The web design market is generally challenging, especially for a beginner. As there are thousands of designers already in the competition and holding for the top spot, it can be challenging for you to overcome everything. To keep your business competitive and relatable, you can go through the leading WordPress web design trends here.

The web designing trend will change regularly, so WordPress developers are also trying hard to stay with those trends. The primary goal of changing trends is to make a better user interface. The trend will change much faster; hence, you must keep your website ready and up-to-date as an online business owner. 

Those trends include rich typography, different layouts such as a grid, using WordPress page builder over manual coding, smooth textured colours, simple navigation bars, and much more. A professional WordPress development company uses no-code or low-code tools to complete the design faster than spending more time debugging and coding. 

Below are the 10 critical trends that can help you keep your website updated in the current market and overcome competition.

Why is using WordPress so common?

WordPress dominates over many other content management systems offering around 43% of various websites. Many firms use WordPress exclusively for all their web development and design clients. But why do many professional web design companies and designers prefer to use such a platform? 

Generally, WordPress has the strength to create a content management system. It is very user-friendly; new business owners and website administrators can add blog posts, make essential updates, or post videos and images. 

It is also straightforward to change the user experience and page layout. It also offers users a library of paid and free plugins, making it 100% incredibly powerful and customizable. The WordPress website is not that vulnerable to hacking since they have frequent updates with the latest security fixes.

Hire a professional WordPress development company!

Benefits of WordPress Websites:

You can explore more benefits using the WordPress website. Those benefits are:

  • Mobile-ready
  • Easy-to-use
  • Powerful plugins
  • SEO-friendly
  • Enhanced security and regular updates

Top 10 WordPress web design trends in 2023:

See below for the top 10 WordPress web design trends to watch out for in 2023. Those trends are:

1. Drag and drop builder:

The first WordPress web design trend in 2023 will be the drag-and-drop builder. Through this builder, a business owner can easily customise the design while building the website without any coding experience. Such functionalities can let the web designers look at how the website page will look. 

You can explore the wide range of WordPress page builders such as Elementor, WP Bakery, and much more. But drag and drop is the highly preferred method of editing since it lets anyone without coding experience develop the web page or even the website without any struggles.

2. Virtual machine-enabled assistant or chatbot:

The virtual machine-enabled assistant or chatbot functions let you be available to record or solve the customer’s issues effectively. Such functionalities help you not to engage any humans in such a place. The most effective chatbot can help you solve and record the users with pre-defined, frequently asked questions. 

The WordPress plugins such as chatbot or video let you use a wide range of functionalities like a chatbot, live chat, messenger, and email integration. It can be programmed effectively to record all answers to common questions based on the particular service.

3. Interactive conversion options:

You may have the idea of chatbots, which can help customers convey their major problems to customer support experts. But, it will never guarantee to sustain the customer. Such a problem may lead to the interactive solution of introducing the call-to-action (CTA) design. 

The interactive call-to-action consists of the most dynamic caption, such as call us now or dial us no on it in WordPress. It can make it very simple for users to contact the customer service team quickly. 

Such strategies can improve conversion and reduce lead bounce rates. You can also use WordPress plugins to create interactive CTA designs; many others available outside the store can give the same features.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):

In early 2020, the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) concepts came into action. It is highly dominant to the classic WordPress web design trends. It can change the shape and scope of the web design future. 

Such trends are used mainly by famous business owners who depend on multimedia services, only live photography or video editing. E-commerce owners also use this innovative trend to visualise their products in the VR features. 

Many plugins enable you to develop a website with innovative AR effects. It makes the user experience seamless and improved. Popular apps let you experience mobile games with new AR functionalities. In contrast, the mobile app enables you to experience what the furniture will look like in the house before you buy it. 

Using such a VR theme from WordPress, you can make it simple to focus on all the actual content, strengthen the user’s trust with demo-like elements and open up the interaction possibilities. 

5. Content accessibility:

When you have the website, you must make it accessible to everyone. It is a legal requirement in most countries. Such an amendment needs agencies to make information technology and electronics accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, when procuring, developing, using, or maintaining it. 

You can also use accessibility features such as Minimalist Menus, OverSized text, Readability, audiovisual, Animation & effects to make the website accessible to everyone. The such plugin can make the website more comprehensive. It can also allow you to connect with a broader user base.

6. Voice Search:

Nowadays, many voice-activated virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and much more are very popular. Due to that, voice search has become the trend since 2020, and it can be followed by many top companies, particularly eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. Such a voice search function can also help you accurately set up search engine optimization since you can set keywords for all users to choose the right words. 

WordPress developers offer a Universal Voice Search plugin that you can use to implement voice search in the business. They have also given some step-by-step tutorials on the official page to integrate the plugin into the website.

7. Use of white space & minimalism:

One thing remains constant as WordPress web design trends continue to improve and evolve. Such things are the usage of white space & minimalism. The white space can enhance the quality of understanding and reading. It balances the elements used on the website by creating a natural navigation flow all over the website. The benefits of white space are great.

The minimalist website strategy can help professional designers to remove all the unwanted elements from the website. After that, it can hold the spotlight on the main content effectively. 

Popular WordPress themes like Enfold or Impreza are the best examples of minimalist websites. Instagram, WordPress, and Amazon use minimalist and white space techniques to attract more web traffic by keeping the website simple for the user experience.

8. Parallax Effect:

In early 2020, the parallax effect became more popular. It is a crazy technique and the process of website background designing, which moves slower than the foreground when users scroll the website. The designer can use animation or images in the background to provide the service or the video. 

9. Progressive web app:

Progressive web apps are one of the most exciting WordPress website development trends in 2023. The primary functionality of such techniques is to offer both mobile platforms simultaneously. You can use this trend as an online service provider without any native mobile app.        

Such a technique takes less storage on the users’ mobile, and they can save the web app to the home screen without installation.

10. Focusing on mobile-friendliness:

Focusing on mobile-friendliness is another major WordPress web design trend in 2023. Mobile-optimized websites are essential since many people access the internet using tablets and smartphones. 

There are a few different ways to make the WordPress website mobile-friendly. The best option is to use the responsive theme, which adjusts the website layout automatically to fit any screen size. 

Then another option is to use a separate mobile theme or plugin. Such an approach gives you better control over how the content looks on the mobile. The setup process can be more time-consuming.


From the scenario mentioned above, now you have a complete idea about the top 10 WordPress web design trends to watch out for in 2023. Web design trends have been changing continuously throughout the years. 

The standards and technologies can be updated every five to six years. Each era can increase the competition in this current digital market. Leading WordPress web developer is trying hard to satisfy clients’ needs. You can match the pace of current digital marketing trends through the latest design trends.


WordPress is still relevant in 2023 for your personal or business website. It is mainly due to its increased security features and user-friendly interface. WordPress is the best option for everyone to create a unique website, even in 2023.

The biggest web design trends of 2023 are:
  • Streamlined hero sections
  • Emphasizing negative space
  • Collage-style graphics
  • Oversized typography
  • Nostalgic design
  • Horizontal scrolling

The next trends in web design will be custom illustrations, blending photos and animated cursors with graphical elements.