At the World Wide Developer Conference this year, Apple declared several new updates to their iPhone operating system.

For any Mobile App Development Company that is expectant, iOS 13 is going to be different from previous versions.

Also, Apple announced its apple ios for their iPads will be referred to as iPadOS. This is important news for the iOS App Development community.

In fact, Apple mentioned that most of the iOS 13 updates will be for their iPad and they will not be compatible on the ios operating system for iPhones, but developers are looking to develop iPhone compatibility as well.

Availability and Compatibility

Right now, the iOS 13 Public Beta version is available for whoever wants a preview of the coming software release but for most, you can download it free on compatible Apple devices from September 2019, which is the same time of the new iPhone announcement.

The final ios beta release date is scheduled for early September of this year as well.   

We have created a timeline for the iOS Apple update:

☛ iOS 13 Developer Beta version

Beta 2 is currently available but limited to only paid Apple developers. However, there is still some good news. Unlike beta 1, beta 2 is available for installation OTA (over the air) while beta 1 requires you to install macOS 10.15 or Xcode first.

It is slightly simpler to install, but it is advised that you want the public beta version since it is more stable always, or upgrade to the developer beta on a non-primary gadget.

☛ iOS 13 Public Beta version

Apple started testing the features on a wider scale on June 24, 2019. Of course, Apple claimed July, but the public beta launched last year on June 25.

So, industry experts have doubts that the new iOS will come any time soon. You can still download this version if you are curious.

It is a more polished version of the dev beta, though it can get rough working with it and never contains all of the implemented features seen in the final software version.

☛ iOS Golden Master

This is going to be the final iOS 13 version and will be launched a week before the ultimate iOS launch. This version is intended for developers and public testers of beta versions.

At this time, the version is stable and provides every Mobile App Development Company seven days to adjust to the latest software.

☛ Official iOS Release

The stable, final version of ios 13 will be made available to us seven days after the upcoming iPhone release event where many expect to see what they are calling the iPhone 11, 11 Max, and 11 XR for now.

The date is estimated to be mid-September, based on the last release which was September 17, 2018.

As for compatibility, iOS 13 will be available on the iPhone 6s and later versions; including iPhone SE. iOS 13 is compatible with any iPad or iPhone for the last 4 years.

This implies that phones such as the iPhone 6 will not be getting iOS 13. You will need a 6S, iPad Air 2 or the new mini iPad 4 to access the new iOS.

As mentioned the SE is receiving this update, so everyone’s beloved mini iPhone will get this update.

Top 14 Features of iOS 13:

Let us look at some of the new features of the latest ios version:

1. Dark Mode

This feature is a crowd favorite and offers a sleek and sophisticated look to the iPhone. You are aware of how Mail, Messages, Notes, and so on have this white-out-of-black display that is extremely appealing.

And if you own the iPhone X, XS, or XS Max, you already have the chic OLED display, and then the Dark Mode will most probably conserve battery life. This energy conservation does not work on the iPhone XR since it has an LCD screen and Apple is making no such claims for it.

Dark Mode is utilized so well due to it being system-wide. It implies that through the Apple Calculator app and Apple Watch designs.

For example, already provide you previews of what Dark Mode will look like because they have looked that way always, now these similar classic color options are available in the News, App Stores, etc.

It is a nice update especially when you use your phone at night and you don’t want the bright colors hitting your face.

2. Apple Sign-in

This is the cool new feature everyone is looking forward to the most. You already know how, when signing up got a new mobile app, you have the option to sign in with either Gmail or Facebook. Apple, in line with its usual conscious and private way, is providing a substitute that lets users avoid, for example, hazarding the risk of getting tracked, leading to advertising, etc.

Signing in with the Apple ID is an option, conferred beside the other known options and it stands to offer many useful benefits.

Its in-built 2FP (two-factor authentication) adds an additional layer of safety.

Moreover, if an app asks for an email address and a name, you can also choose to give it or not.

If you want, Apple can make a random email address so that when apps send you such messages, it is received by you Apple ID mail through Apple, so no one learns what your email address is.

3. Photos

Another glorious, massive update is happening to the Photos app. It is redesigned to display your photos more seamlessly, making looking for important and special images much faster and more fun (Apple is calling this the “diary of life”).

