A website is any digital marketing platform that helps to run your business by promoting your products and services with the help of the internet.

Having a powerful website is a need of the hour and many CMS development company provide unique ideas and assist you in developing an effective website of your own.

It can be a simple plain text or developing of complex website applications.

A research was conducted by Statista, top website development services were compared globally and it reveals that Wix leads the market by 22.61% of the total share.

Squarespace and Weebly rank second and third respectively with around 17.5% and 15.67% market share. WordPress does not rank in the top five list but it is widely used by bloggers for commercial as well as personal use.

Various web builders are available in order to smoothen the process of website development and each has its own characteristics to make different websites with some amazing designs.

WordPress, Wix, Weebly or Squarespace are some good examples of web hosting services used for multiple purposes on the basis of their properties.

WordPress is a good blogging site while Weebly can be really useful for online shopping that is e-commerce.

In this article, we will throw light on the various features of these website builders and what should be checked in order to select the proper one for your business.

What is WordPress?

Initially launched as a platform for blog lovers, WordPress has come a long way in website building. It is an open source platform, grants full access to its features and services. It really stands as the most loved blog builder for designers and developers.

☛ Some great features of WordPress are:

✍ Themes

Various themes are tried out and designed by the developers for sale on WordPress thus, users can access a huge variety of custom-made themes; some of them are also free.

✍ Mobile-friendly

Most of the themes developed are easily accessible via cell phones, as there is no change in the configuration when you switch on to mobiles from computers.

✍ Advanced editing

Without losing any prior customizations you can simply edit your websites or blog using numerous editing options.

✍ Images and videography

Blogging is not only limited to text, but you can also use images and upload videos for marketing. Hosting third-party videos is also of an option.

✍ Marketing

Promoting your activities has become easy due to plugins. You can connect your email with the blog now.

☛ Advantages of WordPress:

✍ Ownership

You cannot truly own the WordPress platform but whatever theme or plugin you use as your strategy, a license can be acquired for the same. Exporting and importing files is also easy as you own your custom domains and thus it is highly user-friendly.

✍ Backup

The WordPress Development Agency has this additional advantage of a full backup. You are free to decide the time and amount of data to be backed up. The Dropbox plugin helps you to save data automatically.

✍ Security

Security is the highest priority of WordPress Developers. The i-Themes security plugin will block irrational users or any malware trying to log in into your blog causing a crash if done multiple times. You can renew your account by changing the password.


With the help of advanced SEO tools available with WordPress, you can simply add keywords or hyperlinks through your email and blogs building a wide network for marketing.

What is Wix?

Wix website builder is based on the primary Adobe Flash system. With the improvement in technology, it upgraded its platform to an HTML based website. It is free for one-page websites. WordPress vs Wix is always a challenge to the users due to its similar features but they have quite different options available.

☛ Wix offers various features like:

✍ Galleries

With more than 30 gallery templates you can easily edit your photos using Wix.

✍ Parallax 3D effects

It is an animation technique in which the foreground and background images move at different speeds creating an in-depth illusion. Wix.com functions on this effect.

✍ Apps

Wix developers have given this website the feature of the addition of apps to it such as communication, email marketing, and many more.

✍ Blog

Using the above features and many more you can customize your own blog and add it to the website.

Wix and WordPress have both great control over the security of their domains but Wix is mainly preferable for e-commerce businesses and WordPress has templates useful for bloggers of various industries.

The Wix provides an ‘Analytics option’ so that the user can easily keep an eye on guest traffic on the website.

Wix Development is beneficial due to its biggest advantage of previewing your data before posting. Once you are done loading with the necessary information ready to be published, this website builder will give a video preview of how it will look after publishing. It will also suggest changes if any.

Other advantages of using Wix as your website developer are that all features are inclusive of the plan and you can also add a custom website address.

What is Weebly?

The world of Weebly is marked by its use as an internet portfolio worldwide. Weebly can be rated greater than Wix or WordPress as it is highly convenient for students to collectively use its features for personal as well as professional use.

Weebly is widely known for hosting websites, blogs, and e-commerce companies through digital marketing.

