Node.js framework made a stunning entry among techno-experts back in 2009, as equipment used for developing expandable server-side web apps.

A survey conducted by Node.js Foundation read that almost 60% of the employees in an organization which mostly included developers used Node.js as compared to managers which comprised a rough value of 19%.

Node.js is a cross-platform, open source run-time ecosystem developed to function on V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome. It is also a lightweight and efficient framework because of the event-driven and non-blocking input and output properties. These inspire developers to try hands-on it and is one of the most popular web frameworks.

Merits of Node.js:

  • js is well-equipped with expert support community which makes it desirable for beginners.
  • Being immensely famous, Node.js offers pre-developed resources and aids which can be utilized by app architects.
  • JS frameworks provide enough independence to the developers to build a particular application.
  • A single programmer can efficient performing the task of front end and back end coding as the same language can be used for both.
  • It is budget-friendly as it takes less amount of time, few app designers and has a rapid development process.

Most popular Node.js frameworks:

The most popular JS frameworks are:

1. Adonis.js

Adonis.js holds aid for an ORM is created with SQL-database. It develops optimized SQL-interrogations and is established on dynamic record proposals.

Its design is simple to comprehend and permits users to develop solutions for simple challenges rapidly.

Developers well-versed with the technicalities of Laravel can easily function with Adonis.js as the MVC frameworks resemble that of Laravel GitHub.

2. Express.js

Express.js is a rapid, rigid and modest web framework used for Node.js. it is considered as a technology developed to function with Node.js that acts as middleware to aid handling servers and routes.

As Node.js is asynchronous and Express.js was developed on Node, the potential to develop a lightweight app which can hold more than individual requests easily are higher on the serving potential of technologies such as Express.

It possesses a powerful API which permits developers to contribute routes and send or receive requests across the database and front end.

One of the greatest merits that the Express framework holds is that it aids various kinds of packages and other plugins like Mustache, Pug and much more.

Over a period of time, the express framework has gained massive popularity because of being easy to use mechanisms and operations it offers. It is the most famous Node.js server-side JavaScript framework present for JavaScript developers.

3. Meteor.js

The Meteor docs refer to the Meteor framework is a well-equipped JavaScript platform for building contemporary mobile as well as web applications.

The biggest merit of Meteor.js resides in its real-time updates. The modifications made in the apps can be instantly upgraded to the template with the newest alterations.

Meteor.js makes the process of building apps very easy by delivering a platform for a complete grade of applications in JavaScript.

Meteor.js holds the potential of offering massive assignments such as reaction commerce, which stands among the biggest e-commerce open source assignment.

The lavish and well-managed documentation and massive community which Meteor.js frameworks hold is its most compelling element as it aids new developers to comprehend the framework quickly and work on projects with perfection.

4. NestJS

NestJS is a framework developed to function with Node.js. it is utilized for developing optimized, expandable, and server-side Node.js apps.

NestJS employs progressive JavaScript and is drafted with the help of TypeScript. As it is developed along with TypeScript implies that Nest.js has a robust typing and blends factor of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) along with Functional Reactive programming (FRP) and Functional Programming (FP).

NestJS utilizes Express.js which delivers a unique application design that permits for the straightforward development of expandable, testable, flexible attachments and simple to manage the app.

NestJS CLI can be effectively utilized to products Nest.js app with various unique properties. As per the data present on the website, user can connect with Nest.js developers which rest behind a nest.js framework to grasp more data regarding professional consulting, training, on-site enterprise aids and private sessions.

5. Sails.js

As per the formal website, Sails.js is another version of Node.js framework utilized to develop personalized e-commerce Node.js application.

It stands to be the most famous MVC frameworks with the help of contemporary application needs. The APIs are driven by data with expandable service-oriented structure.

Sails.js gathers ORM, waterlines which creates compatibility with all kinds of database and delivers massive community assignments. MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Mongo are among its official support adapters.

While going through the back end, and performing installation command that is “sails generate API bookstore”, Sails.js will offer some elementary blueprint which eliminates the requirement of drafting codes all together.

This particular command offers the user endpoints to CRUD bookstore. Sails.js is also highly compatible with a variety of front-end technologies such as iOS and Objective C, React, Backbone, Java and Android, Window phone and some other future technologies are likely to indulge in it.

The Chief features of Sails.js are

  • It has various computerized generators
  • There is no requirement of extra routing
  • It is highly compatible with front-end technologies
  • It holds transparent aids for web sockets
  • It permits speedy development of REST API and it is compatible with all kinds of Database because of the waterline ORM it possesses

6. Koa.js

As per the experts, Koa.js is the next generation web framework for Node.js. Koa.js was developed by the same team of experts who developed Express.js, making it highly functional.

