The New Year is almost knocking on the door and with its arrival, the Best web design Companies in the USA along with other tech companies need to embrace the latest trends that will define the future of web development and design.

The new trends will showcase tremendous opportunities for the users and professional web design services.

To the web developers, these new trends can also be quite challenging as they have to meet the users’ evolving requirements like UI/UX, loading time, performance, scalability, cross-platform accessibility, security and etc.

In recent years the designing in the web has become quite trendy and have pushed towards becoming an extensive creative place while abandoning the grids and traditional stock photos. Instead of these vibrant illustrations, color schemes that are bold and asymmetrical layouts have become dominant.

There has also been some advancement in technologies making the websites smarter with machine learning and introducing some subtle interactions. Hence it has resulted in shifting the trends in the designing paradigm.

In 2019 web designers and developers have to bring in both the technological and aesthetics of web design and development together that has never been done before.

As a result, the top website design and development companies have to pay heed to the changes that the web development ecosystem will be going through in 2019. They also have to integrate these developing trends while designing a web to satisfy their clients.

Here is a look into the 10 Unique Points that will define the future of web development and design in the coming year:

10 future trends of web development 2019

There are currently over 200 million active websites and they are providing solutions in every facet of life. The more interesting fact is that every minute 200 new websites are being launched.

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While it showcases the resource of the web it also brings forth the competition. To gain an edge in this competition it is important that the best web design company in the USA understands the 2019 trends in web development. Here are 10 such trends that will define the future of web development.

1. Artificial Intelligence:

In the digital transformation strategy, one of the core components is Artificial Intelligence (AI). With more companies trying to implement digital transformation strategies the function of AI is going to become even more important than before.

Hence in the web development, the developers have to learn about it and have the ability to implement it.

Also, recent studies have revealed that the AI industry will reach $1.2 trillion with a 70% leap with 40% organizations likely to use AI in 2019. All these numbers are clear indicators that in the future AI will be the leading trend in web development.

2. Single Page Applications (SPAs):

SPAs are easy to navigate and with simplicity and speed at the heart of their design, it has caught on this year as a popular trend among web users.

As the name suggests SPA is a single page application with a long webpage that does not require any intricate navigation and complex menus. The added advantage of SPAs is that they can run seamlessly on the mobile device as well as desktop. 

3. Block Technology:

Block technology has become a mainstream technology, thanks to likes of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is likely to gain wider usage with its ability to have peer-to-peer networks of computers that stores data.

Its usage of the distributed ledger to ensure that data is never compromised has warmed its way to the users.

Blockchain technology is going to be a heavy hitter and a trending technology in the coming years because it can facilitate instantaneous authentication of large transactions.

It can also help in streamlining management supply chains and facilitate other factors with its emerging technology and applications.

Leaders of the industry like Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft are developing their own blockchain technology platforms.

4. Motion UI:

The web users are having less attention span and they are no longer interested in static images or flash-based graphics.

To push the websites to the users the web pages are using more captivating and interactive graphics with the help of motion UI.

The preference of the web users to have an intuitive and interactive motion UI is on the rise. This will drive the motion UI to be the next trend that will hit through the roof and the developers of top web development and design companies have to learn it. 

5. More Enriched Design:

Web development is incomplete without a proper web design and the focus in the design is no longer only about functionality and simplicity.

The future of web design jobs will depend on how well a designer can integrate simplicity and functionality with more images, animation, and shapes to make the web page more vibrant to look at.

Designers and developers have to use more engaging graphics content instead of text, as this trend will be in the rise in 2019.

6. Push Notification:

With most mobile apps now using push notifications they are gaining a foothold on the websites too. Push notification is to manage for both the user and the manufacturer as it can replace the emails and newsletters to notify a customer about any development in the website.

That includes any new published content special offers and personalized promotions. The usability and the accessibility of the technology will continue to make it a trend in future.

7. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):

A PWA brings together the best characteristics of a browser, website and a mobile app. It is a website that works in the same way as a mobile app.

With it’s easy to use technology and better user engagement, many brands are now switching from a classical website or mobile app to PWA.

Due to their fast loading time, privacy and data integration, offline support and having a home screen access they will continue to be a trend in 2019 and after that.

8. Low Code Development:

This is a platform that allows the developers to provide a faster and easier way to develop business applications. The minimum upfront investment is required for setup, training, and deployment.

This is possible because there is no requirement for proficient coding expertise but that does not reduce the excellence of the website.

Low code developments are becoming a trend, as they are being preferred not only by the web development companies but also the clients. 

9. Adaptability:

Most brands want to reach a wider audience and are looking for websites that will display perfectly on a wide range of devices and network.

The trend for adaptability is in the rise because more users are accessing the web through various and different mobile devices.

With the companies trying to capture more audience they want websites that are adaptive as well as responsive. Hence in the coming years, adaptability will continue to be the key trend.

