Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. We use our phones for almost everything – right from health monitoring to managing the finances. But do you remember the actual purpose for which mobile phones were invented? It was to be able to dial a number on the go and talk to our loved ones. Here we will revisit that purpose and talk about the top dialer apps in the market right now.

We are pretty sure that any custom mobile app development company that you hire would be aware of these applications.

Best Android and iPhone Dialer Apps in 2020:

Let’s get started with the list of the best phone app for Android and iPhone to look out for in 2020!

Top 10 Android Dialer Apps:

1. ExDialer

This is definitely the best dialer app for Android 2020. ExDialer takes you back to the simplicity of stock Android dialer along with some additional features.

If you are facing issues with your existing OEM based dialer then try ExDialer. ExDialer will allow you to view the call log along with other details like number, duration and time.

You also get the option to minimize the dial pad.

Feature List:

  • Smooth & Simple user interface
  • Built-in gestures for single touch calling and messaging
  • You can enable vibration while connecting/disconnecting calls
  • Themes and plugins like GeoCoder are available

Download ExDialer Android App

2. Simpler Dialer

This Android dialer app is exactly what its name suggests. Simpler Dialer is the most simple phone dialer app for Android.

It has almost all the features that you can find in any dialer app but its UI takes the limelight. If you need an application that is not only productive but has the maximum features then Simpler Dialer is perfect!

Feature List:

  • Group texting & call blocking
  • Amazing contact management, syncing, merging and duplicate finding
  • Online/offline contacts backup
  • Smart T9 Dialer & Clean-up options

3. RocketDial Dialer

RocketDial Dialer is used by thousands of people and one of the regularly-updated best android phone app. It has a minimal and dark design that is user-friendly.

Its interface is suitable for the majority of brand UIs that are used by you. RocketDial Dialer has great features and is quickly accessible.

Feature List:

  • Single touch backup & restore
  • In-call Note-taking & Caller ID
  • T9 search & call confirmation
  • Group management

Download RocketDial Diler Android App

4. Contacts+

It can become an amazing alternative to your existing OEM-based dialer app. Some of the amazing features in Contacts+ are contact management and duplicate finding.

You also have the option to choose how your contacts and call logs will appear on the screen. Due to all these reasons, Contacts+ has earned a position in one of the top phone dialer apps for Android.

Feature List:

  • Protection for stored contacts through encryption
  • Built-in Caller ID & Call Blocking engines
  • Integration with applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Duo
  • Android Wear support and customization

Download Contacts+ Android App

5. Drupe

It is a different kind of dialer app for Android. Drupe is one of the top dialer apps as it is available in multiple languages and has a lot of other features. In terms of design, it is quite simple.

You can launch this application by dragging the drops that appear on the screen. Therefore, it is one of the best phone apps for Android.

Feature List:

  • The built-in call recording feature
  • Caller ID tracker to find the identity of incoming numbers
  • You can assign GIF stickers to contacts, that will be displayed while calling
  • Integration of multiple accounts for WhatsApp, Allo, Duo and more

Download Drupe Android App

6. ZenUI Dialer

This application is the default dialer for ASUS devices. If you want a simple yet productive application then ZenUI Dialer is the way to go!

It gives importance to organizing your call logs and contacts. These are some of the reasons, ZenUI Dialer is one of the top dialer apps.

Feature List:

  • Built-in feature to block unwanted calls
  • Password-protection for contact list & call logs
  • Contact management features
  • Themes and customization are available

Download ZenUI Dialer Android App

7. Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer

Almost every Android user knows about Truecaller. It is a free phone dialer as well as a caller ID app. It is a pretty good application, the only drawback is how it organizes the details.

Truecaller is planning to bring some changes to the call screen to give you enough information and controls. If you want a feature-rich application, then Truecaller is the best Android dialer app.

Feature List:

  • The choice to block spam or telemarketing calls
  • Find details about a number from your call log
  • Individual or series-based call blocking
  • Theme and Dual SIM support

Download Truecaller Android App

8. OS9 Phone Dialer

If you are an Android user but have a thing for the iOS dialer app then try this application.

OS9 Phone Dialer is a replica of the iOS dialer app and enables you to manage everything with just a few gestures. As compared to other dialer apps, it has got a bigger dial-pad.

Feature List:

  • Better integration with WhatsApp and other instant messaging accounts
  • Option to hide Call blocker or Called ID
  • Speed Dial & Dual SIM management
  • Bigger and user-friendly T9 Search-enables dial-pad

Download OS9 Phone Dialer Android App

9. Eyecon Dialer

This is one of the most feature-list applications in this list of top dialer apps. Eyecon Dialer is a one-stop solution for phone management.

