Any business operates to generate a profit that comes from a successful implementation of different office processes like sourcing, production, workforce management, sales, collection, and so on. To be successful in each of these office processes, the most important thing every business need is productivity. Office process automation technology can play a significant role in achieving that. Here are the top 5 office process automation applications for higher productivity for your business:

#1. Visitor Management Application

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A visitor management system helps to manage the visitors, their appointment, scheduling meetings, and accurate identification according to the visit type. It saves the working hours of the employees, administrative expenses for registering/ log books, ID card printing, and secure the office premise from the threats of anonymous visitors. Visitor Track is the kind of visitor management application that facilitates enterprises as described and allows to prepare a robust report for future reference.

#2. Asset Management Application

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Assets are valuable all the time and a company can liquidate at least a salvage value after the lifetime. Enterprises allocate numerous fixed or IT assets to their employees for business operations. As a universal human nature maximum people hardly take care of the company assets unlike their own. Asset Tracker helps the management to track the assets along with the assigned employee and current status which raises accountability among the employees.

As a consequence, the maintenance is done correctly, lifetime increases, and productivity improves.

#3. Fleet Management Application

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If your enterprise needs to maintain several vehicles for transportation or delivery purposes, a fleet management app is a must for assigning trip, scheduling maintenance, tracking the routes, and fuel consumption. Besides, a Fleet Manager keeps a record of the driver’s details like demographic data, driving license, biometric data, and previous driving history to secure the transport system. Using the Fleet Manager application, it’s possible to increase productivity by assigning the right task to a vehicle as earliest possible which accelerates the delivery, sales, and (or) transportation process.

#4. Employee Database Management Application

Personnel Database is a sophisticated app that records employee database of an organization. HR manager adds employees according to their designation and department, and employees are given access to update their personal information like demographic data, emergency contact information, and some preferences. Any employee can get the contact or emergency contact details, or preferences of another employee just from a few clicks if the system administrator allows the right. It improves productivity saving working hours, eliminating manual documentation process, reducing administrative expenses, and dedicated human resources.

#5. Corporate Wellness Application

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A team of healthy employees can lead the organization toward its goal. Enterprises should take care of their employees to perform better. A corporate wellness app can connect all of the employees in a platform, and the employer can plan for any wellness program for the betterment of the employees. When an employee thinks that their employer takes care of their health to become motivated and tries to give their best to the organization.

The above 5 apps are essential for any business to improve productivity by automating their office process. Are you worried about the implementation expense? All of these applications are available as a cloud service to fit your budget.

About the Author:

Leonardo Sam Waterson is a Digital Marketing Analyst of M2SYS Technology who loves to know and share the use, impact, and prospects of biometrics technology in different business sectors.