☛ Some of its eye-catching features are:

✍ Array of themes

You may not have a lot of options in life, but Weebly provides a large number of themes. From professionally designed themes to custom-made you can also purchase themes made by other users. There are many options when deciding your website background.

✍ Slideshows

The Weebly Slideshow maker provides six slideshow templates in addition to a plain-text format or simple text-image format. You can add your own images, and apply different transitions to make up a good show.

✍ Royalty Free Images

Users not only gain access to royalty-free images but they are also of high quality.

✍ Creative Forms

Now you can create simple forms, and questionnaires for your customers or also use them to collect data. Easy import and export facilities enhance your data transfer process.

☛ Advantages of Weebly Website Builder:

✍ Cloud-based process

Weebly has the strong advantage of having a cloud-based hosting service. This means multiple computers can work together in connection to gather resources. Whenever some user visits your website a host forum is used which can be a search engine or just a hyperlink. Cloud-hosting stores that resource so you can easily expand your marketing through various sources.

✍ Speed

The most prominent factor for today’s digital world, Weebly promises you with high speed for every process on the website. This is the major reason that accessing huge amounts of data is possible by many people at a time without causing an error in loading the website.

✍ Safety program

Specially designed for business users, a business plan – monthly or annual, gives an SSL security thread that encrypts your information no matter how many pages or data layouts you have on the portfolio at the time.

The website host and viewer’s contact is also encrypted to a particular extent.

A business package makes it easy for the user to publish the data without any errors because Weebly Developers have included great features in the plan such as unlimited page limit or unlimited storage.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is one of the best design-oriented website builder services globally. Its pre-built website templates make the work easier for its users.

☛ Let’s have a look at some features of Squarespace:

✍ Customer Helpline

Maybe the only website development builder to provide 24/7 customer service. Facing problems with digital marketing is common, and thus catering to the need; Squarespace developers solve your queries through email or Chatbots.

✍ Blogging

Blogging is easy using this software. Squarespace Hire the best Web Developers and Designers to simplify your process of creating your own blog. An additional feature like various templates and designs saves your energy and time to apply your own created designs into it.

✍ E-commerce

As mentioned earlier, Squarespace hosts e-commerce websites as well. With user-friendly and customized software design integrated into the system, your customers can have an easy look at the business’s products and services. Images can be customized or included at a click. You can also have multiple server access through a single algorithm.

Squarespace Development is mainly focused on serving users with what they actually want. Thus, uploading portfolios or storing data is more user-friendly.

☛ Some advantages of Squarespace are as mentioned below:

✍ Response

The themes and layouts imbibed in the website tool are very responsive and you can have a detailed analysis of every change you make or the amount of data you publish. A responsive version lets you do more things in a limited amount of time. Wix or Weebly also do have responsive layouts but they are very limited.

✍ Reasonable prices

This software development builder has astounding packages beginning at just $5 per month and you can invest in more as you increase your features along the way. Thus, it’s not a monetary burden.

Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress vs Squarespace

Choosing the right development software may be a great pain but all that you need to compare is the additional features that each one provides. Wix and Weebly have great customary features while Squarespace is suitable for building portfolios.

The rates also differ for each website development firm depending upon the type of services they provide or the platforms they are built for.

WordPress may not have features like unlimited templates or additional security but it has an upper hand over Squarespace and Weebly due to its options for writing or the use of calligraphy.

Hence, WordPress is used on a large scale for blogs and even if new website builders are launched in the market, it still will retain its position.

Once, select the correct platform for your website the features are most helpful. The assistance of a content management system will surely upgrade your website and provide access to many people at a time due to the latest updates.

Further, you’ll get to decide if you intend on hiring anyone to assist you currently or in the future. Most website developers operate with drag-and-drop platforms.

As a result, they are unable to manually amend some changes but the website makeover is highly welcoming and business is boosting up at a great pace. Not all platforms are perfect but you have to choose the right one as per your requirements.


A website development service is present to make designing your website or blog easier and make sure you take full advantage of its features.

With the improvement in technology in upcoming years, new themes and layouts are going to be introduced along with new functions so you have to be clear with your goals to avoid any confusion in choosing the right one; let it be Wix or WordPress, Squarespace or Weebly.