This app will take care of all your call logs and contacts as well as enable Caller ID. If this app is compared to other apps in the list, then Eyecon Dialer is more visually oriented.

Feature List:

  • Integration with almost all the social media platforms
  • Easy to navigate visual-based design
  • A caller ID feature that keeps the scams away
  • Option to edit the global address book

Download Eyecon Daler Android App

10. Contakts Address Book

It is an all-in-one best contacts app for Android. It comes with a mesmerizing and user-centric Android dialer.

If you want your contacts organized impressively the Contakts Address Book is the most appropriate choice.

Feature List:

  • IM apps integration
  • Best contact management and organization
  • Possibility of syncing contacts through Facebook
  • Minimum ads

Download Contakts Android App

Top 10 iPhone Dialer Apps:

1. Simpler Dialer

This is one of the most trusted apps when it comes to the best phone dialer apps for iPhone. Simpler Dialer has a powerful search engine that makes it easy for you to search numbers quickly.

Also, you can send/receive group emails with Simpler Dialer.

Feature List:

  • Powerful search engine
  • Easy integration with iWatch
  • Available in 15 languages

2. Truecaller

Just like Android, this application is available for iPhones too. It can be rightly said that Truecaller is one of the most used call dialers across the world.

The app is known for its identification and blocking of spam calls. Thus, it is rightly one of the top dialer apps!

Feature List:

  • Block spam calls easily
  • Find names of people calling you
  • Database of more than 250 million users

3. Speed Dial

Speed Dial allows you to get in touch with your friends in a single click. It is a very useful application that eliminates the need to search for numbers manually.

Speed Dial on iPhone also allows you to make calls and send/receive WhatsApp messages and FaceTime calls.

Feature List:

  • Notification widget for easy accessibility
  • Smartly crafted Contact book
  • A speed dial screen that can be customized

4. GoDial

GoDial is again one of the top dialer apps as it makes making and receiving calls easier.

Feature List:

  • Option to send group SMS and Emails
  • FaceTime calls
  • You can store unlimited contacts

5. Instacall Lite

Instacall lite functions somewhat like Truecaller. It makes it easy for users to search for names and make calls.

Feature List:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simplistic and user-friendly design
  • Option to customize application colors

6. Dial+

It is a smart dialer application that can be used single-handedly making it all the more convenient for using.

Feature List:

  • One hand mode for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • Customizable skins
  • Easily search numbers as per priorities

7. FavesDial

FavesDial is another perfect fit in the list of top dialer apps for iPhone. You can make audio/video calls, send/receive messages and emails easily.

Feature List:

  • Speed dial, messaging and FaceTime calls
  • Customizable & advanced speed dialer
  • Automated contact syncing

8. Free Speed Dial Widget

Free Speed Dial Widget is an extremely user-friendly widget that allows you to speed dial numbers.

Feature List:

  • Make calls quickly
  • FaceTime calls
  • Email functionality

9. iGroup Contacts + Speed Dial Free

This is again one of the very popular applications for the iPhone. iGroup Contacts + Speed Dial Free allows you to make calls in a single tap.

Feature List:

  • Calls and messages in a single tap
  • Search for contacts with the last digits of numbers
  • Drag and drop contacts
  • Make secret groups with passwords

10. iGroup Contacts + Speed Dial

It is a paid version of the above-mentioned application. iGroup Contacts + Speed Dial is similar to the free version with just some additional features.

Feature List:

  • Option to delete ads
  • Create new groups
  • 99 more features for Favorites


We have prepared a list of the top dialer apps for both Android and iOS to look out for in the year 2020.

These applications not only come with an amazing set of features but are also user-friendly with an engaging user interface. Every year new trends come up in Mobile applications. Therefore, this list has been prepared to keep in mind the upcoming trends in dialer apps.

If you are planning to get your own dialer app built then we recommend you to take some inspiration from this list. Before you hire an Android or iPhone app development company, carefully choose your preferred platform.

Because the target audience is quite different in both cases. Moreover, if you are already an established business you can afford to have an application developed for both platforms. But if you are a  start-up or medium scale business then you may have some budget constraints too.

The other way round to this problem is that you can have an MVP developed for you. An MVP is basically the trial version of your application with minimal features that is low in cost too. In this way, you won’t have to invest much and can know the response of your target audience to the application too.

Did you just come up with a dialer app idea while reading this article? You already found a unique selling point for your application? Our team is all ears to hear your idea! Know the practical feasibility of your mobile app idea on [email protected]!

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