Koa.js is distinctive as it makes use of compatible ECMAScript (ES6) techniques which most of the browsers are unaware of. It permits the users to function without any requirements of callbacks along with delivering them with extensive support in managing bugs.

To function properly it needs at least 0.11 or high versions of Node.js framework.

As per the website, Koa.js is not indulged in gathering middleware within the core, which implies the middlewares are well organized and every single lime of the codes drafted is depicted decency and comminuted which permits the user to arrange the facets as per their needs.

This offers the framework to exercise greater control on the configuration and management.

Koa.js is coming up as future-oriented technology because of the fact that it can channelize the asynchronous functionalities and operations that is callbacks.

Some of the major properties of Koa.js consist of

  • Channelized callbacks hell
  • Element-based development of blocks
  • Streamlining middlewares
  • Very modular and compatible in managing bugs

7. LoopBack.js

LoopBack.js is a fascinating Node.js framework which holds a simple usage of CLI and the latest API explorer. It permits the user to develop, models, even if the schema or latest models are not present.

It is efficient to work with a massive amount of REST services and an extensive range of database which consist of Oracle, Postgres, MongoDB and such.

It holds the potential to permit the users to develop a server API which connects to another server. It resembles the process of building an API which is a substitute for another API.

It aids in the native browser and mobile SDKs for customers such as Java/Android, Browser JavaScript (angular) and iOS.

The prime properties of LoopBack.js are

  • It is efficient in developing the latest end to end REST APIs
  • Establish connection of browsers and devices with information and services
  • Makes use of platforms like iOS, Android and AngularJS SDKs to easily develop the application as per the needs of the clients
  • It has various additional elements for file management, OAuth2, and 3rd party logins
  • It functions well on-premises or in the cloud
  • GoDaddy, Bank of America (Meryll Linch), ShoppinPal, Symantec, Fight Office, Intellum, etc constitute the most popular users of LoopBack.js

8. Hapi.js

Similar to Express.js, Hapi.js is a kind of Node.js framework which is supported by Walmart Labs.

Hapi.js aids in acquiring information by linking between the clients and the server. It is a mind-blowing replacement for Express.js, although both of them hold separate distinct properties.

Hapi.js framework referred to as a configuration driven structure, conventionally structured to manage functions of the web server.

A noteworthy property of Hapi.js resides in its potential to develop a server on particular IP, with characterizes such as the “onPreHandler”, the user can perform functions with a request before it is finished by seizing it and performing some pre-processing on the request.

Taking into account the “Handler” property of Hapi.js, by which the user can call a route and proceed with some configurations while creating requests, just to acquire the operation to do something stated in the configuration. The Handlers from the perspective of experts behaves like a pseudo-middleware.

Let’s check out some of the captivating properties which make Hapi.js truly desirable are

  • It holds a deeper level of control on request management
  • It has comprehensive API references and great support for document development
  • js has various operations for developing web servers
  • It uses configuration based concepts with pseudo-middlewares
  • js offers the accessibility to coaching, authentication and input validation.
  • It has integration based structure for expansion
  • It offers rich collections of plugins such as catbox, tv, thejobi, yar, boom, travelogue and much more

Hapi.js may not be as famous as Express.js among developers but it is well-equipped with essential properties and is acquiring identification.

9. Derby.js

As per the Derby.js website, it is a complete Node.js framework for developing contemporary web apps.

Derby.js offers the users with flawless information co-existence among clients and server with an immediate conflict resolution powered by the operational transformation of JSON and text of shared.

It allowed the user to adjoin personalized codes to develop compatible web apps.

10. Total.js

Total.js is appreciated for being the quickest development Node.js framework which needs a little amount of maintenance and offers great performance and flawless expansion process.

Total.js have some fascinating versions such as Total.js Eshop which includes a UI optimized for all mobile appliances and can be easily installed by all premium members.


The contemporary techno-friendly era is witnessing quick alterations and the application development process is undergoing advanced technologies.

Every kind of framework listed above holds a unique set of properties and is appropriate for various types of apps.

Node.js is one of the most popular web frameworks and is dominating the development process of advanced apps and this list offers users with an efficient list of the most popular framework which is used by developers these days.

Every application varies from others and holds certain specific requirements. For landing on the most appropriate Node.js Framework to develop an application it is essential to analyze your requirements and select the one which fulfills them.