Java is Top Grossing

Java remains to be the leading language as of August 2021, according to the TIOBE Index. It secured the third rank, based on its high usage and application. The constant developments of new features in Java make it dynamic, swift, and relevant even after 26 years of its launch.

The recent boom in the trillion-dollar e-commerce global market has created a new vacuum of Java developers. Most e-commerce sites are enterprise-level applications that use Java for stability. The rise in the establishment of e-commerce stores has impacted Java being placed among the top-grossing programming languages in 2021. Read more on types of framework in Java.

Java is Beginner Friendly

Another worry to take off your plate is the difficulty level of this programming language to get started. Java may not be the simplest one for beginners; however, it is easy enough, to begin with. There are languages easier than this to understand for a layman. Java, on the contrary, performs tasks that are done better in this programming language.

It is also a nice choice for newbies as it takes care of “garbage collection” (destroying unused variables/resources that are allocated in the memory) all by itself. Unlike other lower-level languages. In C/C++, unused memory objects need to be destroyed by the programmer. Whereas in Java, this functionality is taken care of by default.

Plug and Play!

One of the Java hallmarks was its plug-and-play feature. If you have never used Java before, then it might amaze you that it is a platform-independent programming language. It does not matter if you are a Linux, Windows, or Mac user. As long as you install JVM (Java Virtual Machine) on your system, you can run a Java program anytime, anywhere.

This unique feature is an identifying feature of Java. The architecture and OS independence of java promote uniformity. It takes away the pain to make unnecessary changes for an executable file to run on another machine. So plug and play for Java is a blessing in big teams developing apps for tones of users.

Java is Everywhere

Since Java is easy to maintain, fast, and widely used, it has applications in a diverse environment.  From small-scale to enterprise-level applications, you will find Java everywhere.

  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Enterprise-level applications
  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain (Crypto and other development)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • ML (Machine Learning)

Mature Online Resources Available

Since java stands the test of time, it also causes the bulk of mature online available content. Talking from experience, beginning the programming journey can be painful. A newbie can be confused, over-complicating simple things, and over-looking significant things. Stress or anxiety can be a blocker to determine the milestones. But there’s nothing to worry about if you have a guide that has pre-defined well-structured milestones.

You can begin to learn Java without having to worry about finding the best tutor or class for you.

Learning Java with CodeGym can be a fun and rewarding experience at the same time! You will learn Java in the simplest and no-brainer way. You can navigate so much more confidently by practising each exercise. A quick review of your solution will help you polish your skills better than you expect them to be.

Escalating Market of Java Developers

The post-covid world is definitely different from what we anticipated it to be. For Java developers, nonetheless, it’s the sunny side! The global tech market has seen a boom with an under-supply of the labour force. The population conditions and higher usage of android phones have been acting as an activator for the demand of Java developers in the industry. This dire need makes Java a fresh start even in 2021.

Higher Pay Scales

The escalating demand of Java developers with an undersupply of the labour force calls for a rise in the pay scale. There is no denying that there are Java developers with an average salary of $100,000+ per annum. If this number is your goal and this way intrigues you to achieve it, then you should probably go for it.

Java developers are known to have reputable salaries. Moreover, developing a professional level skillset can land you at the workplace of your dreams like Google, Facebook, Amazon. On the other hand, there’s a high chance you will end up cashing big sums in personal freelancing or a startup capacity.

Liberty to Explore Self Intriguing Domains

With Java, you are not restricted to a specific domain of IT. Do you like server-side development? Cool. Java has a place for you. Do you want to build something for mobile devices? Perfect! Java is the best choice for android app developers. Do you want to plunge into ethical hacking or cyber security? Java still has a place for you. Do you want to run an online Giga mall for your startup? Bravo! Java will be your top preference. So, learning Java has multi-faceted perks. It does not restrict you from sticking to a certain branch. If you don’t like developing server-side apps, you can switch gears and try web applications. Sounds pretty simple? Yeah, it’s just like that.

Bulks of Free Libraries Available

Java is such a tried and tested language that it has plenty of open source libraries. These libraries are a set of functionalities tried and tested by professionals. Most of the time, when beginning to develop new functionality, first google any relevant Java libraries. Chances are, it will already be present and free to use. The continuous development of the language provides you with the functionalities you need. All you have to do is to import the library and use its methods. Once you get your hands dirty in code, you will be encountering some of these soon. Java Standard libraries, Apache Commons, JAXB, Log4j, Jersey, etc.


By now, you must be clear how Java is still a highly in-demand language and why you should learn it. Java can really boost your career and land you at the position in your career that you want to accomplish. This post is inspired by the article from Codegym’s one of the published article named Why You Should Learn Java in 2020. Feel free to hop on this post or the link just shared to get recharged. Till then, keep learning and keep growing!