10. Cybersecurity:

A recent study done by Alert Logic revealed that the crucial concern of any IT professional is cybersecurity. Most of the companies that have an online presence are bracing themselves for data breaches, privacy infringement and confidentiality breaches.

Experts also say that in the coming years there can be an unprecedented wave of cyber attacks hence for web developer’s cybersecurity will continue to remain number one concern and they have to develop sites that will thwart these attacks. 

Apart from these ten key trends that will define the future of web development other trending technologies will be Voice, User Interface, AR, and IoT. These will also set up more opportunities for the web developers in the coming years.

Along with these new trends that will define the web development there are several new trends that will define the future of web design.

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10 Future Trends of Web Design 2019

In web designing staying in current and following the trend is crucial to be the Best Web Design Company in the USA.

With some very drastic and subtle changes every twelve months, one needs to be up-to-date with the popular visuals, practices, and designs.

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It is going to be no different for 2019 where web designs have to be simple, eye-catching, with asymmetrical layouts, better speed, immersive background videos and more. Here are 10 trends in web design that will define the future.

1. Serifs on screen:

One convention that is going to be a trend as well as will shake the convention is the sans serifs. While still, sans is the most used font in web design, but many websites that have longer bouts are moving towards bold serifs in places like headings and callouts. The reason being they are decorative while they place emphasis on what is written.

2. Black and white palettes:

A website’s visual aspect is the crucial feature as it is the first thing that attracts the viewer. While bold colors are still being used but the new trend is creating a visual landmark with black and white pallets.

With this scheme, the website can aim to have a minimal amount of color, while adding an accent color they can break the monochrome and drawing the attention to the points of interest.

Additionally, it also makes the website clean and reserved at the same time strong and assertive.

3. Organic and Natural Shape:

2019 trend that most web designers will follow is going for accessibility and comfort in the websites instead of having geometric structures.

Though geometric structures give a sense of stability and the typical setting of a web page is for the systematic grid but that is going to change.

The reason organic and natural shapes are going to be used because they are asymmetrical and imperfect. They also give a depth to the web design that can help the page stand out among the crowd.

4. Glitch art:

The trending list of web design for the future will be incomplete without the mention of retro art making its way into the web design. So while retro art has made its way there is also glitch art. So what is glitch art? It is a retro art that has gone wrong.

It is a way of telling that there is a breakdown of technology but making it appealing in its design and execution in the websites so that they catch the viewer’s eye.

Glitch art is strange and futuristic art that amplifies the disorientation of the present with a psychedelic look.

5. Micro-interactions:

The purpose of it is to create an event that would surprise the user and invite them to take a further step to interact in the website or mobile app.

There will be a specific response; e.g., when you open Facebook page there is a red count either on messages or notification stating the unread message count or notification.

This is micro-interaction. In 2019 and later most websites will use this feature to transmit information.

6. Evolving Chatbots:

In 2019 the Chatbots will take the center stage mainly because there has been a significant advancement in AI technology and machine learning.

New chatbots will provide higher-level of customization. Also, bright colors will be used to make them prominent and there is likely to be customized bot faces for brands. 

7. More Video Content:

Videos in web content are nothing new but in the coming years, they are going to be prioritized. They not only provide a diverse content of the page but for the viewers on the go, they can see it instead of scanning the text content.

With Google mixing the search page results with video content with standard web pages organizations are now moving towards prioritizing video production as web content for easy searches.

8. Minimalism:

The new trend is not to overdose the audience with information rather go for minimalism, be it in the content or the design of the web page. This is because less the audience has to search for what s/he is looking for in the page the better traffic will be there.

More animation, fade-in effects will continue to dominate 2019 and later as they are more engaging. There will be more white space, contrast and clear topography in the web design.

9. Thumb-friendly navigation:

Since mobile browsing has taken over the desktop browsing the overall design of websites have become thumb-friendly. Studies are being conducted to see how the audience uses their thumbs for navigating their mobile devices for searches.

With the help, the result of these studies navigations will be tailored for the thumb.

10. Diversity:

Often the two forgotten words in ‘www’ are the ‘world wide’. In these coming years, more emphasis will be given to the diversity; websites will be designed that encompasses different cultures, race, gender identities, and age.

Brands are now trying to capture the essence of the people to whom they sell their products and viewers too, who want to see their reflection in the websites that they browse.

In the year 2019 and next diversity will be the trending and unique point that will define the web design. 

The future of web designers is quite lucrative because they can play with various things, as no longer the designer has to follow some strict rules. It’s all about aesthetics and tweaking the designs to make it attractive.

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With 2018 already having witnessed the advancement of the web in most people’s daily life from banking, shopping, reading books to keeping tabs on the news updates the scope of web developers will increase in 2019.

Simultaneously, the demand for web design and Development Company in the USA that can cater and keep up with the trends that will define the future of the web development and design. As there will be high demand in getting the best service from the developers, the clients will go for the best web design companies in the USA who can cater to all the demands of the clients with the latest technology at the best price.