers easily tend to rely on the reviews of potential buyers that how you actually describe the product. The ratings will be the means by which sales will happen. If your product has good ratings the customers will not spend much time to decide whether to buy the product or not. The purchase will happen instantly.

To make the customers invest their time and write reviews rewards can be given to them. You can design rewards that come in the form of discount coupons or reward points. In this way, they will also feel motivated to buy the products and write reviews. Genuine reviews will only help your store to succeed.

Another essential design tip is to arrange for free delivery facilities. Offering free delivery facilities will attract customers to a great extent. Sometimes the customers feel de-motivated by the added delivery costs. But if this is removed, sales are sure to increase.

It may decrease your revenue at first, but in the long run, your online store is sure to profit greatly. Make sure you highlight such free delivery features in your social media pages. Put all effort to be visible amongst the audience.

5: Using the Ready to go storefront tools

If you are a merchant who does not have a coding background you must definitely consider such options. There are options like the BigComeerce and Shopify which help to build your online store. Building in store templates will definitely help you to prosper in the long run.

With the help of Shopify, you will be able to customize your online store. Make sure you have a definite alignment of the brand’s image with that of the customers. Designing randomly will not be of any help. The cost of hiring a graphic designer must also be considered. It is worth planning the cost from beforehand than struggling later on.

6: Make the use of email marketing

With the help of email marketing, people can build a relationship instantly. Targeted messages can be sent to the buyers by the merchants. It acts as a powerful tool and helps in increasing the revenue of the online store.

The first step to making use of this tool is to collect the email-id of potential customers. Keep sending them well-designed messages so that they are attracted to surf through them. There will be options available to question them about sending an email notification in different pop-up windows. During the checkout process, such emails can be sent.

7: Refund and money back policies should be designed generously

There involves a certain amount of risk while buying any product online. Due to this reason, many people do not support the idea of buying something online. If there are well-designed refund policies it will drive such an audience.

However, you should make sure that the people so not exploit this opportunity. Return of certain item can be done only to maintain certain standards. Make sure such a process does not involve havoc problems; otherwise, it will frustrate the customers.


These are some of the main tips for designing an online store and various methods to be a successful online marketer. There are no multiple benefits to this web design to this, but once you are able to execute it properly you will be offered with more and more money, of course from the customers.

It doesn’t how expert is you, you need to be intelligent and cunning to actually establish yourself in this super difficult field. You will surely be facing some serious problems while doing this job, but do not give up because every bad side have a good side and you too will find it sooner or later.