Videos will play automatically in windows in between still images, alongside Live Photos, for example. Photos will jump out and contain helpful captions to determine the date and place. Additionally, Apple is also adding more video and photo editing tools inside the app.

4. Camera

The camera is getting an upgrade too so that the effects of Portrait Lighting can be modified in intensity—and this is going to be extremely useful.

There are also new effects to be added to the collection named the High-Key Light Mono.

5. Performance Enhancements

Some heads up for iOS App Development Company: with iOS 13, apps will launch faster than ever before.

The Face ID unlock will be more efficient on current devices due to improvements in the software and the app itself will be smaller due to the latest methods of packaging them. This implies download sizes will be decreased by 505.

6. Maps

The new Maps app comes from the latest base map accomplished by Apple cars driving four million miles. Apple said they want their Maps app to be the best and promise it will be much, much better than previous versions.

The new Maps app includes more clear addresses, more precise images, and others. It also incorporates the Look Around feature that guarantees to be what should have been Google Street View.

Apple is bringing in the same 3D, high-resolution graphics to the streets that were introduced by Apple through aerial photography by using FlyOver.

Obviously, it will be released according to cities. Those 4 million miles they covered not much as you may be thinking. It will start in the United States first in 2019, and then slowly add more countries in 2020.

7. QuickPath

The motto of Apple—“don’t do it first, do it right”–applies to their new system of keyboard named QuickPath.

However, Apple’s competitors have already done this before and you may know it as Swiftkey on other operating systems.

Still, if you are an Apple fan, and have wanted this feature for yourself, you can now just stroke the screen in constant movement when you type.

8. Memoji Stickers

Memoji was an iOS 12 feature that allowed users to personalize their avatar in 3D in the style of an emoji—basically you in a cute, cartoon format.

Each Memoji could be sent as a latent sticker or video in the style of the Animoji. Now, with the iOS 13 update, you can use Memoji automatically in Mail, Messages, and everywhere else.

9. Improved Siri

Siri already sounds good but sometimes she sounds quite robotic and not realistic enough. With these new ios 13 updates, you can expect a change in how real this digital personal assistant will now sound like.

It employs high-level neural text‑to‑speech innovation, according to Apple, and you will especially see this when Siri speaks in longer phrases, such as reading News loudly or responding to information questions.

This will let Siri also do more talking when you wear AirPods—your virtual assistant can read messages, which is useful.

Another perk that comes with the new Siri is that she will now be able to distinguish the voices of your family members. This means, for example, if you ask Siri “What is on my calendar?”, she won’t start reading someone else’s data.

10. Bluetooth and Wifi in Control Center

This feature has been demanded for quite some time. Every time the Control Center is launched, you are limited to turning Wifi and Bluetooth on and off.

Now, you just need to long press on the widget on the right side and it will show you a menu that shows you Bluetooth items and open Wifi networks.

11. Uninstalling Apps from the Update Screen

We are guilty of downloading apps and forgetting about them soon. This not only adds to your storage but it is also annoying to keep receiving notifications to update it.

With so many apps downloaded on your phone, you possibly can’t find it, but now with these updates, you can just swipe left from the update screen itself and it gets uninstalled instantly.

12. Silent Option for Unknown Callers

Unknown callers are a pesky problem and the latest ios version is promising this feature to put your unknown callers on silent and send them directly to voicemail.

And if they call again, you don’t need to deal with them because your phone will treat it as spam.

13. Improved Battery Conditioning

Sony Mobile had something akin to this new feature for extending battery life.

Instead of the full charge of 100% at one time, it charges to, for example, 80% overnight, and then gets fully charged only sometime before you unplug the charger.

It bases these rates on your routine habits of charging.

14. Voice Memos

For anyone who prefers putting down notes but can’t maintain the typing speed with the speaker’s speed, this update is perfect. For example, this update will be amazing for journalists and students.

This latest app will allow you to pinch and zoom to make granular editing more convenient, and the new features also include replacement and trim. This app will be available on the Apple Watch as well.


Thus, it is that time of the year again for most iphone application development services. Now comes the rush to update apps and learn how this new version works. Here’s hoping this article helps you to prepare your plans and development strategies in advance.